Let Us Protect Your Kitchen Walls from Discoloration with Our Kitchen Backsplash Services in Lowell MA!

We are a home improvement service provider that will help you maintain your living space. You can hire us for the makeover of your kitchen. Meanwhile, the experts will do the addition of trendy kitchen backsplash to enhance the look. Our flooring service includes the installation of a variety of tiles. More so, you will have satisfaction when the installation services are done by us. With concrete self leveling, our team will make your surface smooth enough to allow structured tiles installation.

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We offer the Flooring Services that You Desire!

Tejadas Floor LLC is a reputable name for all the home decor needs in Lowell MA. The services are provided on time. Meanwhile, the quality of work is always consistent and comes within budget. The team offers a variety of installation services including hardwood, laminate, and tile installation services. Whether you are looking for vinyl or VCT flooring services, we are the solution for all your residential and commercial requirements. More so, the experts will give a neat and appealing look to your kitchen with kitchen backsplash remodeling. Our concrete self leveling contractor will level your home’s surface expertly. Therefore, trust our contractors to make your home a desired living space. 

Skilled Personnel

Our skilled staff is dedicated to providing quality LVT and tile flooring services. More so, you will have the satisfaction that your floor is in experienced hands.

Easy installation

The company offers carpet installation service in which you will receive a fully renovated room with a smooth carpeted surface.

Field Expertise

The staff has years of experience in kitchen backsplash installation. More so, you can expect a flawless installation from the team. 

Our Services

Flooring Service Lowell MA

We have expert installers who are trained and experienced in providing the finest quality hardwood flooring services, ensuring every aspect. In our vinyl flooring service, the experts do the proper installation of tiles and plastic sheets with a hassle-free procedure. VCT flooring is known for its durability but improper installation can reduce its life. Meanwhile, our expert staff offers VCT flooring services which will increase the sustainability of your flooring. You can avail of  LVT flooring services from our experienced team to receive unbiased, greatest-value flooring solutions for your property. The company specializes in offering the best tile flooring services in the entire town. If you are looking for a credible tile floor repair service to fix your damaged and broken tile, you can choose us. 

Kitchen Backsplash Lowell MA

If your kitchen backsplash is chipped and needs refinishing then you can utilize our kitchen backsplash remodeling service. Meanwhile, the expert team will replace the chipped ones from the kitchen and install new ones. The kitchen backsplash installation done by our experienced staff will give your kitchen a neat and appealing look. More so, it will make your kitchen water free. The kitchen backsplash tiles we install will also protect your kitchen tiles from blotch. Further, we offer kitchen backsplash panels that are easy to install and maintain. So, hire us to add a barrier and prevent your kitchen from water damage. 

Installation Services Lowell MA

The team is committed to making the entire hardwood floor installation process easy and free of stress. Meanwhile, the work will be arranged at a time that is feasible for the clients. If you are looking for an alternative to wood floor you can avail of our laminate floor installation service. The proper installation will give a finished look to your floor. Our tile floor installation is quick, clean, and completed to the finest possible standard. Moreover, the tile installation services we provide offer a variety of designs, colors, and textures. You can have a newly restored room within budget with our carpet installation service. Further, our shower installation service will make the fitting of the new shower simple and easy. So, you can have a better bathing experience with a new shower. 

Concrete Self Leveling Lowell MA

If you are planning to install decorative flooring on a damaged floor, then it will wear out the soonest time possible. However, proper self leveling will correct your uneven floor and level the existing floor to provide a new base for a fancy floor. You can have a leveled and smooth surface that can easily adjust a variety of tiles with the help of our self leveling contractor. Meanwhile, we use the highest quality self leveling compound that creates a smooth and flat surface with complete strength. Our concrete self leveling contractors are knowledgeable and skilled enough to handle compounds expertly. 

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The Installation Experts in the Town!

Tejadas Floors LLC are skilled floor repair experts who will give a complete change to your home’s floor. Meanwhile, the self leveling contractors make use of the finest quality self leveling compound which will give a strong base to every floor type. More so, the team strives to deliver quality services to make clients' life easy and free of stress. To fix your damaged floors, we offer tile floor repair services. Thus, look no further and call us today for quality services. 

We Have Expert Installation Crew

Our team has completed hundreds of installation projects. Whether you want shower or tile installation services, we will do it all for you. 

We Use Quality Installation Equipment

The team used quality equipment during the installation to fasten the process. Therefore, you can expect your work to be completed in the given time.

We Offer Free Quotes & Consultation

The team will help you select the best kitchen backsplash tile and panels that will suit your kitchen interior the best.

We Always Meet the Deadline

We do careful planning before and work on the project accordingly. Meanwhile, it results in completing the project in the given time.

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Tejadas Floor LLC
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Tejadas Floor LLC offers in Lowell MA?

Tejadas Floor LLC is a team of home refinement contractors that offers quality repair services. The services we offer include: 

Flooring Service

  • Hardwood Flooring Service
  • Vinyl Flooring Service
  • VCT Flooring Services
  • LVT Flooring Services
  • Tile Flooring Services
  • Tile Floor Repair

Kitchen Backsplash

  • Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
  • Kitchen Backsplash Panels
  • Kitchen Backsplash Installation
  • Kitchen Backsplash Remodeling

Installation Services

  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Laminate Floor Installation
  • Tile Floor Installation
  • Tile Installation Services
  • Tile Installation Services
  • Carpet Installation Service
  • Shower Installation

Concrete Self Leveling

  • Self Leveling Contractor
  • Self Leveling Compound
  • Concrete Self Leveling Contractor
How Can You Get Kitchen Backsplash Service in Lowell MA?

If you are looking for quality kitchen backsplash service, you can contact us at (978) 390-8931. Also, you can email your queries to Tejadasfloorllc@gmail.com

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How to Clean & Preserve Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor?

Vinyl tile requires care to stay in its best shape and condition. Meanwhile, to maintain their life and make them lasting you should clean them using gentle cleaner. Harsh treatment can destroy them.

How Long Self Leveling Compound Takes to Get Stable?

We use a quality product that gets flat and smooth in around an hour. More so, in around six hours it gets hardened and ready to use.

  • Flooring Service Lowell MA
  • Kitchen Backsplash Lowell MA
  • Installation Services Lowell MA
  • Concrete Self Leveling Lowell MA
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