Enhance the Beauty of Your Living Space with Our Hardwood Flooring Service in Methuen MA!

For structured flooring, we should always rely on expert flooring contractors. Meanwhile, we offer flooring services that will make your floor look good using quality products. The expert contractors offer kitchen backsplash that is consistent to inject personality into the kitchen. More so, we offer concrete self leveling which is a cost-effective solution to repair, smooth, or raise a floor. The quality installation services we offer ensure the longevity and beauty of your floors.

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Transform Your Floors from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Tejadas flooring is a leading company that has evolved the standard of flooring in the entire town. The company offers VCT and LVT flooring services that are durable, superior strength, and a range of styles. We offer kitchen backsplash remodeling that will take your kitchen interior to the next level. Moreover, you can trust our experts to fix your hollow and broken tile with a tile repair service. The team offers a variety of colors and designs in kitchen backsplash tiles and panels. Whether you want hardwood flooring service or vinyl flooring service, our qualified workers work on it.

Installation Methods

We use high-tech tools to make a difference in the quality of your hardwood floor, laminate floor, and tile floor Installation.

Expert Advice

When you work with us you will be given insight about each flooring type to make the right decision based on your requirement.

Competitive Pricing

All the services we provide are cost-friendly. Therefore, our customers can avail of it without worrying about the high budget.

Our Services

Flooring Service Methuen MA

We offer hardwood flooring service which includes installation and repair of hardwood. The top installers ensure every aspect of the flooring to satisfy clients’ needs. Meanwhile, the experts offer a vinyl flooring service that will expand the life of your vinyl floor. The quality service will also improve its durability. VCT is commonly used in high-traffic areas due to its sustainability. However, you can utilize our VCT flooring services to maintain the floor and improve and prolong its life. If you need to repair the dents and scratches on your LVT floor then you can utilize our LVT flooring services. Moreover, you can avail of our tile repair service to fix your damaged and dull tiles. The team of experts will guide you with tile flooring services and will also help you select the best design based on the place of installation.

Kitchen Backsplash Methuen MA

You can use our kitchen backsplash remodeling service if your backsplash is damaged and needs to be refinished. The skilled staff will install new ones while replacing the kitchen’s chipped ones. Our skilled personnel will install kitchen backsplash panels that will give your kitchen a tidy and pleasant appearance. Plus, it will stop the flow of the needless amount of water in your kitchen. Moreover, your kitchen tiles will be shielded from blemish by the kitchen backsplash tiles we install. We also provide kitchen backsplash panels that are simple to install and require less effort in cleaning. So hire us to create a barrier and guard against water with our kitchen backsplash installation.

Installation Services Methuen MA

Installing and maintaining hardwood floors professionally is difficult. However, our hardwood floor installation service may improve the appearance of the entire area. For the laminate floor installation, we have competent floor fitters who use quality techniques to give a wooden look to your floors. Furthermore, they have extensive knowledge of how to install and fix laminate flooring. We offer tile floor installation quickly, thoroughly, and to the highest standards. Additionally, the tile installation services we provide come in a range of patterns, hues, and textures. With our carpet installation service, you may have a newly renovated space without going over your spending limit. Further, you can get our shower installation service to get rid of leaky, outdated showers that have a hopeless flow. 

Concrete Self Leveling Methuen MA

It is difficult to install decorative flooring on an uneven and worn surface. To have an even surface you can choose our services which will allow you to have a leveled surface as a new foundation for beautiful flooring. Meanwhile, by hiring our self leveling contractor, you can achieve a leveled and smooth surface that can simply adapt to a range of tiles. While doing so, we apply the best self leveling compound available in the market. The use of quality compounds produces a completely solid surface that is smooth and flat. Further, our concrete self leveling contractor is quite professional at managing compounds skillfully. Therefore, you can rely on our staff to get a leveled surface before the installation of tiles.

why choose us

To Have a Floor of Your Desire!

Tejadas Floor is a company that is known for the best flooring services in the entire town. The team of labor we have are experts in the installation of every type of tile and hardware. More so, we have a concrete self leveling contractor who is knowledgeable about every aspect of self leveling and performs the job using a quality self leveling compound. Our experts are always ready to assist clients in their time of need. Therefore, trust our team to have a beautiful home interior. 

Clients Satisfaction is Guaranteed

With our work, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can have full confidence in choosing our team for shower installation service.

We are Constantly Accessible

Our main duty is to be accessible to our clients whenever they need us. Moreover, we make sure to provide the best services possible.

Our Services are Quick and Reliable

We offer an instant tile floor repair service that will make your life easier. Moreover, you can expect the world to be completed in the given time.

We Evolve Our Methods

We have developed our way of working over many years, so you can expect our kitchen backsplash installation to be delivered consistently.

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Tejadas Floor LLC
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Tejadas Floors LLC Offer in Methuen MA?

Tejadas Floors is a team of flooring experts that may assist you in handling a variety of decorative flooring. The service our team offers includes:  

Flooring Service

  • Hardwood Flooring Service
  • Vinyl Flooring Service
  • VCT Flooring Services
  • LVT Flooring Services
  • Tile Flooring Services
  • Tile Floor Repair

Kitchen Backsplash

  • Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
  • Kitchen Backsplash Panels
  • Kitchen Backsplash Installation
  • Kitchen Backsplash Remodeling

Installation Services

  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Laminate Floor Installation
  • Tile Floor Installation
  • Tile Installation Services
  • Carpet Installation Service
  • Shower Installation

Concrete Self Leveling

  • Self Leveling Contractor
  • Self Leveling Compound
  • Concrete Self Leveling Contractor

How Can You Get Hardwood Flooring Service in Methuen MA?

You can contact us at 978 390-8931 to get hardwood flooring service. If you have any queries related to our services you can email us your concerns at Tejadasfloorllc@gmail.com

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Can We Staple Carpets on the Stairs?

There are different methods of carpet installation. However, it is difficult to install carpets on the stairs. Meanwhile, our team prefers to staple carpet on the stairs as the staple holds the padding tightly to the stairs thread.

What to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Self Leveling Contractor?

Self- leveling tasks required expertise. Therefore, before hiring a self leveling contractor it is important to make sure how long they are in this field.

  • Flooring Service Methuen MA
  • Kitchen Backsplash Methuen MA
  • Installation Services Methuen MA
  • Concrete Self Leveling Methuen MA
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