We Bring Excitement to Your Life through Our Indoor & Outdoor Gaming Services in Newark NJ!

We assist our youth with our exceptional indoor & outdoor gaming services.
Moreover, our motive is to educate the young generation by diverting their boring
routine and offering incredible games based on the concept of STEM learning. In
the modern world, many students love to play eSports. That’s why we arrange some
outstanding eSports tournaments for them. We develop your thinking and enhance
your gaming skills through a youth gaming facilitation service.

Indoor & Outdoor Gaming
Events Gaming
eSports Tournaments
Youth Group Facilitation
STEM Learning

About Us

We Provide Top-Notch Gaming Environments

One of the outstanding family-owned enterprises is Gotta Go Gaming. Additionally,we put together a perfect gaming community with outstanding coding skills. We provide our customers with the best possible service like online game tournaments, a gaming truck, Esports learning options, and more. When you contact us for our eSports curriculum building, a member of our experienced team will come to your location and provide you with a quote at a price that is fair to both you and other gamers. We love to bring some smiles to our clients with our exceptional gaming options.

Perfect Gaming Environment

We set up a pro-level gaming environment while assisting you with birthday parties
gaming options.

Efficient Gaming Gadgets

When you take part in online tournaments and in person tournaments, we
provide you with proper gaming tools.

Educate Youth

Our STEM coding classes educate gamers and give complete information about
virtual reality.

Our Services

Indoor & Outdoor Gaming Newark NJ

We modify a gaming truck for school events, birthday parties, and much more.Moreover, some gamers are looking for the best platform, so we offer them an outstanding gaming bus. Our professional staff set up a gaming tent in your selected space. In our gaming tent where you can experience an exceptional gaming environment. To bring some more joy and fun, we also arrange laser tag gaming activities for you. When you choose your laser tag game package, we set a proper hall by placing boxes and barriers to increase excitement when you laser tag game with us. You may contact us to get multiple indoor gaming from us.

Events Gaming Newark NJ

We have been assisting our properly while making their event more joyful throughour birthday parties gaming service. Meanwhile, our professional crew will arrangea perfect setup with our corporate events gaming campaign. Our main goal is to collect some donations for the cause of human benefits, so we design some fundraiser events games for different occasions. Therefore, some school
organizations want to arrange some energizer activities for their students. We love to carry our customized gaming bus to schools with our exceptional school function gaming options. Also, we offer multiplayer gaming options to students.

eSports Tournaments Newark NJ

In the gaming world, the Gotta GO Gaming name is on the top. We organize some professional-level online tournaments for pro gamers. If you are looking for an in person tournaments, you can also take part in single-player tournaments. In our online game tournaments, we provide you with top-quality gaming gadgets and environments. If you think you have some skills of a professional player, you can join
our gaming AYC 2023 tournaments. Nowadays, games are developed on the concept of enhancing students' knowledge and their thinking capabilities. Meanwhile, we arrange exciting online eSports tournaments for youngsters.

Youth Group Facilitation Newark NJ

We resolve all the issues and try to enhance their knowledge through our eSports learning service. Moreover, Gotta GO Gaming is one of the best eSports coaching platforms. Here, you can enhance your gaming skills through our expert gamers. To create a strong eSports curriculum building for the youth, we encourage our clients to take part in our gaming tournaments. Meanwhile, with the help of our eSports curriculum implementation service, we build a community where you can educate yourself in an exciting environment. Therefore, we implement modern rules for students while serving them with an eSports curriculum build & implementation service.

STEM Learning Newark NJ

We have been providing our gamers with a valuable STEM CPD course. In this course, our clients. Moreover, you can increase your knowledge, understanding, and experiences of specific subjects like mathematics, science, and others. Many gamers have some interest in computer science and robotics, so they can enroll in our stem coding classes. Moreover, we have experienced gamers who give you complete information and incredible coding courses. Our motive is to provide an active learning environment if they are looking for efficient virtual reality training. Also, you may contact us at any time for getting our STEM CPD course.

why choose us

We Make Events more Joyful with Our Gaming Services

Gotta Go Gaming is offering outstanding gaming environments as per your preference. Moreover, we are also one of the top gaming platforms where you can use our eSports learning games and virtual reality training to professionally develop your gaming skills. You can join our online game tournaments with your team and show your gaming skills. Furthermore, we offer different games to our clients when they join their team in our online eSports tournament.

Professional Gamers

Our professional gamers have complete information about how to organize events through corporate event gaming services.

Proper Gaming Tents

Those who are passionate about gaming can spend a wonderful time in our gaming truck and tents.

Modified Gaming Bus

We install all the top-quality gaming gadgets, lighting, and sound system in our incredible gaming bus.

Client’s Satisfaction

We apply eSports curriculum build and implementation rules to educate you about virtual reality.

Let’s Connect

Gotta Go Gaming
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Gotta Go Gaming Offer in Newark NJ?

Gotta Go Gaming offers its clients exceptional gaming services in Newark NJ. here are our beneficial gaming services that are as follows:


Indoor & outdoor Gaming


● Gaming Truck
● Gaming Bus
● Gaming Tent
● Laser Tag
● Laser Tag Gaming
● Indoor Gaming


Events Gaming


● Birthday Parties Gaming
● Corporate Events Gaming
● Fundraiser Events Games
● School Functions Gaming


eSports Tournaments


● Gaming AYC 2023
● Online Tournaments
● In Person Tournaments
● Online Game Tournaments
● Online eSports Tournament


Youth Group Facilitation


● eSports Learning
● eSports Coaching
● eSports Curriculum Building
● eSports Curriculum Implementation
● eSports Curriculum Build & Implementation


STEM Learning


● STEM CPD Course
● Stem Coding Classes
● Virtual Reality Training

How Can You Get Our Indoor & Outdoor Gaming Service in Newark NJ?

You can get our indoor & outdoor gaming service when you call us at 201-472-0467.
Moreover, you can get more information about our gaming packages by sending an
email to info@gottagogaminghub.com.
Note: Join your business to this amazing listing to enhance your business
performance by completing the form here:

What is the Purpose of Virtual Reality Training?

The digital reproduction of realistic scenarios for training purposes is known as
virtual reality training. Moreover, we provide an active learning environment, trainees
are exposed to sights and noises that blur the line between virtual and physical

Is Laser Tag a Good Game?

The excellent team-building exercise of laser tag promotes communication and
planning. Teamwork and communication skills can be strengthened by developing
and executing a game strategy with your teammates. Therefore, we offer our clients
laser tag gaming services.

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