Our Meal Planning and Preparation is an Excellent Assistance for Elders in Williamsport PA!

McCritty Home Care LLC takes care of our old citizens. We know that in old age, everyone needs someone to take care of themselves. For this purpose, we offer our elderly home care service. We have an idea that a person can be in need of a helping hand at any time of the day. Therefore, we give 24 hours care giving services. Those family members who in their absence require a caregiver for their loved ones can utilize our respite care for family caregivers. Furthermore, the diet of an old person is different from that of a young one. Thus, our team members take care of all your meal planning and preparation.

Elderly Home Care Service
24 Hours Care Giving Services
Respite Care for Family Caregivers
Meal Planning and Preparation

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We Provide Care & Affection to Our Clients

McCritty Home Care LLC provides elderly care service to our potential clients. We know that at a certain age, people are unable to perform all their activities easily. For this purpose, we have formed our elderly companionship care. Our responsible staff always show dedication in their duties and make sure to take great care of you. They are also aware that for good health, a little workout is necessary. Thus, they provide elderly exercise assistance. It is a known fact that people need to socialize to remain mentally healthy as well. Hence, we arrange elderly socialization care services for our old people. Now, connect with us to know more about our services.

Reliable Team

You can trust us to take proper care of you, as our team includes a team of gentle and kind individuals.

Healthy Environment

We take care of your physical health as well as mental health, thus providing gardening in respite care.

Flexible Service

To make it easy for you to get our services any time of the day, we provide flexibility with 24-hour care.

Our Services

Elderly Home Care Service Williamsport PA

Old people need assistance in living a quality life, and our elderly care service is designed specifically to help them in living comfortably. Our highly professional staff takes care of all your essential requirements. In every aspect of your daily routine, they are here to help. Such as elderly home care bathing helps you to clean yourself properly. Then, they also provide elderly dressing assistance to keep you looking nice. To be healthy and feel energetic, everyone including old people needs to do a little workout daily. Hence, our staff members make sure to provide elderly exercise assistance.

24 Hours Care Giving Services Williamsport PA

We know an emergency can come up anytime and thus you need a service that you can attain any time of the day. This makes our flexibility with 24 hour care quite beneficial to our clients. Meanwhile, one can not deny the fact that an old person needs a companion more than any other person. Hence, our elderly companionship care is formed to give them company in their housekeeping and social events. So, that they can feel true companionship around them. In addition, we arrange social gatherings and events for our elders to socialize and make friends in our elderly socialization care.

Respite Care for Family Caregivers Williamsport PA

Even when you are away from home, your elder family members can have a true sense of care with our people. In fact, in our respite care light housekeeping, we look after your loved ones and their homes as well. Then, we also do grocery shopping for elderly to bring them the essentials they require daily. Meanwhile, to ease their worry about laundry, we render our home care laundry services as well. Our skilled staff makes sure that all their clothes, bedsheets, and towels are thoroughly clean and ironed. Lastly, we do not want them to feel the absence of their family and thus keep them entertained with our gardening in respite care.

Meal Planning and Preparation Williamsport PA

The diet of old people differs a lot from young ones. As they need healthy and easy-to-digest food. For this purpose, we always provide meal preparation for seniors after consulting with them properly. In our meal planning for elderly, we take into consideration their medical conditions first and based on that prepare their food. Meanwhile, we know how important it is to take medicines on time. Hence, our elderly medication reminders never miss to remind them of their routine medicines. Our staff members know the value of hygiene in a person’s life and thus look after personal hygiene for elderly. Furthermore, our clients always appreciate our oral hygiene for elderly service.

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The Values are Services Hold

Every person deserves to live a quality life, and we help you in this regard. Our services are designed to assist our old age people in their daily tasks. Such as our home care laundry services help you clean your laundry. Then, to prepare a healthy meal for you that suits your health best, our professionals do meal planning for elderly. So, people who follow a strict diet plan can get benefitted from our meal preparation for seniors. Meanwhile, people on medications always get elderly medication reminders from our highly attentive staff.

Help in Everyday Activities

We accompany you in your everyday task which also includes performing grocery shopping for elderly.

Provide Assistance in Hygiene

To keep good health, one needs to take care of their hygiene. For this purpose, we take care of personal & oral hygiene for the elderly.

Aid in Housekeeping

We also take care of your house along with the health of your elders. Thus, provide respite care and light housekeeping.

We help Them with Their Self Care

Our elderly home care bathing can help you with your daily bathing. More so, we also provide elderly dressing assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does McCritty Home Care LLC Offer in Williamsport PA?

McCritty Home Care LLC offers elderly care services in Williamsport PA. Below mention all our services:

Elderly Home Care Service

  • Elderly Care Service
  • Elderly Home Care Bathing
  • Elderly Dressing Assistance
  • Elderly Exercise Assistance

24 Hours Care Giving Services

  • Flexibility with 24 hour care
  • Elderly Companionship Care
  • Elderly Socialization Care

Respite Care for Family Caregivers

  • Gardening in Respite Care
  • Grocery Shopping for Elderly
  • Home Care Laundry Services
  • Respite Care Light Housekeeping

Meal Planning and Preparation

  • Meal Preparation for Seniors
  • Meal Planning for Elderly
  • Elderly Medication Reminders
  • Oral Hygiene for Elderly
  • Personal Hygiene for Elderly

How Can You Get Our Meal Planning and Preparation Service in Williamsport PA?

You can get our meal planning and preparation by contacting us at 267-284-1375, or you can also send us an email at m60blessing@gmail.com.

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What Does It Mean By Gardening in Respite Care?

It means that we allow our elderly people to take care of their gardens during our respite care services. As it is also a great way to keep good mental and physical health.

What Does Oral Hygiene for Elderly Service Provide?

It provides proper care of elders’ oral hygiene. We know what value oral hygiene gives to an individual. Thus, we give authentic oral hygiene products to our elders and also take them to the dentist in case of any oral problem.

  • Elderly Home Care Service Williamsport PA
  • 24 Hours Care Giving Services Williamsport PA
  • Respite Care for Family Caregivers Williamsport PA
  • Meal Planning and Preparation Williamsport PA
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