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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Frisco TX

We incorporate detail oriented techniques in our services. In addition, we provide our Commercial Carpet Cleaning services for various areas. Office carpet cleaning is one of them. Offices that have carpeting on the floor require proper cleaning. We make it a lot easier for them to clean the carpets. In addition, we also provide a commercial Aerial Rug Cleaning service. We make sure to remove stains and clean the rugs efficiently to ensure the safety of workers. Furthermore, carpets in industrial areas get dirty fast. That is because we also offer industrial carpet & Dry cleaning services. Other than this, we also offer best commercial carpet cleaning as a part of our service.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Frisco TX

We do not only offer commercial carpet cleaning services but also residential carpet cleaning services as well. It happens that you do not get the chance to clean your apartment regularly. In situations like these, we got you. We offer our apartment carpet cleaning & Aerial Rug Cleaning service for this. In addition, we also perform the cleaning process diligently. So, we also provide residential steam cleaning services. Furthermore, we also clean the carpets with detailed cleaning. We provide residential carpet cleaning & Dry Cleaning services for that. Other than this, we also clean the aerial rugs. For that, we remove the dirt first and then the debris through our Residential Carpet Cleaning services.

House Cleaning Frisco TX

Besides our residential and commercial cleaning services, we offer our house cleaning & Dry Cleaning services. In this category comes first the dry cleaning services. This service involves deep handling of the fabric to ensure proper cleanliness. More to this, we can offer you our best move out Aerial Rug Cleaning service for you. If you shift to some place, you have to clean that one before leaving. So, you do not need to worry about this anymore. We also provide our move-in cleaning service. For this, we clean the houses when a family moves into a new place. More to this, we also prioritize the safety of people. So, we also offer house cleaning & grout cleaning.

Handyman Services Frisco TX

Then we also have our Minor Handyman Services for you. In this, we cover different service areas where we offer several minor handyman services. From installation to up gradation and repair to replacement, we do it all. Furthermore, we make sure to do it at affordable prices. Then, cheap Minor Handyman Services are also what we offer. Moving forward, from fixing to framing and adding to building, we do it all. For this, we offer our carpenter handyman services. More to this, providing installation services are also a part of our service set. So, we offer handyman carpet installation services for that.   


About Us

Michael’s Carpet Care Tile & Grout are the cleaning service providers. Not only this, but we also offer the best handyman services. From commercial level to residential level of service, we offer both with great care and detail. In addition, our customer satisfaction is our priority. We make sure to assure them about the quality of our services. As for our past customers, they know how to incorporate their detail oriented approach into our services. This assurance works quite well. After all, it makes us one of the best and most trusted in our industry. As for our handyman services, we try our best to never miss the small details. We care about the preferences and requirements of our customers the most.


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