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Gotta Go Gaming is a fully equipped mobile entertainment company that provides the best in gaming and laser tag for any and all party occasions. So, our mobile gaming truck provides the ultimate gaming experience for up to 30 participants at one time. Our mobile gaming buses provide the latest in gaming consoles accommodating up to 18 participants in our smaller bus and up to 24 in our larger bus. Moreover, a Laser Tag party with Gotta Go Gaming is fast-paced, action-packed fun that will thrill your party guests. Our high-tech Laser Taggers are easy to use, but boast features even adult players will love! If you’re ready to game, then go with Gotta Go Gaming.

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About Us

It’s Time To Go Gaming With Gotta Go Gaming!

Gaming with Gotta Go Gaming is an event within itself. That’s why people say, “We bring the party to the party.” Our gaming vehicles and laser tag battlefield can make any event exhilarating and add that extra touch of awesomeness! Meanwhile, we have the most up to date video game consoles with the popular esports options that every gamer loves. We have trained game coaches that help facilitate the animated activities we bring to the destination of your choice. So, call us for your gaming party needs!

Expert Supervision

We have expert workers and gaming coaches to arrange the whole gaming setup and ensure it is properly working.

Unlimited Fun

Kids or adults, everybody likes our gaming setups as they feel the excitement in the atmosphere created for our gamers.

On-Time Setup

We complete our setup way before the start of the party, and guests will be welcome to large screens and astonishing lighting.

Our Services

Game Truck Irvington NJ

The ultimate way to take the party to another level can be possible in our game truck. Our mobile gaming truck offers the perfect gaming experience for up to 30 gamers at a time. So you can bring as many friends as you want because we have a highly spacious arrangement for all of them. Furthermore, a gamer will find inside the tent a completely different reality. This one contains a live display of games on giant screens. Meanwhile, the exhilarating sound of every attack and the start of a new mission rushes the thrill down their spine. So people, do not wait further as this can be an effective way to make many happy memories for your kids.

Game Bus Irvington NJ

We bring mobile entertainment to you in the form of our game bus. So instead of going out to play games with family and friends, games came to your doorstep. The second our guests get inside our gaming bus, they will find themselves in another world. The amazing lighting and the top-quality TV screens that play games of your kids’ choice are enough to make anyone excited. It is just the start of when they are comfortable in their seats and start playing the games. Our mobile gaming buses provide modern gaming consoles that allow up to 18 participants in our smaller bus and up to 24 in our bigger bus.

Game Tent Irvington NJ

Our game tent is an excellent way to make your kids’ holiday, birthday, or any other event super exciting. We know every parent wants the best for their kids, and thus we bring the top-notch setup to your home. So, tell us where to put a tent equipped with large flat LED screens and a top-notch sound system. All these things come alive when exciting games appear on the screen. The games that we have are popular among kids. Meanwhile, our gaming coaches will remain present with your kids to help them play well and check that everyone is having fun playing. The ultimate arrangement of gaming setup in a camping style is everything your kid needs.

Indoor Gaming Irvington NJ

We offer to bring the games to your doorstep in the form of our game truck. When kids or even grownups are thinking about organizing a party or a gathering, they always think about games. Yet the task of arranging everything seems hectic, and thus people avoid it. With us, you do not have to have this worry, just tell us when and where you want our gaming setup to be present, and our experts will do it at once. No matter if it’s a kid’s birthday, graduation, or corporate party, no one can escape the madness of games. So to make your day or your loved one full of fun, let us arrange the indoor setup within your home or at any other party venue.

Laser Tag Irvington NJ

You are a laser tag lover to the extent that you wish you could have it at your party. We provide the complete laser tag setup and arrange it at your party venue. After creating the whole party environment, we thoroughly check the working of every gadget. So that when the party starts, there will only be attack and defense, chasing and running. Your guests will get crazy when they see the setup. Our Laser Tag party is fast-paced, action-packed fun that will introduce thrill to your party. Our high-tech Laser Taggers are easy to operate and have features even adult players will love. Make your events exhilarating with our laser tag setup.

why choose us

For Entertainment with Our Gaming Setup!

Our company is here to make your special day more special. If you are throwing a party for yourself or the people around you, make sure they enjoy it. Though everyone has a different definition of entertainment, they all like games. So we have numerous options for your events. You can have us arrange a proper indoor gaming setup. It includes video consoles, PlayStation, and other gaming gadgets that one loves to play with friends. Furthermore, take the party a level up by introducing laser tag in it. Just let them see its whole setup and the exciting gadgets, then you will see how excited the guests will feel while playing it.

Games at Parties

A fun way to start any party is by introducing games. No matter whether the guests are teens or adults, everyone likes games.

Corporate Events

Any formal event can become exciting if you just know the right games for entertaining your guests.

Video Gaming

Our mobile entertainment is equipped with the latest and most exciting video gaming consoles.

Affordable Charges

We provide entertainment for your parties at a cost that people can afford and make their events special.

Let’s Connect

Gotta Go Gaming
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Gotta Go Gaming Provide in Irvington NJ?

Gotta Go Gaming provides a complete gaming facility for your events and gatherings. Below, we have mentioned the gaming services that we offer in Irvington NJ.

  • Game Truck
  • Game Bus
  • Game Tent
  • Laser Tag
  • Indoor Gaming
How Can You Get Our Gaming Services in Irvington NJ?

You can get our gaming services by calling us at 201-472-0467. One can also find us at info@gottagogaminghub.com and ask any query related to our exciting services.

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Are Gaming Services for Kids?

No, the games we have in our facility are liked by grownups as well. Furthermore, they can ask us to add as many games as they wish, as there is also an add-on option. If they want other games like laser tag, we also arrange its setup.

What Gaming Equipment Do You Have in Your Gaming Bus?

There will be large screens on which games that are most famous these days will be available. One can also play games online if one wishes to explore the wide platform. Then there will be Xbox, PlayStation, and game coaches who will be there to teach them how to play better and have fun.

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