Raising the Standard of Senior Care with Our 24 Hours Care Giving Services in Columbus PA!

McCritty Home Care LLC is a home for elderly people who are unable to get the concentration they need from their loved ones. However, we are always ready to serve the elderly with great care. We are concerned about our inhabitants' diets, so we are highly trained in meal planning and preparation. Moreover, our 24 hours care giving services offer day and night assistance to senior citizens who need extra attention. Further, we are open to short-term assistance with our respite care for family caregivers. Our elderly home care service is the perfect solution for households who wish to protect their elders' liberty due to the inability to provide full-time care.

Elderly Home Care Service
24 Hours Care Giving Services
Respite Care for Family Caregivers
Meal Planning and Preparation

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We are Helping Older People to Lead a Comfortable Life with Our Services!

McCritty Home Care LLC is an elderly care service provider who is always upfront to maintain the independence of your elders. Our care attendants went through training and certification to ensure the most modern methods of care. We can do simple tasks such as dressing them up, with our elderly dressing assistance service. Moreover, to maintain their mental peace, we help them socialize with our elderly socialization care service. However, our grocery shopping for elderly services helps older people to be in control of what they purchase. Also, we prepare meals for them, considering their health condition in our meal preparation for seniors service. Our well-trained care attendants are dedicated to giving you the support you need.

Specialty Care

We specially care for those clients who need special treatment if they are suffering from any health issues.

Trained Staff

Our staff have a complete knowledge and treat elder clients in the most humble manner.

24/7 Availability

Your loved ones are in safe hands because we are available round the clock for our clients.

Our Services

Elderly Home Care Service Columbus PA

Lack of awareness regarding behavioral change in older people leads to missed treatment which affects the lives of older people. We offer elderly care service through which your elders can lead a comfortable and independent life. Moreover, we will help your elders to maintain their daily hygiene with our elderly home care bathing service. Our staff always prioritizes comfort and safety. Also, getting dressed is another tough task for elderly people, so we offer elderly dressing assistance in which we aid them in dressing up. To maintain the fitness and health of senior citizens, we offer elderly exercise assistance, which includes simple exercises such as walking, swimming, and cycling. We have various care plans which are created to cater to the needs of elderly people.

24 Hours Care Giving Services Columbus PA

Our care attendants are available 24/7 which makes us capable of offering customized plans according to your needs. Most of the time, our elders have a feeling of dejection and purposelessness which turns them aggressive. However, our flexibility with 24 hour care allows elderly people to achieve the finest care service that will enhance their quality of life. Older people always need someone to talk to and interact with. We provide elderly companionship care in which your elders receive a companion with whom they can share their life events. Socialization is the most effective way to improve the mental health of elders and reduce their stress. We offer elderly socialization care in which we let them engage in creative activities to boost their physical health.

Respite Care for Family Caregivers Columbus PA

If you are planning to travel and you have no one at the back to take care of your elders, you can contact us. We offer long-term and short-term care services to our clients. Moreover, you can utilize our respite care light housekeeping to deal with home chores including dusting, mopping, and sweeping. We will engage them in gardening with our gardening in respite care service as it will bring joy to their lives. Also, being able to shop for food plays an important role in staying fit. We offer grocery shopping for elderly in which our caretakers will assist elderly and senior citizens with their purchases. Moreover, our home care laundry services will help elderly people with their laundry chores such as handling laundry loads, folding, and ironing.

Meal Planning and Preparation Columbus PA

It's not just age, several other factors cause behavioral changes in elderly people. Keeping their health condition in mind, we do meal preparation for seniors. Also, our expert health care attendant carries out meal planning for elderly which suits them the best. As you grow old, your memory gets weaker and you forget most things. However, we provide elderly medication reminders to our elderly inhabitants so that they can take their medicines on time. Moreover, we offer oral hygiene for elderly to help them prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Bad hygiene is the cause of infection and skin disease. Therefore, we offer personal hygiene for elderly to stop dirt and germs from building up on their skin. Our staff treats everyone gently and with love, so your loved one will feel good spending time with us.

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We Care for Your Elders

McCritty Home Care LLC is one of the finest home care providers where elders experience independence living in their comfort zone. We use the most effective ways and methods to treat elderly inhabitants in our elderly care services. We are known for providing our 24 hours care giving services to our customers. 

Individualized Care Plan

We address clients' concerns, needs, and problems and then customize the care plan according to their needs.

Safeguard Personal Freedom

We always give our best to protect the freedom of our elderly inhabitants, so they can lead a quality life.

Overall Satisfaction

With our home care services, your loved ones will experience overall satisfaction and a sense of independence.

Companion Care

A companion is needed for emotional support. Hence, we offer elderly companionship care to our inhabitants.

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McCritty Home Care LLC
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does McCritty Home Care LLC Offer in Columbus PA?

We offer homecare services which allows your loved ones to maintain a level of independence. Our home care services includes: 

Elderly Home Care Service

  • Elderly Care Service
  • Elderly Home Care Bathing
  • Elderly Dressing Assistance
  • Elderly Exercise Assistance

24 Hours Care Giving Services

  • Flexibility with 24 hour care
  • Elderly Companionship Care
  • Elderly Socialization Care

Respite Care for Family Caregivers

  • Gardening in Respite Care
  • Grocery Shopping for Elderly
  • Home Care Laundry Services
  • Respite Care Light Housekeeping

Meal Planning and Preparation

  • Meal Preparation for Seniors
  • Meal Planning for Elderly
  • Elderly Medication Reminders
  • Oral Hygiene for Elderly
  • Personal Hygiene for Elderly

How Can You Get 24 Hours Care Giving Services in Columbus PA?

If you want to get  24 Hours Care Giving Services in Columbus PA, you can contact us at 267-284-1375. Moreover, you can email us at m60blessing@gmail.com for any queries related to our service.

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What Precautions Do We Take in Elderly Home Care Bathing?

We use non-slip suction mats or rubber silicone stickers at the bottom of the tub to prevent falls. Moreover, we keep safety bars in the tubs.

How Do You Provide Elderly Companionship Care for Older People?

Our companionship services include participating in activities that an older person enjoys. Those activities are book reading, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and others.

  • Elderly Home Care Service Columbus PA
  • 24 Hours Care Giving Services Columbus PA
  • Respite Care for Family Caregivers Columbus PA
  • Meal Planning and Preparation Columbus PA
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