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Gotta Go Gaming is a fully equipped mobile entertainment company that provides the best in gaming and laser tag for any and all party occasions. Our mobile gaming truck provides the ultimate gaming experience for up to 30 participants at one time. Our mobile gaming buses provide the latest in gaming consoles accommodating up to 18 participants in our smaller bus and up to 24 in our larger bus. A Laser Tag party with Gotta Go Gaming is fast-paced, action-packed fun that will thrill your party guests. Our high-tech Laser Taggers are easy to use, but boast features even adult players will love! If you’re ready to game then go with Gotta Go Gaming.

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About Company

It’s time to go gaming with Gotta Go Gaming!

Gaming with Gotta Go Gaming is an event within itself. That’s why people say “we bring the party to the party.”  Our gaming vehicles and laser tag battlefield can make any event exhilarating and add that extra touch of awesomeness! We have the most up to date video game consoles with the popular esports options that every gamer loves. We have trained game coaches that help facilitate the animated activities we bring to the destination of your choice. Call us for your gaming party needs!

Professional Experts

Here we have a team of professional experts having years of experience. They can arrange the gaming setup real quickly.

Ensured Affordability

The gaming setups we offer are comparatively affordable which makes them a good choice to consider regardless of the budget.

Quality Time

You can utilize your leisure time in enhancing your interpersonal skills and boosting your cognitive skills to a greater extent.

Our Services

Game Truck Hillside NJ

Game trucks are one of the greatest ways through which you can have a fun time. To put it forth, they come with amazing top-notch flat screens. They also have gaming consoles that provide you with an amazing gaming experience. Moreover, you may also book our game truck for special occasions. It has the capacity of holding 30 players at a time. So, people who have an interest in gaming tend to love game trucks. It also provides a good range of games to choose from that makes the game truck a good option to consider. However, you may feel free to step into our game truck to have a joyful time.

Game Bus Hillside NJ

The game buses we have brought you consist of various flat high-quality screens. Moreover, you can also enjoy the essence of time and make memories with your friends by playing games. We have got the best quality consoles in our buses on which you can play the latest games. You can even go through the latest gaming releases and choose the game that you may find interesting. In addition, you can relive the memories of your childhood if you are a grown-up now. You can also even arrange a party for your children and invite their friends. Besides this, our game buses can help you make the most out of your time.

Game Tent Hillside NJ

Arranging a game tent for teens and grown-up individuals is one of the best options to go for. These game tents consist of high-quality screens to play games and accessories for support. Meanwhile, they also have gaming consoles to never miss out on anything while playing games. The best thing about them is they provide you with a smooth gaming experience which ultimately enhances the experience. In addition, you may hire our professional workers for arranging the game tents for your different occasions. It will help your kids and all of the children and individuals have a great time.

Laser Tag Hillside NJ

Laser tag is a technical game that requires the attention of the one who plays the game. So, it keeps you focused and helps you stay attentive. It also builds the habit of keeping a good focus, staying concentrated, and detailed orientation. So, this is the reason we have introduced this game as it helps the children in their early years to build these habits. It helps them in the long run which ultimately becomes a reason for their betterment. Meanwhile, you can come and play laser tag even with your friends. It will improve your leadership abilities. However, you are just a step away from getting our team on board for this game.

Indoor Gaming Hillside NJ

Through our indoor gaming services, we bring you ultimate gaming comfort that you can cherish for quite a good time. To put forth, our emphasis has been on the comfort of the individuals entering to play the games. More so, you can hire our team of diligent workers to set up an indoor gaming area at any of your events. No matter if it is a birthday, anniversary, fundraising, corporate event, or a social gathering, we got you. We can help you out by suggesting the ideal place to locate the whole setup according to the venue. Meanwhile, our professional workers have been doing this for many years, which makes them good at it.

why choose us

Refresh Yourself with an Amazing Gaming Experience!

Gotta Go Gaming is the name of a trusted business that assures you have quality time from your busy schedule. Moving forward, you may hire our trusted team for arranging a game tent. Our workers have been providing these services for a good time now which validates their proficiency. In addition, you may also take out your time to play in a game truck. It has many flat screens of the best quality and consoles to enhance your gaming experience. Moreover, you may also play laser tag as it is a fun game for all age groups and improves communication.

Team of Expert Workers

Meet the world on the other side via the games. Here, one can play live on the internet and excel at it.

A Good Time

You can have a good time with different types of gaming types according to your preference that you like the most.

Enhances Cognitive Skills

When you play games like laser tag, it improves your communication. Also, it helps you out with enhancing your interpersonal skills.

Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

To attain client satisfaction is our top priority that our team intends to achieve at all costs by providing you with a hassle-free service.

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Gotta Go Gaming
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Gotta Go Gaming Offer in Hillside NJ?

Gotta Go Gaming offers reliable arrangement services of gaming for different spaces that can help you have quality time. These services are for all age groups. However, you can have a look at all the services we offer to our potential customers:

Game Truck
Game Bus
Game Tent
Laser Tag
Indoor Gaming

How Can You Hire a Reliable Team for Events Gaming in Hillside NJ?

You can hire a reliable team for the arrangement of events gaming in Hillside NJ by reaching out to our potential team through the email address: info@gottagogaminghub.com. Meanwhile, you can also share your queries at our contact number 201-472-0467.

Note: Feel free to fill up this signup form to let your business emerge in the listings and attain massive growth:

Why Should You Hire a Professional Team for Arranging a Game Tent?

You should hire a professional team for arranging a game tent because experienced workers have the expertise. It makes them perform the task in less time as compared to non-professional workers. However, professional workers can also assure the safety and security of the game tent that keeps everything in place.

What are the Ultimate Benefits of Indoor Gaming?

The ultimate benefits of indoor gaming include the building of interpersonal skills. You can also boost your cognitive skills and have quality time that can relieve you from stress and keep you fresh and active.

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