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Playing games is the best way to reduce stress and relax. Meanwhile, we offer indoor and outdoor gaming services to clients so they can spend a wholesome time playing games. You can also hire us for events gaming for your kids' birthday parties or other occasions where there will be a majority of kids. Moreover, we organize eSports tournaments where the younger generation can win cash prizes. Additionally, we offer youth group facilitation which helps younger people to develop their collective actions and learning. Further, young people can foster skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity with the STEM learning that we provide

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About Us

Connect Yourself with the World of Gaming with Us!

Gotta Go Gaming is a supplier of quality gaming truck, bus, and tent that are equipped with highly advanced gaming devices. If you are planning to arrange fundraiser events or games, we will help you generate high traffic for a successful outcome. Meanwhile, our online game and online eSport tournament are monitored by experienced spectators. Our eSport curriculum build & implementation is designed to improve the learning capabilities of potential learners. The advanced STEM CPD course we offer can build your real-life and critical thinking skills that will increase your gaming ability. Further, we offer virtual reality training that will help you deal with work challenges in real-life settings.

Popular Games

We organize online tournaments on the most famous and thrilling games to give you a perfect entertainment experience.

Technical Support

Our technical support specialists are available 24/7 to resolve your problems and provide workable solutions.

Advanced Equipment

The team offers players and gamers advanced equipment such as laser tag during laser tag gaming to facilitate them properly.

Our Services

Indoor & Outdoor Gaming Bayonne NJ

We have a gaming truck that is equipped with all the latest and coolest game consoles. Meanwhile, our trucks have a fun and exciting laser light show which is the crowd’s favorite. The lighting features in the truck are something that attracts the younger people the most. Moreover, our gaming bus stands out because of its finest quality game trailer. The team strives to bring the best laser tag for indoor and outdoor play. Our gaming tent has all the gaming facilities present in it. Whether you need our tents for small gaming gatherings or large ones, our tents can manage everything. In addition, we offer cutting-edge laser rifles that are lightweight, yet realistic battle rifles in our laser tag gaming. For indoor gaming we offer multiple sports and other games that can multiply the fun of younger people.

Events Gaming Bayonne NJ

To engage kids in everlasting fun activities during birthdays, we offer birthday parties gaming. This will provide your child with the best possible entertainment that they can have. Our corporate events gaming plays an effective role in team-building exercises. Moreover, it can help your employees to connect on a personal level. The fundraiser events games we deliver are the perfect package of games and activities that generates people’s ideas for valuable events that will achieve solid results. Further, to make your school function more interesting, we offer school functions gaming. This will help students to develop basic life skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork while playing the games they love.

eSports Tournaments Bayonne NJ

Our gaming specialist hosts gaming AYC 2023 which is a good opportunity to test your skills and compete with like-minded individuals. Keeping your comfort level on top, we can organize online tournaments for our clients. Meanwhile, you can join our in person tournaments to participate in different games. The team will host the tournament effortlessly at any scale. Our online game tournaments can boost your winning abilities as you can compete with other individuals for prizes while playing your favorite games. Further, with our online eSports tournament, you have the ability to play million-dollar tournaments from the comfort of your own house

Youth Group Facilitation Bayonne NJ

Our eSports learning is the best option to train students to compete in different gaming competitions with online and in-person specialists. Our eSports coaching works closely with players to develop their gaming skills and identify their weaknesses to turn them into strengths. Moreover, they ensure the performance of the players. Our eSports curriculum building is designed to meet the educational needs of students. Meanwhile, the eSports curriculum implementation provides students with the chance to interact, collaborate and build skills in areas they are passionate about. Therefore, you can trust our eSports curriculum build and implementation that attempts to polish the skills of passionate gamers

STEM Learning Bayonne NJ

The institute offers a STEM CPD course that exposes students to real-world and innovative activities. Our courses develop them as engaged, motivated, and successful learners. Meanwhile, our STEM coding classes motivate students to experiment with different coding concepts. They will also be able to generate their own video games through coding. Our courses make it fun and easy for students to learn about games and coding. Further, we offer virtual reality training in that you will experience an active learning environment and a sound system that merges the barrier between virtual and actual reality.

why choose us

To Satisfy Your Passion for Gaming!

Gotta Go Gaming is a platform for potential gamers, where they can learn, enhance and utilize their gaming skills. The crew organizes birthday parties, corporate events, and school functions gaming to entertain adults and children with what they love the most. Moreover, the team hosts online and in person tournaments to upskill the gamers by competing with like-minded individuals. Also, we offer eSports learning and coaching to potential gamers who want to improve and develop their gaming skills. Further, we conduct STEM coding classes through which children can build their own games according to their liking through coding.

Quality Collection of Indoor Gaming

We offer a collection of indoor gaming that is a complete source of entertainment and can engage individuals for a period of time.

Full-Fledge Events Organizers

We offer innovative gaming plans according to the type of event. So, you can sit back in peace by hiring our professionals.

We are Always Available

Our team is always available to give life to your passion for games. So, you can trust us with eSports curriculum building to develop abilities.

Our Clients are Happy

We have been entertaining clients by offering innovative games to them that are best for developing their thinking skills.

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Gotta Go Gaming
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Do Gotta Go Gaming Offer in Bayonne, NJ?

Gotta Go Gaming is a gaming solution that offers different gaming options to engage individuals in fun-filled activities. The gaming options we offer include: 


Indoor & outdoor Gaming

  • Gaming Truck
  • Gaming Bus
  • Gaming Tent
  • Laser Tag
  • Laser Tag Gaming
  • Indoor Gaming


Events Gaming

  • Birthday Parties Gaming
  • Corporate Events Gaming
  • Fundraiser Events Games
  • School Functions Gaming

eSports Tournaments

  • Gaming AYC 2023
  • Online Tournaments
  • In Person Tournaments
  • Online Game Tournaments
  • Online eSports Tournament

Youth Group Facilitation

  • eSports Learning
  • eSports Coaching
  • eSports Curriculum Building
  • eSports Curriculum Implementation
  • eSports Curriculum Build & Implementation

STEM Learning

  • STEM CPD Course
  • Stem Coding Classes
  • Virtual Reality Training

How Can You Get eSports Tournaments Service at Bayonne, NJ?

To get eSport tournament service you can contact us at 201-472-0467. Also, if you have any queries regarding tournaments, you can send them our email at info@gottagogaminghub.com.

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What is the Age Requirement for Gaming AYC 2023?

The gaming AYC 2023 is for adults. Therefore, it will be physically and mentally challenging for anybody under the age of ten.

How Many Players are Allowed in Online eSports Tournaments?

A minimum of two people is needed to participate in the tournament. However, more than six people are allowed in tournaments that we organize.

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