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Gotta Go Gaming is a fully equipped mobile entertainment company that provides the best in gaming and laser tag for any and all party occasions. Our mobile gaming truck provides the ultimate gaming experience for up to 30 participants at one time. Our mobile gaming buses provide the latest in gaming consoles accommodating up to 18 participants in our smaller bus and up to 24 in our larger bus. A Laser Tag party with Gotta Go Gaming is fast-paced, action-packed fun that will thrill your party guests. Our high-tech Laser Taggers are easy to use, but boast features even adult players will love! If you’re ready to game then go with Gotta Go Gaming.

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About Us

It’s time to go gaming with Gotta Go Gaming!

Gaming with Gotta Go Gaming is an event within itself. That’s why people say “we bring the party to the party.”  Our gaming vehicles and laser tag battlefield can make any event exhilarating and add that extra touch of awesomeness! We have the most up to date video game consoles with the popular esports options that every gamer loves. We have trained game coaches that help facilitate the animated activities we bring to the destination of your choice. Call us for your gaming party needs!

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of clients is our top priority. We work hard to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with their bookings. 

Quality Equipment

We offer the highest quality equipment, and accessories from the top brands in the industry to make your gaming experience the best.

Fast Delivery

The team does fast and reliable shipping to make sure that your gaming setup arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Our Services

Game Truck Jersey City NJ

Our game truck is the ideal addition whether you’re organizing a birthday party, corporate event, or casual get-together. To make your events special, our game truck will be there immediately. They will be outfitted with cutting-edge gaming consoles and screens, which will maximize your gaming enjoyment. A gaming instructor will also be there to assist kids and adults in choosing the games that best suit their interests. Our game truck setup is designed to be flexible and customizable, with different packages. Meanwhile, our friendly staff is on hand to help you every step of the way so you can rest assured that your event will be a success. 

Game Bus Jersey City NJ

We offer a game bus that is perfect for parties and events since it can accommodate a huge number of people at once. Meanwhile, the buses we provide are up to date with advanced equipment. Whether you enjoy playing racing car or bike games or games that center on fighting, you will get it in our gaming bus. Moreover, a member of our amiable staff will be on hand to make sure everything goes without a hitch. Adults who participate in the activities could also like playing online games. So, book a completely customized gaming bus to have the fun delivered right to your door.

Game Tent Jersey City NJ

Our game tent is the ideal addition to any outdoor gathering, camping vacation, or backyard celebration. Our tents are designed to be a welcoming and inclusive space. It has games and activities that encourage teamwork, communication, and healthy competition. Also, it can keep you comfortable and safe from outdoor hassles while offering an immersive experience. Moreover, the comfortable seating and HD audio-visuals will make you feel like you are in a gaming paradise. You will have plenty of space to wander around and enjoy your favorite games as it has a roomy interior and the newest gaming equipment. 

Laser Tag Jersey City NJ

We offer laser tag for fast-paced and thrilling battling games. Meanwhile, it is ideal for different game options such as team-based games, free-for-all combat, and more to meet your demands. Our laser guns are precise, dependable, and simple to operate which makes them the choice of every individual. Moreover, our team will provide the players with the appropriate direction to ensure that everyone has a safe experience. You’ll have the pleasure of competing with your pals with this cutting-edge technology. So, book our top-notch laser tag systems to experience the fun of battling with friends.

Indoor Gaming Jersey City NJ

Our indoor gaming setup provides you with countless hours of fun with the latest consoles and cutting-edge virtual reality experience. We have got different gaming options for everyone according to their interest. Meanwhile, our gaming systems include anything from vintage favorites to board games that will have your staff cheering and mingling while using their gaming abilities in a fun way. Further, we take care of everything from setup to maintenance so you can relax and enjoy the ultimate indoor gaming experience. So, give your staff a different kind of challenge by allowing them to play indoor games. 

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Uplift the Fun of Your Events with Our Services

Gotta Go Gaming organizes gaming setups in different events through which potential gamers can develop, and make use of their gaming abilities. Meanwhile, the team arranges games at birthday parties, business gatherings, and school events to amuse adults and kids with what they enjoy the most. Moreover, our gaming instructor organizes live competitions so that gamers can improve their skills through friendly competition. Our gaming vehicles have all the necessary gaming equipment to ensure that everyone has a cheerful time playing innovative games. So, contact us today to make your events unforgettable. 

Contemporary Laser Tags

We provide our players with cutting-edge laser tags that have light-emitting firearms for laser tag games. 

Exceptional Event Gaming

Our team will offer cutting-edge birthday party and school event gaming at a reasonable price to make every event enjoyable. 

Personalized Gaming Packages

We offer customized packages tailored to your preference and skill level, ensuring the ultimate gaming experience. 

Trained & Friendly Staff

We strive to create an enjoyable experience for all our guests, and our friendly staff always give their best to make the day memorable. 

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Gotta Go Gaming
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Gotta Go Gaming Offers in Jersey City, NJ?

Gotta Go Gaming is a trusted company that you can rely on for making your events memorable. Here is what we offer: 

  • Gaming Truck 
  • Gaming Tent 
  • Gaming Bus 
  • Laser Tag 
  • Indoor Gaming

How Can You Get Our Gaming Services in Jersey City, NJ?

To get our services you can contact us at 201-472-0467. Also, if you have any queries related to our services, you can send your queries to the company’s email at info@gottagogaminghub.com

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Is the Gaming Truck Available for Events Outside Your Service Area?

The team is happy to travel to your location for an additional fee. All you have to do is just let us know about your location. Meanwhile, we will work with you to make it happen. 

Is the Indoor Gaming Setup Available for Private Events?

Absolutely! Our indoor gaming setup is perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, and other private gatherings.  

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