Our Expertise in Repairing and Cleaning Enables Us to Offer Handyman Services in Plano TX!


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Plano TX

Be aware of germs, an untidy carpet will invite multiple bacteria and diseases that will become the cause of making your employees sick. For effective office carpet cleaning, you can contact us for Commercial Carpet Cleaning. We also provide commercial rug cleaning & dry cleaning services. We will remove bacteria and germs by using quality products. Therefore, industrial & Commercial Carpet Cleaning is a very tough job. However, we have an advanced machine that will remove stubborn stains from the carpet. Our expert knows restaurants are seriously concerned with their hygienic environment. We provide best commercial carpet cleaning services to remove bad odor and dirt from it.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Plano TX

Our team knows kids create a lot of mess everywhere at home. It is necessary that they crawl on a clean surface, so they can enjoy themselves while playing. We provide Residential Carpet Cleaning & apartment carpet cleaning services with dry cleaning & Aerial Rug Cleaning to remove germs and stains from the carpet. Moreover, we aim to protect you and your family from germs and bacteria. So, our team offers a residential carpet cleaning service. Additionally, we also provide instant service to our valuable customers. Encapsulation carpet cleaning keeps the carpet clean for a long time. We maintain the original condition of the aerial rug from aerial rug cleaning.

House Cleaning Plano TX

We offer House Cleaning & dry cleaning service to clean the carpet and remove unpleasant odors from it. Moreover, move out cleaning has very tough cleaning methods. Meanwhile, we are experts in House Cleaning & cleaning rigorous stains from the carpet. We recommend that if you are not an expert in move in House cleaning or aerial rug cleaning, please do not try this by yourself. Contact us for best services of House Cleaning. Further, our team uses hygienic sanitizers to provide tile & grout cleaning. We know even after cleaning, bacteria remain in the environment, which is very harmful to you. Our expert team sanitizes every corner of the house so you can live without any problem.

Handyman Services Plano TX

Our Minor Handyman Services is best for home repairing. Along with serious issues, we provide some affordable services. Our minor handyman services provide instant solutions for small repairing issues. We have taken our service even beyond through cheap & minor handyman services. You might get in doubt from the name, but the quality of our services is still the same as our other premium services. Furthermore, our expert carpenter handyman professionally designs classical doors and cabinets. We repair and restore doors and windows to increase their lifespan. We fix the carpet accurately through a handyman carpet installation service.


About Us

Michael’s Carpet Care Tile & Grout provides carpet installation, home item repair services & Minor Handyman Services. We clean and install the carpet professionally. An untidy carpet will create an odor and in the end, the carpet will lose its quality. We wash the carpet multiple times to remove dirt from it. Meanwhile, our team uses carpet fibers to make the carpet neat and clean. Our goals are to provide a clean and hygienic environment to our valuable customers. Furthermore, we handle any type of cleaning service professionally. Our team gives priority to our valuable customers. So, we have very reasonable and effective packages from them. Our dedicated handyman department has technicians for almost every purpose.


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