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Private Security Services Baltimore MD

We are one of the top agencies in providing executive protection for private security services to our clients. While many clients are looking for full-time private security services. We help you with the kind and protection that will be sufficient to fulfil your needs. Moreover, we hired professionally trained people in our private security services. We provide several private security guard choices, such as armed and unarmed guards, uniformed or plainclothes guards, and short- or long-term contracts. Our offerings are personalized to suit your needs. To find out more about the security solutions we can offer private security services, get in touch with us.

CCTV Monitoring Services Baltimore MD

We are offering our high-alert risk identification CCTV monitoring Services to our clients at an affordable rate. Moreover, we use highly skilled specialty trade technicians with the skills and knowledge to safeguard your home or place of business. So, we provide you with exceptional CCTV monitoring services. If there is a threat to someone or something on your property, our highly trained personnel can act right away. World-class CCTV monitoring services are at the core of our principles. If you are looking to install the best security system at your properties, you can avail of our CCTV monitoring services. 

Mobile Patrol Services Baltimore MD

A reasonable option that permits security personnel to visit your property at predetermined yet random intervals is mobile patrol services. Furthermore, our clients can also avail of a lot of benefits from us when they get benefits from our mobile patrol services. Our professional team is available round the clock to assist you with our mobile patrol services. We try to make our clients’ lives more comfortable by providing them with our reliable mobile patrol services. So, contact us now to get benefits from our services. In this service, we also install high-security cameras in our client’s security system. 

About Us

Edwards Security Consultants is one of the professional companies providing their clients with 24/7 high-alert risk identification security installation systems. When you are looking for an exceptional commercial or residential security guard services, you will get our experienced officers who serve efficiently. Moreover, we have been serving our clients with our incredible private security services, CCTV monitoring services, and mobile patrol services. Our motive is to make our clients live more safely and increase their comfort level. We hire trained security guards if you are looking for executive protection for private security services. So contact us now to avail our beneficial services. 


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