Ensure the Longevity of Your Appliance with Our Dishwasher Repair Service in Chesapeake VA!

A professional residential washer repair ensures appliance longevity. To put it forth, every household has a dishwasher. If it gets damaged, the best option is to have a dishwasher repair service. It will increase the life of your appliance. In addition, an ice maker can help you get fresh ice. It saves you from the hassle and you can use that ice, this way. The ice maker repair service comes to the rescue in this case if you ever get an issue with the appliance. Meanwhile, you also have a dryer when you have a washer. The dryer repair service takes charge in this case as it ensures the longevity of the appliance. Besides this, an oven repair service can save you from the hassle of buying a new one if it has started causing issues. However, the highly functional garbage disposal will also prevent the piling up of debris.

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About Us

We Save You from the Hassle of Buying New Appliances!

Foster’s Appliance Service of Tidewater is a reliable source where you can get trusted appliance repair services. To put forth, our commercial oven repair services can save you from the expense of buying a new appliance. If you are a baking enthusiast, you must feel the need for a properly working oven. More so, you may have our microwave oven repair services as we have certified workers on our team. It will save you from the hassle of reheating food again and again. In addition, we can also facilitate by providing you with a professional gas oven repair service. Here it is a fact that ice maker repair services were introduced to save you time and energy. Though they may cost you a bit more, having them is worth it if you have the best quality appliances.

Professional Experts

Here we have a team of professional experts to cater to your requirements regarding the kitchen aid ice maker repair in the best way possible.

Advanced Technology

Our business aims to facilitate its customers with trusted refrigerator ice maker repair services to save you from hassle.

Ensured Reliability

Our workers have years of experience which makes them trustable enough to hire them for a commercial ice maker repair service.

Our Services

Oven Repair Chesapeake VA

Our oven repair services have always been up to the mark due to our experienced personnel. If you have a gas oven in your house, you may have our gas oven repair service. It will help you bake in full swing. More so, our professional team can also cater to your requirements regarding the microwave oven repair service. You will be able to reheat the food again and again without any hassle. In addition, we are here to provide you with a reliable commercial oven repair service. If the ovens of your house or your workplace have any issues, call us away. Our experts will facilitate you with trusted oven repair services to keep your passion for baking alive.

Ice Maker Repair Chesapeake VA

An ice maker stores the ice in bulk for events, gatherings, and parties. To put forth, we have introduced our ice maker repair services for this reason. You may have this service to prevent bacterial growth caused by the leftover water. More so, you may also have our kitchen aid ice maker repair service. It will increase the life of the appliance and you will get as much ice as you want. In addition, we are here to serve you right with our refrigerator ice maker repair service. It will increase the efficiency of the refrigerator and save money on your energy bill. Besides this, our commercial ice maker repair service is also something you can have.

Dishwasher Repair Chesapeake VA

A dishwasher has become one of the fundamental household appliances. So, we have introduced our home dishwasher repair service. It can revive the functionality of the appliance and also ensure longevity. In addition, our experts can also serve you right with a commercial dishwasher repair service. If the dishwasher in your workspace or office has stopped working properly, this is the time for repair. More to this, we have also got a reliable appliance dishwasher repair service. It can increase the life of the appliance and you will also not have to buy a new appliance. Furthermore, you may feel free to have our dishwasher repair services anytime.

Residential Washer Chesapeake VA

We bring you our residential washer repair service that can save you money. You can also stay stress-free by getting this service as a reliable repair offers guaranteed results. More so, a home washer repair service is also something you can have. If you choose to spend on the repair of your existing appliance, you will probably not have to buy a new one. In addition, you may also take our team on board for a trusted washing machine repair. You must get this kind of repair service from a professional source as they ensure service quality. However, you may get our professional washing machine repair services whenever you need them.

