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What Makes Fix, Hold & Flip the Best Solar Installation Service in Plano TX?

Our mission at Fix, Hold & Flip is to initiate and act on the spectacular combating climate change by utilizing solar energy, and our ambition is to build momentum in continuing to expand our international presence by setting up and running the provision with the most dependable source of electricity through our solar installation services.

So, if you are residing anywhere in the vicinity of Plano, TX, contact Fix, Hold & Flip right now to get the most reliable solar installation services ever!

What Makes Us the Best in Plano, Tx When It Comes to Solar Panel Installation?

Our customers know that they can trust us with their meaningful properties, and our job is to make sure that we don’t prove them wrong. When we are hired for solar panel installation, we give our best to performing the whole process with sheer dedication and hard work. Our teams of specialists make sure that the customer is kept updated regarding the process throughout. 


Insurance Claims Service Plano TX

Imagine a scenario where you have to wait unnecessarily for days before you can proceed with repairing your property damages that need your immediate attention. Scary, right? Trust us, you do not want that to happen to your property! That’s why you need to hire Fix, Hold & Flip to handle your Property Damage Insurance Claims. Fix, Hold & Flip is here to take care of all the insurance claims for your property including Roof Damage Insurance Claims, Water Damage Insurance Claims, and Fire Damage Insurance Claims.

Solar Panel Installation Plano TX

Our Solar Installation Services are here to put an end to your endless search for ‘Best Solar Services Near Me’ with its over-the-top Solar Panel Installation team of experts who have mastered the art of boosting up the resale of your property by ensuring the most reliable installation of Solar Panels at your home. Contact Fix, Hold & Flip today!

Home Remodeling Service Plano TX

Whenever the town starts to talk about the Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Companies, they always discuss us as the Best Home Renovation Contractor with the most effective and wide range of layouts for your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling plans. Fix, Hold & Flip has been working as a Home Remodeling Contractor for nearly two decades now. This has made us an expert in our field! Give us a chance to renovate your property like never before!

Roof Repair Service Plano TX

Having a well-maintained roof gives you a sense of protection and safety. That’s why it is very important to take care of your properties’ roofing. Whether you need a Commercial Roofing Service or Residential Roofing Service, we are here to serve you with the best in the town! Fix, Hold and Flip is reputed for its Roof Cleaning Service as a specialty. Not just that, but we always have our team of experts ready for the Emergency Roofing Service for your tough times, so that you can count on us even at the eleventh hour! 

Flooring Services Plano TX

Are you worried about how to get a cost-effective the most reliable Wood Floor Refinishing Service in Plano, TX? Well, Fix, Hold & Flip is the ultimate answer to all your questions! With its team of specialists for Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service, any damage to your property’s floor can be repaired and refinished. At Fix, Hold & Flip, the most advanced Floor Refinishing Service techniques are used to make sure that our customers get fully satisfied. Call us today, and count yourself in for an amazing customer experience!

15 Years of Experience in the Construction Business Helps Us to Satisfy Our Customers at Its Best!

Solar panel installation needs a lot of keeping up with the latest technology and methods. In these 15 years of work, we have made our name in the industry as one of the most successful and reliable construction services, expert in solar installation and maintenance.

About Us

Solar panels reduce the home’s dependence on the primary electrical system and, as a result, your electricity bill. Panels can generate more power than your home requires. However, there is no wastage. When this occurs, the extra power is sent back into the system. In many places, you may sell this additional electricity back to the energy supplier through a procedure known as net metering, which reduces your rate even further. 

As experts, we take great delight in supplying our clients with strong solar panels and properly installing them.

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Our Specialties

Tile Installation & Repair

Repairs, grout cleaning, and total tear-outs are all handled by Fix, Hold, and Flip. Whether you choose assistance in your bathrooms, kitchenette, entrance, basement, locker room, or elsewhere, our home renovation pros will come to your house with all of the tiling tools and equipment required to do the flooring work correctly.


When it comes to accomplishing vinyl flooring repairs and adding additional laminate floors, our laminate floor professionals are the best!  Fix, Hold, and Flip can help you with all of your flooring needs.

Wooden Flooring

Do you need a new floor, or do you need to repair or replace boards that have been damaged by pets, water, furniture shifting, or other factors? Our authorized repair experts have an average of more than a decade of experience executing tear-outs and installations. You can rely on our worry-free warranty for wood floor installation and repairs.

Vinyl Flooring

Fix, Hold & Flip provides skilled vinyl flooring installation and repair for all types of vinyl flooring, including planks, sheets, and tiling. Vinyl flooring may be installed in any area of the house by our home renovation pros. We’ll take the time required to prepare the subfloor and can also install wood trim as a perfect finish.

Serving the People of Plano, TX With the Solar Installation Service Ever!

We began with the goal of providing the greatest quality restoration and renovation services to the people of Texas while also fulfilling their solar installation. Our ideals haven’t altered throughout the years. Our customers have always come first. This is one of the reasons why we continue to outperform our competitors in the business. You’re simply business to them, but you’re family to us! People in Plano, TX put their faith in us, and you can, too!

Your trust is our top concern!

"I never knew that having solar panels installed correctly could change your life so amazingly! Thank you, Fix, Hold & Flip for doing a wonderful job.”
  • Duke L.
“A satisfied customer. Great customer service! Incredible experience!”
  • Kiera S.
"The best solar installation service in the entire town! Would definitely recommend it!”
  • Freddy J.

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