Make Your Laundry Convenient and Easy By Getting a Residential Washer In Virginia Beach VA!

A healthy and high-functioning kitchen means every appliance is efficiently working. Even the less functioning of a single piece of equipment can have a bad impact on the overall work you perform in the kitchen. If an oven is not working well, get oven repair service immediately to make it work great again. The same goes for the dishwasher as when it stops working, you will get a sink full of plates. So, find a professional person to perform dishwasher repair. Another thing most common in kitchens these days especially in summer is an ice maker. To get it standard working, make sure it has no problem with working. In the case of one, it needs an ice maker repair service. However, you can install a garbage disposal under the sink for garbage removal. Though the washing machine does not come under the kitchen appliance, it is a requirement of every house. So, get a residential washer to make your life easy. If you need any of these services, read further to find out how we are equipped to provide them all including dryer repair.

Oven Repair
Ice Maker Repair
Dishwasher Repair
Dryer Repair

About Us

Repair Your Appliances Right Away!

Foster's Appliance Service of Tidewater is a company that restores faults in your appliances. If we take the example of ovens. Then they can be of various kinds, we provide the services of all of them. Check our gas and microwave oven repair services and see how we make them work great again. If you are a bakery or a restaurant owner and need reliable service to restore the oven. Then you can also check our commercial oven repair service. Efficient appliance working is necessary, suppose you have a big party tomorrow, and the ice maker has stopped making the ice. There are refrigerator ice maker repair services that will be most helpful to you. Trained experts will come to your home to provide ice maker repair services. We deal in all kinds and thus perform commercial and kitchen aid ice maker repair.

Efficient Working

To ensure that your appliance is doing well, perform its proper maintenance now and then.

Reliable Services

The credibility of our services depends on the years of fruitful experience and the use of the latest tools and techniques.

On-Time Completion

Our services are always delivered on the time given by us and also get done on the dot.

Our Services

Oven Repair Virginia Beach VA

Our oven repair services are necessary to take if your oven is unable to provide the required temperature or showing any other fault. We prevent the malfunctioning oven from spoiling your delicious meals. Also, we are efficient to perform gas oven repair that gives you lasting results. We repair ovens as well as microwaves. So, microwave oven repair is what you need if the microwaves show any sign of slow or no working at all. For any restaurant, ovens serve an important purpose, thus in case of any fault in the oven. Our commercial oven repair service is here to restore any problem in it.

Ice Maker Repair Virginia Beach VA

Our ice maker repair services are a blessing in disguise if the heat is harsh out there and you want a refreshing drink. Appliances can get any mechanical or technical fault yet it can be restored by expert hands. We do not want you to face the nuisance a broken ice maker may bring, especially when a party needs to throw. So, our kitchen aid ice maker repair is what you need at that moment. Ice makers come in many forms, and our professionals can perform the servicing of any of them. It includes refrigerator ice maker repair as well. Meanwhile, we provide commercial ice maker repair for business sites as well.

Dishwasher Repair Virginia Beach VA

A broken dishwasher can be a great pain with a pile of dishes stocked up in the sink. Our home dishwasher repair is what you require at times of inconvenience. We have experts to perform dishwasher repair services, thus the results will be satisfying. Our workers value time and always arrive at the client’s home on time. We use modern tools to perform appliance dishwasher repair that traditional ways can not perform. For a home, the dishwashers designed are different from the ones for the kitchens of restaurants and hotels. So, we offer commercial dishwasher repair to restore such giant appliances

Residential Washer Virginia Beach VA

We provide washing machine repair services as they are the need of every home, thus need to be working well. Our professionals know how to perform the service on any washing machine’s band. No matter what kind of appliance, you have as they are experts in washing machine repair of any type. Mostly, the problem with the washing machine in any household is with the washer. If the washer can be repaired, our experts will do efficient residential washer repair. They will first analyze the washer to check for the cause, and then either replace it with a new one or restore it by giving a home washer repair.

Dryer Repair Virginia Beach VA

When it comes to clothing, one can not ignore the importance of a dryer. So, if you see any fault in the dryer, it needs to be repaired right away. We provide dryer repair service to provide you with the right work. We know for proper hygiene drying clothes properly is essential, and thus to make it happen, offer clothes dryer repair. The dryers can be of many types, like the one that uses electricity or the gas. For electricity based, we have experts to check it and perform electric dryer repair at once. We also have an efficient team to do gas dryer repair and make the gas dryer as good as new.

Garbage Disposal Virginia Beach VA

Use the garbage disposal cleaner that can efficiently wipe it and assure its perfect work. We have premium quality cleaning agents that will remove the presence of the garbage from it even if some is stuck in it. Moreover, our garbage disposal repair service ensures you the smooth working of the disposal in the future. Every kitchen should have it as it is an appliance that makes the atmosphere eco-friendly. Thus we want you to have a fully functioning garbage disposal system. So check our service of garbage disposal repair upon observing any problem with its working.

why choose us

To Get The Best Appliance Treatment

We are a company that provides convenience into your lives. Our team members are well-trained to work on all home appliances. So whether it is an ice maker or an oven, you will find our working process authentic. Another appliance that is the need of every home is a dryer, if it shows any dysfunctioning, our dryer repair service is here to serve you. Dryers can be different in their energy source to make heat like gas or electric dryers. Yet we provide service for both gas and electric dryer repair. So to get your laundry complete without any hindrance of poor functioning, you need our clothes dryer repair service.

Effective Appliance Dishwasher

Our home dishwasher repair service also includes commercial dishwasher repair to put your business on track.

Home Washer Servicing

We offer residential washer repair to check out for the cause behind a fault and restore the working of the washer.

Efficient Washing Machine

One can increase the shelf life of a washing appliance with our washing machine repair services.

Garbage Disposal Services

Our garbage disposal cleaner and repair service will ensure that the garbage disposal will give its best performance.

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Foster's Appliance Service of Tidewater
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Foster's Appliance Service of Tidewater Offer in Virginia Beach VA?

Foster’s Appliance Service of Tidewater provides home appliance servicing and maintenance to guarantee that they work without any fault. Below have mentioned our services:


Oven Repair

Gas Oven Repair

Oven Repair Services

Microwave Oven Repair

Commercial Oven Repair


Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair Services

Kitchen Aid Ice Maker Repair

Refrigerator Ice Maker Repair

Commercial Ice Maker Repair


Dishwasher Repair

Home Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair Services

Appliance Dishwasher Repair

Commercial Dishwasher Repair


Residential Washer

Home Washer Repair

Washing Machine Repair

Residential Washer Repair

Washing Machine Repair Services


Dryer Repair

Gas Dryer Repair

Electric Dryer Repair

Clothes Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair Service


Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Garbage Disposal Repair Service

How Can You Get Our Residential Washer in Virginia Beach VA?

You can get our residential washer by calling us at 757-550-0127. One can also send us an email at
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What is the Mechanism Behind the Dishwasher Work?

The dishwasher gets filled with the water which later mixes with the detergent and then the spray arms distribute the detergent solution on the dishes. The water is applied at high pressure to eliminate grease on them. Then the dirty water gets out of it and it gets cleaned with the clean water again which is followed by drying.

What is the Function of a Garbage Disposal?

It is used to grind food particles that you send down the way. It has a motor that does the grinding. Then pass the waste down the drain and save it to end up getting in the dustbin.

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