Dryer Repair Chesapeake VA

A reliable dryer repair is all you need when you also have a functional washer. So, we have brought our gas dryer repair service, especially for you. It will increase the energy efficiency of the dryer and also reduce the energy cost. Moreover, you may also hire our expert workers and have a credible electric dryer repair. If you have an electric dryer in your house instead of a gas dryer, this service is for you. In addition, you can also have a clothes dryer repair service from our professionals. You will not have to face any issues in drying the clothes this way as it will increase their efficiency. However, our dryer repair service ensures the longevity of the appliance.

Garbage Disposal Chesapeake VA

Proper disposal of garbage is necessary to maintain a healthy environment in the house. Otherwise, a foul odor will start spreading in the atmosphere which will also affect the air quality. So, you must take care of the garbage disposal cleaner. It will vanish the odors that are spread by the rotting food. In addition, the damage is likely to occur to the home appliances. We have brought our garbage disposal repair service to you for this reason. It will revive the functionality of the disposal machine. Also, you will be able to discard the debris quickly. Meanwhile, our experts can also facilitate you with the most sustainable garbage disposal repair service.

why choose us

Save Your Time, Money, and Energy Altogether!

Here at Foster’s Appliance Service of Tidewater, you may have trusted home and appliance dishwasher repair services. Moreover, we have also got a team to cater to all your requirements when it comes to residential washer repair. Our experts have been serving the industry for years which makes them the best at providing home washer repair service. In addition, you may also have our dryer repair service regardless of the type of dryer you have. It is because you can get a hassle-free gas and electric dryer repair service here.

Increased Efficiency

We offer garbage disposal repair services to increase disposal efficiency and prevent the spread of foul odor in the house.

Ease and Comfort

Our main motive is to facilitate our customers by bringing them ease and comfort through quick repairs in every way possible.

Advanced Tools

The workers we have in our team ensure the use of advanced tools while performing the services of a garbage disposal cleaner.

Longevity of Appliance

Through our clothes dryer repair service, you will not have to face any hassle in drying the clothes and also it will ensure longevity.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Foster’s Appliance Service of Tidewater Offer in Chesapeake VA?

Foster’s Appliance Service of Tidewater offers a hassle-free appliance repair service on residential and commercial levels. Moreover, we offer these services for almost all of the home appliances you may have in your house. However, you can also have a look anyway at all the services we offer to our customers:


Oven Repair

  • Gas Oven Repair
  • Oven Repair Services
  • Microwave Oven Repair
  • Commercial Oven Repair

Ice Maker Repair

  • Ice Maker Repair Services
  • Kitchen Aid Ice Maker Repair
  • Refrigerator Ice Maker Repair
  • Commercial Ice Maker Repair

Dishwasher Repair

  • Home Dishwasher Repair
  • Dishwasher Repair Services
  • Appliance Dishwasher Repair
  • Commercial Dishwasher Repair

Residential Washer

  • Home Washer Repair
  • Washing Machine Repair
  • Residential Washer Repair
  • Washing Machine Repair Services

Dryer Repair

  • Gas Dryer Repair
  • Electric Dryer Repair
  • Clothes Dryer Repair
  • Dryer Repair Service

Garbage Disposal

  • Garbage Disposal Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Cleaner
  • Garbage Disposal Repair Service

How Can You Get Hassle-Free Dishwasher Repair Services in Chesapeake VA?

You can get hassle-free dishwasher repair services in Chesapeake by contacting our professionals at our email address fostersapplianceoftidewater@gmail.com. However, you can also drop a call at our contact number 757-550-0127.

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Is it Worth Having a Garbage Disposal Repair Service?

A garbage disposal repair may not look as important as it is. That is why it is always worth spending on the garbage disposal repair service. It saves you from the hassle of buying a new garbage disposal machine all the way. Also, it ensures the longevity of the appliance and also revives its functionality.

Do You Offer the Same-Day Repair Service?

Yes, we offer same-day repair services for dishwashers. If you have an urgent repair need, please give us a call. Meanwhile, we will do our best to schedule your appointment quickly.

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