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Gotta Go Gaming is a gaming facility that offers a wide range of games to fire the thrill in our youth. We have zones for both indoor & outdoor gaming, so anyone can have the time of their lives. We introduce many events gaming from time to time, and our events become the reason for our youth’s excitement. The world has been shifted to an electronic side a long time ago, and so have we. The proof is our range of eSports tournaments that took place in the past and many are lined up for the future. We are not stopping here as we also have developed a youth group facilitation. Here, you will come across the dynamics of modern days gaming. Another of our projects is STEM learning, we have designed it to teach you the fundamentals of a virtual world.

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About Us

Enhance Your Passion for eSports!

Gotta Go Gaming is a gaming center and it has been designed to introduce our young generation to the growing world of gaming. You will get overwhelmed when you see the gaming machines that we have here. It includes a gaming truck and bus. There is this game that people of any age can play, this is a laser tag for you. Be the champion of laser tag gaming because yesterday's loss will never let you rest unless you win today. Play your game without the hindrance of any other person in your very own gaming tent. So, connect with us and explore our various options for indoor gaming and our latest gaming AYC 2023.

Birthday Parties Gaming

Plan your or your loved ones’ birthday with us and get the fun of a lifetime while playing a wide range of games.

Corporate Events Gaming

Play the games on huge levels with the masters of gaming and learn the many strategies of it.

Fundraiser Events Games

We also plan such events which you can use to collect funds for charity and be the reason for many smiles.

Our Services

Events Gaming Hillside NJ

Make the birthdays of your children and friends special by letting us organize birthday parties gaming. Meanwhile, people will never forget the efforts that you have made to give them a lifetime of memories. One would like to help you if they see that you are someone who wants to be the reason for people’s joy. Hence, it is a great idea to organize fundraiser events games and then ask the people if they would like to give some delight to others’ lives. Every student wishes that at least once in their life there will be a day dedicated to games in their school. You can make it happen for them by letting us do the school functions gaming. We will organize everything according to your preference. If one knows the effects of gaming on one’s mind, one would love to use it to make deals in every business meeting. Let us plan corporate events gaming for any big business event and see the results in progress.

eSports Tournaments Hillside NJ

We have taken gaming to a whole new level, now it is not just games of basic levels but have become tournaments. In our Gaming AYC 2023 you will see the level of skills that you as an individual possess. Online tournaments make you mentally active while seeing you in a position in which you are surrounded by hurdles and only using your intelligence can you find an escape. Online game tournaments are about team playing. An excellent way to socialize and learn how you can be effective in your own team-building and task-execution strategies. In addition to that, through online eSports tournament, you will meet people of the same mindset and love for gaming from different sides of the world. We create access for all of you to meet at one point and show your potential. We also offer In person tournaments for you to get the comfort of playing within the exciting gaming zone and play the games you love online.

Youth Group Facilitation Hillside NJ

Our eSports learning is providing you with a platform where you can learn how to build innovative games. It is for those people who think they are game enthusiastic and want to understand the dynamics of modern gaming. So trust us when we say to accomplish the world of online gaming, eSports coaching is necessary. We have hired professionals to train you as they have a history of accomplishments in the same field. They perform eSports curriculum building for our trainees to teach them the latest technologies that are a part of modern eSports. Our training is also beyond teaching as we make sure that you will be able to practically perform what you have learned so far. Therefore, our instructors also work on eSports curriculum implementation. So, with effective eSports curriculum build & implementation, you will learn the best. You will be able to learn what you always dreamed about in the world of gaming.

STEM Learning Hillside NJ

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are what you are going to learn in our STEM CPD course. We work on your abilities to understand these subjects. It is an extensive course that works on enhancing your knowledge and the ability to understand better through the use of experiments. Furthermore, you can enroll in our stem coding classes which are the backbone of gaming, robotics, and of computer science. Never miss the chance of getting all this on a single platform. It will help you a lot when you enter the real world of automation because you are already aware of its basics. People find our virtual reality training useful as well. We are preparing you for the reality other than the one you are living. It is a technology that will be integrated into your lives in the coming years. We will teach you to make it fruitful for you in a much more thorough way.

Indoor & Outdoor Gaming Hillside NJ

We provide a space for our children and also adults that they can find to spend their leisure time playing exciting games. Most children at a growing age would love to socialize with others in our gaming truck. The thrill of playing games inside a gaming bus is enough to rush the blood in your veins. So to make it happen, we provide these spaces in our gaming zone. One can even have either own gaming tent. Moreover, for young or old, the passion for playing laser tag is the same. It is the madness of laser tag gaming in people of all ages that make us project it in our facility. Not everyone is a physical sports fan yet everyone has done indoor gaming once in their lives.

why choose us

For Making the Life Exciting

We are a gaming institute that is also a platform for eSports learning and coaching. We are more than a gaming station. The ways of teaching that we have designed to boost the knowledge of our youth, to introduce them to the rapidly growing world are admired by many. We have performed an eSports curriculum building under the supervision of experts. One can rest assured that proper eSports curriculum implementation will take place. The things you will learn from our eSports curriculum build & implementation will take our trainees to the next level of online game development. Meanwhile, we offer STEM CPD course and coding classes as well which will be delivered by professionals in the field.

Online Game Tournaments

Meet the world on the other side via the games. Here, one can play live on the internet and excel at it.

School Functions Gaming

One can forget the days of school but are unable to let slip the games they played with their best friends in school.

In Person Tournaments

Unleash your full potential on the platform of gaming. You can play many tournaments till you get the satisfaction of being the best.

Online eSports Tournament

The world of online gaming has shaped the entertainment of people. Nothing stops you from being a part of our online tournaments.

Let’s Connect

Gotta Go Gaming
Frequently Asked Questions
What Gaming Services Does Gotta Go Gaming Offers in Hillside, NJ?

Gotta Go Gaming offers a wide collection of games in Hillside, NJ. We want our people to get the best of their time in our gaming zones. For this purpose, we offer the below-mentioned gaming services.

Events Gaming

Birthday Parties Gaming

Corporate Events Gaming

Fundraiser Events Games

School Functions Gaming


eSports Tournaments

Gaming AYC 2023

Online Tournaments

In Person Tournaments

Online Game Tournaments

Online eSports Tournament


Youth Group Facilitation

eSports Learning

eSports Coaching

eSports Curriculum Building

eSports Curriculum Implementation

eSports Curriculum Build & Implementation


STEM Learning


Stem Coding Classes

Virtual Reality Training


Indoor & outdoor Gaming

Gaming Truck

Gaming Bus

Gaming Tent

Laser Tag

Laser Tag Gaming

Indoor Gaming

How Can I Get Events Gaming in Hillside, NJ?

You can get our events gaming by calling us at 201-472-0467. You can also reach us at Email: to ask any query related to our gaming services.

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Do You Provide Training on Virtual Reality, and Why Do We Need to Take It?

We provide virtual reality training as well to introduce you to the new and exciting version of tomorrow’s world. It is necessary as in the upcoming days it will be a part of our modern society and to deal with it in a better way, you need to know what it is.

What is the Importance of STEM Learning?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We provide basic courses in this field that will help kids and teens to get to learn the fundamentals of science and its impacts on our everyday lives. So learn it today and be the masterminds of tomorrow.

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