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Gotta Go Gaming is a fully equipped mobile entertainment company that provides the best in gaming and laser tag for any and all party occasions. Our mobile gaming truck provides the ultimate gaming experience for up to 30 participants at one time. Our mobile gaming buses provide the latest in gaming consoles accommodating up to 18 participants in our smaller bus and up to 24 in our larger bus. A Laser Tag party with Gotta Go Gaming is fast-paced, action-packed fun that will thrill your party guests. Our high-tech Laser Taggers are easy to use, but boast features even adult players will love! If you’re ready to game then go with Gotta Go Gaming.

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It’s time to go gaming with Gotta Go Gaming!

Gaming with Gotta Go Gaming is an event within itself. That’s why people say “we bring the party to the party.”  Our gaming vehicles and laser tag battlefield can make any event exhilarating and add that extra touch of awesomeness! We have the most up to date video game consoles with the popular esports options that every gamer loves. We have trained game coaches that help facilitate the animated activities we bring to the destination of your choice. Call us for your gaming party needs!

Professional Team

Here we have a professional team to fit into the game and install other accessories required to complete the gaming experience.

Task Diligence

The workers we have in our team have years of experience which helps them perform the task with utmost diligence.

Client Satisfaction

We have served many clients over the years which helped us attain client satisfaction over the years.

Our Services

Game Truck Summit NJ

Game Trucks are a great source of fun and intelligence altogether. So, we have developed these trucks to help you make your time more memorable. You can invite your friends there or even arrange a party and place it there. To put it forth, the best thing about a game truck is that it has flat big screens where you can play games. You can even book this truck for your special events. This sounds like a lot more fun and a lot more games. Meanwhile, we have got a team of professional workers to set up this at your events. They can make your events even more memorable as 30 people can play games in this truck at once. 

Game Bus Summit NJ

A game bus can be your great partner when it comes to fun. It can help you have a good time and much more fun. We have introduced this because we know everyone likes to have some time apart from work and stress. To put it forth, one of the best aspects of having a game bus is that it does not limit you according to your age. No matter if you are a kid of growing age, a teen, or an adult. You can play games as much as you like. Moreover, we can also arrange a game bus if you have any event around the corner. Our workers will make sure to make your event a success if you hire us. So, spend a fun time with your loved ones while doing everything you like.

Game Tent Summit NJ

Gaming tents sound like a bit of fun and intelligence at once as they have high-quality flat gaming screens. It is to let all the people interested in gaming have a great time. More so, there are also consoles that help in playing the games endlessly. We also offer the service of locating these game tents to different places and events. You can hire our team for any of your events to experience how it feels like. In addition, our professional workers can also arrange a game tent for you to let the people around you have quality time. So, you can also try playing games in the game tent to have the best gaming experience.

Laser Tag Summit NJ

Laser tag is one of the finest games that help you build up the habits of keeping concentration and focus. To put it forth, it also builds your cognitive skills as much as it seems fun. This is the reason this game stays in demand. More so, you may also play laser tag if you want to work on your skills and build some of the good ones. This game also teaches you the art of leadership. Also, it improves communication skills and brings you confidence. It is beneficial for whoever chooses to play as it can bring some value. However, try playing this game with your friends and family to have an amazing first-hand experience.

Indoor Gaming Summit NJ

Indoor gaming is one of the things that most people thoroughly enjoy. If you are one, there is good news for you. You can have our indoor gaming service to not miss out on anything when it comes to fun. To put forth, we have introduced this service while keeping in regard the comfort and ease of people. More so, we can even place an indoor gaming area in your backyard or at your event. Our team is proficient enough to do this as they have been doing this for quite a good time now. No matter what the event is, be it a birthday, anniversary, corporate event, or a social gathering. We can place this setup in any of the events without any hassle. 

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Experience Gaming Like Never Before!

Gotta Go Gaming is a trusted provider of gaming arrangements for which they also have advanced game trucks. To put it further, you may also hire our team to install a game tent nearby your house. It can get together many people at once who are usually interested in gaming. Meanwhile, our workers have also been placing indoor gaming areas in different spaces. You may also hire our team to get our services for game buses and game trucks.

Team of Certified Workers

Here we have certified workers to perform all the tasks efficiently. Meanwhile, they make sure to keep the service quality high.

Timely Deliverables

Our motive is to keep the time in regard at all costs which saves us from the haphazardness that occurs at the last minute.

Priority for Accuracy

You may hire our team to get any of the services as all our workers are detail oriented and work accurately.

Guaranty for Satisfaction

We have served countless clients and customers over the years and received satisfaction from each one of them.

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Gotta Go Gaming
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Gotta Go Gaming Offer for its Customers in Summit NJ?

Gotta Go Gaming offers the most reliable arrangements for gaming setups. So, have a look at the services and gaming setups we offer:

  • Game Truck
  • Game Bus
  • Game Tent 
  • Laser Tag
  • Indoor Gaming
How Can You Become a Part of Our Online Tournaments that Take Place in Summit NJ?

You can become a part of our online tournaments that take place in Summit NJ by reaching out to our team through the email address info@gottagogaminghub.com. However, you can also drop a call at our contact number 201-472-0467.

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Why is Playing Laser Tag a Good Option?

Playing laser tag is a great option as it helps build your interpersonal skills that evolve your personality. Moreover, it also helps you learn the art of keeping a good focus and enhancing your communication and leadership skills.

What Do You Get from Playing in the Game Truck?

Many people like to play in the gaming truck because it has big flat screens that offer a great gaming experience. In addition, gaming consoles help in enjoying the games without any interruption.

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