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What Makes Rmi Restoration the Best Service in Pompano Beach, FL?

RMI Restoration is a complete package when it comes to property restoration and cleanup services. Our customers are our priority, and we make sure that they are fully satisfied. We ensure a cost-effective as well as an in-time property restoration experience.


Mold Services Pompano Beach FL

Are you looking for a solution to the ever-growing mold in the corners of your house? Do you want to get rid of the micro-organisms that have your and your family’s health at risk? Well, we are glad to tell you that you are exactly where you needed to be! RMI Restoration is here to provide you with the best Custom Mold Services in Pompano Beach, Florida. Our services include Residential Mold Services, Commercial Mold Services, Basement Mold Services, and much more. Book us now to make your property mold-free!

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Pompano Beach FL

Are you stuck at a crime scene? Has your property become a witness to any unfortunate circumstances such as Trauma, Crime, Suicide, or Accident? Well, don’t worry anymore! RMI Restoration will take care of it all! Our team of experts is there to serve you with the most effective Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup as well as Death Cleaning Service. So, if you need the experts to do the Trauma Scene Cleanup job for you, then contact RMI Restoration right away!

Mold Remediation Services Pompano Beach FL

Mold is full of micro-organisms that don’t only cause structural damage to your property, but also make you susceptible to harmful and life-threatening diseases if not taken care of immediately. To get rid of mold as soon as possible, you need to hire a Mold Remediation Company that is reliable. In Pompano Beach, no one can beat the quality performance of RMI Restoration when it comes to Mold Remediation Services. Be it the Crawl Space Mold Remediation, or any other complicated corner of your property exposed to mold, RMI Restoration will take care of it all!

Water Damage Restoration Pompano Beach FL

As much as water is a necessity to live, it can also cause cease the normal routine of your life by damaging your property if not handled carefully. Such circumstances can occur after a natural calamity such as a flood, a water leakage as a result of a plumbing issue, etc. If you are also a victim of water damage to your property, contact RMI Restoration right away! Being the top Water Damage Restoration Company in town, RMI has a great team of Water Damage Restoration Experts that are dedicated to serving you with top-tier Water Damage Restoration Services including Fire-water Damage Restoration Services. Call us now!

Storm Damage Restoration Pompano Beach FL

Storms and floods are real unfortunate natural disasters that leave a terrible impact on the victims, mostly leaving their traces behind in form of property damage. However, if you are living anywhere in Pompano Beach, all your worries are now ours to deal with! RMI Restoration is a Storm Damage Restoration Company that is all about providing its customers with the best Storm Damage Restoration Services. Our services include Wind and Storm Damage Restoration Service, Commercial Storm Damage Restoration Services, Residential Storm Damage Restoration Services, etc. Give us a chance today, and you will never regret it!

What makes us the Best Storm Restoration Company in Pompano Beach, FL?

It is not a moment of pride for us when someone hires us for the first time. It is, indeed, a moment of happiness, but the true pride kicks in when they come to us again to avail of our services. This shows that we were able to fully satisfy their needs and requirements. For us, our clients are no less than a family! We make sure to treat their properties like our very own; with care and concern. At RMI Restoration, our clients come first!

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Be it the storm damage remediation, trauma scene cleanup, or mold remediation service, we are the #1 restoration service provider in town. Our teams of experts will make sure that you get your desired service within no time.

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30 Years of Experience in Storm Restoration Makes Us an Expert!​

We have been a symbol of revival for the last 30 years. We have revived many houses and businesses by restoring the properties to their state before damage. Rebuilding a portion of the property is an art that needs an artist who has mastered it. Gladly, RMI Restoration has made it to the list of those artists who can bring your property back to life by saving it from any pre and potential damage.

Your trust is our top concern!

“Their quick and efficient service saved us a lot of trouble! RMI is the finest restoration company in Florida so far!”
Leah G.
“RMI never disappoints! I absolutely love how dedicated their team members are, treating their clients’ properties like their own, handling them with the best care and consideration. Much recommended!”
Caitlin F.
“Such a nice experience! I was in a lot of depression due to the recent storm damage to my house, but RMI fixed it all. Thank you so much for giving me the best experience with storm damage restoration for my property!”
Hailey D.

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