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Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a company that helps restore damage at your place. We take notice of your insurance claims and then start our repair process right away. Constant exposure to moisture can damage your wooden items, especially windows. However, our windows service gives your windows a nice treatment and makes them long-lasting. To make your place run on natural light and save money on energy bills, we provide solar services. All our services are performed by our highly skilled workers. In addition, after some time every house needs a new and refreshing look. You can rely on our general contractor services to ensure the perfect completion of each service.

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We Help in Restoring Damage and Remodeling your Place

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC rendering restoration services at your place. Our company has been in this business for a long time and have successfully attained the trust of our clients. We have an idea that frequent rains can be a cause of water and storm damage. Our workers can solve this issue at your place. Our roofing service is here to fix any fault on your roof and thus make it stable. Meanwhile, those people who want to put a stop to their rising electrical bills use our solar installation service. To give your place a new and refreshed look, one can benefit from our home remodeling service. So, connect with us to get complete details of our services.

Certified Workers

Our team consists of trusted individuals, who are skilled enough to perform their work efficiently

Top Quality Service

The use of standard quality products helps us render top-notch services to our potential clients.

Modern Working Style

Our working methods utilize the latest techniques and tools to provide efficient services to our clients.

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Insurance Claims Lewisville TX

We are a company that provides water and storm damage services. Broken pipes and leaking roofs cause the accumulation of water at your place. If this remains for a long time, it can loosen the stability of your place. It is also the reason for a damp smell inside your place. We want you to get rid of all these issues via our services. First, we go over the insurance claims process and when everything is sorted out, we start our process. Every step takes place with much concentration and generates effective results. Meanwhile, many people face difficulty when going through the procedure of insurance claims. We make sure that with us, you get proper assistance.

Windows Service Lewisville TX

Wooden items like windows, doors, and cabinets are prone to get damaged by water. Usually, windows directly exposed to the outside environment easily absorb moisture. This results in their early weakening. However, our windows service helps your windows to last long. If the damage is able to be restored then, our workers will give their best to retain the original look of your windows. In some cases, they need to be changed with new windows. You can also get this task done with our windows service. We always guarantee the effectiveness of windows service at your place. Windows form an important exterior structure of the house and they need to be strong.

Solar Services Lewisville TX

Our company also provides solar installation service to our potential clients. We are aware of the rising prices of electrical units and want to save you from their effects. So, it can be done by getting our solar roofing service. It helps to generate electricity at your place via converting solar light. We know that it is a complicated process, thus we have experts for installing solar panels at your place. Every step in solar installation service takes place under the supervision of these experts. Furthermore, all our services including solar roofing service come at a reasonable price. All kinds of places whether residential or commercial can get the advantage of our services.

General Contractor Services Lewisville TX

With time, any place gets old and exposure to different factors can cause some damage. Our services are specially formed to remove all faults at your place and give it stability. Some damages such as leaks in your roofs require immediate repair. Thus, we render our roofing service. Other issues like rotten wood, and peeling off paints can easily be dealt by our restoration services. However, we provide other beneficial services as well. Like our flooring services, make your floors nice and clean and able to withstand harsh conditions. To make your place look new and give it an elegant appearance, use our home remodeling service.

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The Way We Serve Our Clients

We provide our most authentic damage repair services to our clients. All of our services are designed to help people restore faults at their places such as water and storm damage. We always provide satisfactory results to our clients. We not only fix repairs but make your place efficient as well. You can easily make your place nature-friendly to some extent, with our solar roofing service. However, we make your floors look good and free of all damages via our flooring services. You can trust us to provide reliable services at your place.

Use of High-Quality Products

We always use standard quality products in our services. Our workers show efficiency while performing our services.

On-Time Service Completion

We always provide our useful services on the time provided by our client and hence save you from any stress.

Highly Trained Workers

We provide the best services at our client’s place and our team members never compromise in doing so.

Utilization of Valid Methods

All our ways of techniques are certified and legal. Thus, we easily satisfy our clients with reliable methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Types of Services Does Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC Offer in Lewisville TX?

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC provides damage restoration services in Lewisville TX. Below mentioned are our most beneficial services:

  • Insurance Claims 
  • Water and Storm Damage
  • Windows Service 
  • Solar Services
  • Solar Installation Service 
  • Solar Roofing Service 
  • General Contractor Services
  • Roofing Service
  • Restoration Services
  • Home Remodeling Service
  • Flooring Services
How Can You Get Our Solar Installation Service in Lewisville TX?

You can get our solar installation service by calling us at

214-892-1910, or you can also send us an email at

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What Comes in Your Flooring services?

Our flooring services repair any fault in your floors such as damaged wooden boards or broken tiles. If it is necessary, replace them with new items. Our services can update the condition of your floors.

How Do You Restore Water and Storm Damage?

Firstly, we clean the area to remove any amount of water, then repair the damage that led to the flow of water in your place. Furthermore, we apply paint later to remove any watermarks.

  • Insurance Claims Lewisville TX
  • Windows Service Lewisville TX
  • Solar Services Lewisville TX
  • General Contractor Services Lewisville TX
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