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Your kitchen needs to be updated to run a smooth life. If you find any fault in your kitchen appliances like your oven, get the oven repair service at once. Another appliance people have introduced in their kitchen is an ice maker. If it is showing poor functioning then find an ice maker repair service, especially before the advent of summer or hosting a big party. Nowadays thanks to technology, there are so many appliances that can reduce the energy, like a residential washer. When one starts using a washer, it will be difficult to imagine dishwashing without it. Thus performing dishwasher repair immediately is necessary for your convenience. Many homeowners have initiated the installation of garbage disposal in their kitchens to make the environment clean. If you need any assistance for your appliance servicing, like dryer repair, then you will find our below-mentioned services quite helpful.

Oven Repair
Ice Maker Repair
Dishwasher Repair
Garbage Disposal

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Foster's Appliance Service of Tidewater is a company that performs the servicing of your appliance . Like gas and microwave oven repair services check for the fault in the oven and restore the functioning effectively. For restaurants and other food businesses, giant ovens are required. If yours are working slowly or not at all, our workers are also able to do commercial oven repair. In the summers, the loss of ice-making activity of a refrigerator is a big concern. Therefore, you can have our experts to perform refrigerator ice maker repair. The same goes for the ice maker, if the stocking up of ice is stopped because of the malfunctioning, our ice maker repair services are here for you. Our commercial and kitchen aid ice maker repair is provided to treat your appliance and make it start freezing water right away. So, check out our services to repair your appliance.

Appliance Care

You can increase the shelf life of your appliance by giving it proper servicing from time to time.

Credible Working

We always make sure to use the latest tool along with our years of experience to provide reliable services.

On-Time Servicing

We know a bit of the fluctuation in the providing of any service can be a nuisance for you, thus we are always on time to assist you.

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Oven Repair Portsmouth VA

You will love a system that heats your food in no time and does the baking as well. That is why an oven is a part of every kitchen. If yours is not working efficiently, then our gas oven repair services can check it out and improve its working capacity. Delaying in taking oven repair services might cost you a nuisance and a heavy cost on the buying of a new one. Meanwhile, there are many forms of ovens, we work on every kind. Most houses nowadays use microwaves for their compact size and less maintenance. In case of any fault in it, our microwave oven repair service is just a call away. If you own a food business and do not want customers to experience any delay in food making. Then let our workers perform the fast and efficient commercial oven repair.

Ice Maker Repair Portsmouth VA

It feels like a blessing when you get back home and find a pile of ice to make your iced tea. Now, your ice maker is responsible for doing this magic. So, one needs to have ice maker repair services right away if there is any malfunctioning in its working. In your kitchen, you won’t get as much help as you can, one way to get it is via icemakers to make fresh ice at the moment. Therefore, we offer kitchen aid ice maker repair to save you from any trouble in this flow of work. These appliances come in many forms. We are equipped to facilitate the servicing of any of them, like refrigerator ice maker repair. We are available for residential as well as official sites. If an ice maker in your restaurant or motel is working poorly, then you can count on our commercial ice maker repair.

Dishwasher Repair Portsmouth VA

One would love a helping hand in the kitchen that is less expensive and time-saving. Thus, people are going towards getting dishwashers at a fast rate. Like the human body, machines also get mechanically sick sometimes. If your appliance is experiencing it, we are here to perform home dishwasher repair. One can rely on our dishwasher repair services as we have experienced staff to provide them and always use modern tools and techniques to do the restoration. Once the appliance dishwasher repair is done then you will see how improved its working has become. A kitchen that serves hundreds of people at once, like hotels, restaurants, and factories requires a much more efficient and bigger dishwasher. We extend our services to these areas as well and hence provide commercial dishwasher repair.

Residential Washer Portsmouth VA

Laundry is one of the basic needs of any residence, and to make it less energy-consuming, people get washing machines. If you find any fault in it then don’t worry, it can easily be resolved by the hands of our experts. They will come to your place at the given time and after analyzing the damage, start the home washer repair at once. We do not want you to experience any moment of inconvenience when it comes to getting clean laundry. Therefore, we always show punctuality in our service of residential washer repair. Not every time you need to change your appliance if efficiency has decreased, sometimes good maintenance can make it work effectively again. That is what our washing machine repair can bring to your machine. So, check our washing machine repair services if the laundry process gets stuck because of an out-of-order appliance.

