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Private Security Services Washington DC

Private security services ensure the safety and security of the people. To put forth, it keeps the activities of the people in the surrounding in check. So, it works as a protection against many unethical activities. More so, our private security services can help you get away from the crowd easily in case you are worried about your presence in public. In addition, private security services protect you and your space from any sort of harm or criminal activities. They do this by keeping a keen eye on different areas of the property. Meanwhile, our private security services ensure that everything is under control in the surroundings.

CCTV Monitoring Services Washington DC

CCTV monitoring services help in addressing the actions of the people within the respective premises. More so, if a crime is committed, we can help you gather the evidence through our CCTV monitoring services. In addition, we can also offer this service for your office as there is a need to have a check and balance of the employees. So, you can have our CCTV monitoring services to better know about the activities of the employees. Besides this, we can also ensure the safety of your spaces through our authentic CCTV monitoring services. Meanwhile, we prioritize the availability of our team at all costs. 

Mobile Patrol Services Washington DC

Mobile patrol services help in identifying potential crimes. We have a proficient team to cater to security threats for any specified area. More so, you can have our mobile patrol services to ensure complete coverage and protection through alert and expert security personnel. In addition, if any incident has happened to you recently, you can get our mobile patrol services. In case you are not sure about the real reason, this service will help you out in finding the real reason. Moreover, if you want to ensure the effectiveness of security, our mobile patrol services can help you out by giving various security checks before the start of your event.

About Us

Edwards Security Consultants is a trusted name for providing the most credible security services. We have been offering our clients safety and protection for many years. To put forth, we can facilitate you with our private security services in case any incident has happened in your nearby area recently. More so, we can also provide you with our mobile patrol services to keep a constant check on the passers-by. In addition, our CCTV monitoring services can help you out to a greater extent if a crime is committed. This service will be able to provide you with evidence to be sure of the actual reason for the incident. You can get mobile patrol and cctv monitoring service by calling us in affordable prices


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