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Tejadas Floor LLC knows the importance of floors for any place. Thus, provide our beneficial services to install a new floor for your newly constructed house. We also perform restoration of faults present in them. There are various types of materials you can use to make the floor. Among them, people prefer hardwood floor installation for the classy look wood provides to their place. Many want a traditional touch of wool down their feet and hence want carpet installation service. Gladly, we provide both of them. To look after your kitchen’s elegant design and to enhance its look further, one can get our kitchen backsplash installation and remodeling. Furthermore, you will find the assistance of our concrete self leveling contractor extremely helpful during the leveling of your floors.

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Get the Firm and Brilliant Quality Floors

Tejadas Floor LLC is taking care of your floors for a long time. A strong and nonshattering floor gives your house a solid and attractive look. People who go for vinyl flooring, always ask for our LVT flooring services. The reason behind that is the quality of products used in its making. Meanwhile, those who want to give a layer of tiles to their floors will find our tile flooring services extremely helpful. We have a team of skilled staff to perform tile floor installation. The efficiency and effectiveness they show in doing their work are always worth the appreciation of our clients. We also perform kitchen backsplash installation to keep your kitchen in good shape. So, connect with us to know about our various services.

Stable Flooring

We use the top quality vinyl material in our vinyl flooring service and this goes for both; vinyl tiles and sheets.

Reliable Services

VCT flooring services provide authentic quality vinyl composite tiles for those who are going towards synthetic flooring.

Classy Designing

The mesmerizing look your floors give to your place after getting our hardwood floor installation is beyond words.

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Flooring Service Haverhill MA

Our tile flooring services are an excellent choice for people who want tiles on the surface of their place. They are easy to maintain as the cleaning takes no extreme measures. They are durable and when treated properly can last for decades. We also offer tile floor repair to save it from getting damaged further. One can get our hardwood flooring service to build a grand wooden floor. Meanwhile, for various reasons, people go for vinyl flooring service. It is durable and the installation process is quite easy to perform. However, there are two types of it, you will get the best deals in both of them. Our VCT flooring services are for their heavy load-bearing and water-resistance capacities. Lastly, we provide LVT flooring services, and it has changed vinyl flooring because of its solidity and eye-catching designs.

Kitchen Backsplash Haverhill MA

Backsplash is the area you make behind your sink and stove regions to save your kitchen walls from the constant splashes of water, liquid soaps, and drops of food substances emitting from the dish. All this makes kitchen backsplash installation an important step to perform. Now, we have a large collection of kitchen backsplash tiles and amazing designs in kitchen backsplash panels. You can choose one that looks best with your kitchen’s design and structure, and our workers will install them for you. For our kitchen backsplash installation, we use top-quality materials both in tiles and in other fixing products. Now, if your old backsplash looks outdated and needs a kitchen backsplash remodeling. So, you can choose us as well in this regard.

Installation Services Haverhill MA

Our hardwood floor installation service is here to fix a wooden floor in your house or office. Then, comes laminate floor installation, a convenient way to get a wooden-style floor that looks exactly like it. Furthermore, with our tile floor installation, you can get beautiful and authentic tiles on your ground surface. These floors are long-lasting and avoid getting damaged. One can trust the effectiveness of our tile installation services. All our workers show working ethics while performing our services and complete the work on time. Those who would like the touch of softness, when they walk on carpets, want our carpet installation service to get lavish carpets fixed properly on their floors. Lastly, shower installation can get a new shower in your bathroom in an accurate way. 

Concrete Self Leveling Haverhill MA

To smooth any uneven surface on the floors, we offer our extremely beneficial services. This includes leveling your floors by using a self leveling compound. It is a mixture of concrete and other materials like polymer. It applies on the ground surface to smooth it. Once it is in good shape, you can even put a new floor on it. To help you properly understand the service our self leveling contractor will guide you. After a complete survey of your place, a concrete self leveling contractor will tell you about the whole process of leveling. It is necessary before getting a new floor or even installing new carpets. You don’t have to extract out your old flooring just for this process to take place, as it can even apply to tiles and ceramic floors.

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For the Value We Provide

Tejadas Floor LLC provides amazing flooring designs for your house. We know every person wants a discerning look for their house, thus we provide a large collection of flooring services. Many homeowners who would like a fascinating look of wood inside their place will get the best from our hardwood flooring service. However, households who would prefer tiles over wood because of their easy-to-clean ways and reliability can use our tile installation services. You can get our kitchen backsplash panels to look after your kitchen area. Lastly, our shower installation service is here to change your old shower or put in a new one.

Self Leveling Contractor

Improve the condition of your ground and then get authentic flooring over it. In this whole process, you will find us extremely helpful.

Nice and Clean Kitchen

We install top-quality kitchen backsplash tiles on your kitchen walls to prevent stains of grease or dishwashers.

Tile Floor Repair

Get your tiles in good condition by restoring any cracks or faults in them. This way the durability of your floors will increase.

Touch of Comfort

With our carpet installation service, you can get exclusive style carpets that look splendid with the interior of your place.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Tejadas Floor LLC Offer in Haverhill MA?

Tejadas Floor LLC offers floor repair and installation services. We also offer kitchen remodeling servicing. Below have mentioned the name and complete listing of our services:

Flooring Service

  • Hardwood Flooring Service
  • Vinyl Flooring Service
  • VCT Flooring Services
  • LVT Flooring Services
  • Tile Flooring Services
  • Tile Floor Repair

Kitchen Backsplash

  • Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
  • Kitchen Backsplash Panels
  • Kitchen Backsplash Installation
  • Kitchen Backsplash Remodeling

Installation Services

  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Laminate Floor Installation
  • Tile Floor Installation
  • Tile Installation Services
  • Carpet Installation Service
  • Shower Installation

Concrete Self Leveling

  • Self Leveling Contractor
  • Self Leveling Compound
  • Concrete Self Leveling Contractor

How Can You Get Our Kitchen Backsplash Tiles in Haverhill MA?

You can get our kitchen backsplash tiles by calling us at (978) 390-8931 or you can send us an email at to ask any query related to our services.

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What are the Reasons behind the Popularity of Laminate Flooring?

First of all, it is an easy way to get a floor that looks exactly like a wooden floor. It is durable and can save your floors from the problems common with wooden structured items. Moreover, you can get reliable laminate floor installation from us.

How Can I Level My Floor?

When nothing works to restore the even surfaces of your floor anymore, then you would go for a self leveling compound. A complete mix of concrete and polymer that can even the bumpy surface of your floor effectively.

  • Flooring Service Haverhill MA
  • Kitchen Backsplash Haverhill MA
  • Installation Services Haverhill MA
  • Concrete Self Leveling Haverhill MA
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