No More Chipped Shingles in Elizabeth! Let’s Get Your Roof Replaced!


Roof Repair Service Elizabeth NJ

This is your chance to get your roof repaired by the finest roofers in town! We are offering our shingle roof repair services to the people of Elizabeth. However, that’s not all that we do! All State Roofing & Siding is a team of professionals who fix the roofs the best whether it is a commercial roof repair or residential. Furthermore, we aim to make Elizabeth free of leaky roofs so that no one flinches when it rains. Whereas, if you want a fixation for your roof from the interior side, we also offer roofing membrane repair that will keep your roof watertight and your home interior protected. To know more about our roof repair services, call us now! We will be happy to address your queries!

Roof Installation Service Elizabeth NJ

This is just about the time that you get a new roof for your home! You may have overlooked the importance of a well-maintained roof over your head, but we haven’t. That’s why we are gladly extending our new roof installation services to you! Secondly, it could be any type of roof that you want; from shingle to slate and everything in between. Fortunately, we have an installation plan in every case! Our shingle roof installation is based on the latest technology and techniques that make sure that your new roof doesn’t wear out and goes a long way. Moreover, we also have our expertise honed in metal roof installation. Whether you want it for industrial purposes or you’re seeking residential roof installation, we got you covered! 

Roof Replacement Service Elizabeth NJ

If you are looking for the best and most reliable roof replacement services in Elizabeth, you are exactly where you need to be! All State Roofing & Siding is here with the finest roof replacement plans for you! From industrial roofing to residential roof replacement, we have got you covered for all. Likewise, our great team of experts is respectively allotted to the type of roof replacement that your property requires! Whether you want a metal roof replacement for a more durable and long-lasting experience, or you are looking for slate roof replacement, our team will give you the best roof replacement service. Furthermore, we are also reputed for our fair share of success in achieving the best results out of commercial roofing. Hire us today!

Roofing Service Elizabeth NJ

We address every problem that you may be facing related to your current roofing. For instance, if you want to prepare the exterior of your home for the upcoming weather variations such as rain, we are ready for the job! Our best-selling waterproof roofing services are the best! Moreover, if you want a lightweight yet classy roof for your home in Elizabeth, we suggest you choose our tri ply roofing service. The work will be done in no time! Whereas, if you want something different as well as reliable at the same time, we offer Spanish style roofing too. Likewise, our rich roofing technique will leave you fully satisfied with our work. All of this comes with a bonus roof inspection. Call us right now, and hire us!

About Us

If you are looking for a final solution to all of your roofing problems, then we are the one for you! As a team of extremely knowledgeable and certified roofers, we have the best strategies for roof repair, replacement, installation, and much more! Additionally, we have made our offers extremely affordable for all the people of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Consequently, you don’t have to spend a fortune on getting your roof fixed. Moreover, we have highly classified roof inspectors available to make sure that your roof gets the exact treatment that it requires to become the best. A strong roof keeps you and your family protected from many natural disasters, so we get you one!


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