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Fenstermann LLC company provides blinds for windows and doors. We want your place to have a nice look and complete shade from the harsh sun rays. Our blinds can be of great help in these regards. We have a collection of blinds, as windows can come in many designs. One can get thin blinds for windows of exquisite designs and premium quality. Such windows that require an extra effort to cover, can use our blinds for shallow windows. Meanwhile, we render the most classy shades for tilt and turn windows to put a cover on tile and turn functioning windows. We also take care of your bay windows by providing window treatment for bay windows. We are not limited to windows but also provide shades for folding doors.

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Get the Comfort Behind the Soothing Effects of Our Shades!

Fenstermann LLC looks after the luxury of your place and makes its inhabitants experience a soothing environment even in sweltering summers. For this purpose, we provide blinds of different sizes and styles. As we have a wide variety of blinds, one can easily pick a shade suitable for their windows. Firstly, you need to get the proper inside mount blinds depth to fix the blinds on your windows. Then, our blinds will be able to serve their purpose. People who prefer blinds installed inside a window frame can use our inside mount window blinds. So, connect with us to look at our many different kinds of blinds like our narrow window blinds.

Complete Team Help

As we provide blinds and shades of all kinds, thus employing skilled staff to guide you properly in picking the right blind for your windows.

Elegant Style of Blinds

Our shades and blinds are designed in a way that they will enhance the beauty of your place including our blinds for skylights.

Thorough Window Treatment

We make blinds that can be useful to prevent excessive light from coming inside a house such as our window treatments for shallow windows.

Window Fashion Made in Germany

Our Services

Thin Blinds For Windows

Thin Blinds For Windows
Boston MA

Windows come in a wide range of sizes and designs, yet one can easily choose the right size blind. Because we prepare and render all kinds of shades for windows. Meanwhile, you need to get a proper measurement of your windows. Putting a blind inside the window frame requires an exact inside mount blinds depth. With the help of this depth, we can create the inside mount window blinds of an accurate fit. Then, they will get installed in your window frame. Furthermore, we provide narrow window blinds as well for windows that are long and slender in shape. With us, you will find all the options for your windows. 

Blinds For Shallow Windows

Blinds For Shallow Windows
Boston MA

The depth of your window tells you to select among the sea of blinds, the one blind that goes well with your windows. Windows that are not quite deep in depth, will fancy our shallow mount blinds. However, it is a bit difficult to fix such blinds. So, we suggest you get accurate blinds for shallow depth windows. It makes the process less lengthy, as you only need to put the blinds in the exact sized window frame. For making your windows look beautiful and shaded, our shallow mount window treatments can be of help. In addition, windows with less or even no depth can get our blinds for windows with no depth.

Shades For Tilt And Turn Windows

Shades For Tilt And Turn Windows
Boston MA

We know windows can be of many different designs like one that performs a tilt and turn function. Gladly, we have blinds for tilt and turn windows as well. These blinds can be fixed in two different ways. First is inside the recess of a window, the other way is installing the blinds outside the recess. Here, you have the complete authority of choosing whichever style you like. Other than your windows, the doors at your place should get the shades to block out the sweltering summer heat. So, we provide shades to the doors, hence you can find beautiful blinds for folding doors among our collection of blinds. All our shades for folding doors are of high quality and latest designs.

Window Treatment For Bay Windows

Window Treatment For Bay Windows Boston MA

Windows are a functional as well as aesthetic part of your place, therefore we provide beautiful designs for your windows like for bay windows. In addition, to give your french doors a complete shade and keep it looking elegant, our luxury-style window treatment for french doors is here. There are many kinds of blinds for french doors, like Roman blinds, cellular shades, roller blinds, and various others. You can choose from a wide variety, the one that goes well with your place. Our window treatments for shallow windows are always valued by people for their exact fit and great look. Now, to give your skylights a soothing shade from the sunlight, our blinds for skylights are here to serve.

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For Our High-Quality Products

We know two places can have two different kinds of windows and thus make certain that our customers always find the correct blinds for their place. Hence, make all kinds of window covers to keep your place safe from the strong light of the sun and also make your place look stunning. Windows vary in depth, some have a shallow depth. For those types, our blinds for shallow depth windows are an excellent choice. Meanwhile, windows with a small amount of depth require blinds that can easily fit in the frame and the depth, therefore providing blinds for windows with no depth. Windows with a tilt-and-turn fashion will find our blinds for tilt and turn windows quite useful.

Shades for All

Our shades can cover your windows as well as your doors. Because we also provide blinds for folding doors.

Blinds for All Depths

We know based on depth, there are many subclasses of windows as well, so providing shades for all depths like shallow mount window treatments.

High-End Quality Shades

We provide a huge collection of blinds for windows and doors while keeping the standard quality maintained like in our shallow mount blinds.

Timely Delivery of Product

Our team is efficient enough to make a blind according to the measurements given by you and deliver it on the dot.

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Fenstermann LLC
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Fenstermann LLC Provide in Boston MA?

Fenstermann LLC provides blinds and shades for all kinds of windows and doors. Below mention the types of our blinds in Boston MA:


Thin Blinds for Windows

  • Inside Mount Blinds Depth
  • Narrow Window Blinds
  • Inside Mount Window Blinds

Blinds for Shallow Windows

  • Blinds for Shallow Depth Windows
  • Shallow Mount Blinds
  • Shallow Mount Window Treatments
  • Blinds for Windows with no Depth

Shades for Tilt And Turn Windows

  • Blinds for Folding Doors
  • Shades for Folding Doors
  • Blinds for Tilt and Turn Windows

Window Treatment for Bay Windows

  • Window Treatment for French Doors
  • Blinds for Skylights
  • Window Treatments for Shallow Windows
How Can You Get Our Inside Mount Blinds Depth in Boston MA?

You can easily get our inside mount blinds depth by calling us at 619-665-9446. Moreover, our representatives will answer all your queries regarding our services when you email us at

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What Does it Mean By Window Treatments for Shallow Windows?

This window treatment is provided for windows that are shallow in their depth. Hence, blinds are fixed inside the frame of a window, although one can also mount them on the outside of a frame. Blinds are made according to the dimension of your window sill.

What Purpose Do Blinds for Skylights Serve?

They are a good regulator of the temperature inside your place as they keep the inside of a house cool in summer and warm in winter. Also stops the burning heat of summer from coming to your place. They guarantee the presence of a nice environment inside your place.

Blinds For Shallow Windows
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