Dryer Repair Portsmouth VA

With the latest advancements, every process has become easy and requires a minimal amount of effort. Like with the daily laundry, you can do it in a machine and later dry it in a dryer. To make sure the dryer works well, keep a tab on its working. If you see less efficacy in the process, then get the benefit of our dryer repair service. Sometimes a fluctuation in voltage or any mechanical error can result in the disturbed working of a dryer. Our clothes dryer repair service found the cause at once and started its processing right away. However, dryers can be of many types depending on the source they use to make energy. If it is working on electricity, then you require our service of electric dryer repair. Otherwise, our experts will do the process involved in gas dryer repair for your gas dryer.

Garbage Disposal Portsmouth VA

Garbage disposal reduces the number of food particles that go in the dustbin as they cause a bad odor and are not good for sanitization purposes. To do its work smoothly, they need cleaning as well to avoid any hindrance in processing the food particles. So, we have experts to do the garbage disposal cleaner by utilizing top-quality cleaning agents. If the system is not grinding the content properly, it can result in the accumulation of food particles that will have bad results. Thus, we offer garbage disposal repair service. Let our professionals thoroughly work on it to get an efficient working of the disposal system. Our garbage disposal repair process performs with precision, hence renders good results.

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For Reliable and Cost-Effective Solutions

We are a company that offers beneficial and trusted appliance repair services. Any appliance in your home can get turned off anytime as a result of any mechanical or electrical fault. At this time, you will find our services a form of blessing, we can work on machines of any size whether residential or commercial. Take an example of a dryer as we provide dryer repair service as well. Now the dryer can be residential, the one mostly used by families or commercial dryers that are present in laundries. Furthermore, we deal with different types of dryers, like one that runs on gas or electricity. Thus provide services of both gas and electric dryer repair. After we are done with performing clothes dryer repair, you do not need to wait on the drying of clothes.

Efficient Appliance Dishwasher

Our home dishwasher repair provides reliable residential and commercial dishwasher repair.

Reliable Home Washer

We perform residential washer repair to solve any problem in your washer using our expertise.

Quality Washing Machine

Our washing machine repair services are what your washing machine needs to work smoothly again.

Affordable Garbage Disposal

We provide garbage disposal cleaner and repair service for its cleaning at a reliable cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Foster's Appliance Service of Tidewater Offer in Norfolk VA?

Foster’s Appliance Service of Tidewater offers appliance repair and maintenance services in Norfolk VA. Below have mentioned the complete lists of our repair services:


Oven Repair

Gas Oven Repair

Oven Repair Services

Microwave Oven Repair

Commercial Oven Repair


Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair Services

Kitchen Aid Ice Maker Repair

Refrigerator Ice Maker Repair

Commercial Ice Maker Repair


Dishwasher Repair

Home Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair Services

Appliance Dishwasher Repair

Commercial Dishwasher Repair


Residential Washer

Home Washer Repair

Washing Machine Repair

Residential Washer Repair

Washing Machine Repair Services


Dryer Repair

Gas Dryer Repair

Electric Dryer Repair

Clothes Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair Service


Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Garbage Disposal Repair Service


How Can I Get Oven Repair in Norfolk VA?

One can get our oven repair service by calling us at 757-550-0127. You can also send us an email at to ask any questions about our appliance services.

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How Can I Get Oven Repair in Norfolk VA?

One can get our oven repair service by calling us at 757-550-0127. You can also send us an email at to ask any questions about our appliance services.

Note: Click here to fill out our form and sign up with us to add your business to our list and get its promotion done: Add Your Business

How Does the Dishwasher Work?

The water fills the dishwasher and then mixes with the detergent you apply. Later, the spray arms inside the washer distribute the solution onto the dishes by spraying. The water is at high-pressure to remove dirt and grease on the dishes. After a complete cleaning, the dirty water will be drained, and the dishes’ rinse cycle then takes place which is followed by drying.

What is the Function and Use of a Garbage Disposal?

It is installed under the sink and grinds the particles that you send its way. It contains a motor to do the grinding. The waste then passes out in the drain, and thus will not end up in your garbage bag. An excellent way to minimize the odor that comes from waste food and also reduce the chances of gutter clogging.

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