Cooktop Repair, microwave dryer installation & trash compactor repair White Plains MD


Dishwasher Repair White Plains MD

Do you frequently face problems while using your dishwasher? If yes, we are here to assist you with it. Now, you can use it smoothly after having our dishwasher rack repair service. We’ll guarantee the proper performance of your dishwasher after its complete repair. However, our expert technicians will also provide you with dishwasher seal repair. In restaurants, you need big dishwashers to clean the bulk of dishes. That’s why we offer commercial dishwasher repair to provide a perfect experience. Meanwhile, we also fix front control dishwashers to cover all types of dishwashers. That’s how you can easily do your dishwashing without any inconvenience.

Appliance Installation White Plains MD

Are you planning to add a new appliance to your home? We can help you with its complete installation with care. We value our customer’s products and provide them with a quality experience. You can have our gas appliance installation with proper safety to easily operate your gadget. If you buy a washing machine, we help you with washing machine installation. On the other hand, we can also provide you with efficient dryer installation. That’s how you can use your machine to its full extent. We can also help you with complete microwave installation considering multiple electrical appliances.

Cooktop Repair White Plains MD

Everybody wants a calm cooking experience. For that purpose, your cooktop must be in a premium condition. If your cooktop is not working properly, you can’t cook your food properly. Our expert technicians will help you with electric cooktop repair by using their expertise. Meanwhile, if you have a glass cooktop and have trouble using it, you don’t have to worry about it. Meanwhile, we’ll ensure to enhance your experience with our glass cooktop repair service. Although, the performance of a gas stovetop also depends upon the gas flow. So, we’ll examine the pressure through your burner gas cooktop and repair it accordingly. 

Appliance Repair White Plains MD

When it comes to appliance repair, we fix all electrical appliances. So, you can directly contact us for any problem while using your appliance. We give our customers a quality experience through our electrical appliance repair. Our expert team can also handle kitchen appliances, including microwave repair service. However, you can experience our sewing machine repair service for its efficient working. Our team of expert technicians and electrical experts can also handle heavy machines. So, you can contact us even for trash compactor repair, and we will fix it to provide you with the best performance.

About Us

All Star Appliance Repair focuses on providing efficient electrical appliances and repair installation. We have been providing our services for the last five years. Until now, we have facilitated a great number of customers with proper satisfaction. So, you can rely on our promising services regarding any appliance. We have trained our team with great professionalism to serve our customers in the best way. Meanwhile, you can have our installation with a proper guide to utilize your product in the best way. We possess quality tools and modern technologies to provide our service efficiently. So, if you need any type of installation and repair service, you can contact us today. 


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