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Door Services Alhambra CA

We have a dedicated design team that changes the overall look of doors to improve the design through interior doors restoration. Furthermore, we offer exterior doors restoration to make your door durable and reliable. Our team also improves security by repairing the door. Good looking exterior doors also attract the attention of people. It is important to provide proper maintenance to doors. So, our team offers front door restoration. Moreover, refinishing wood entry door will improve the curb appeal of your doors. Along with this, it also enhances the life cycle of the door. Furthermore, we remove paint efficiently and repaint it. 

Wood Craftsman Alhambra CA

Our team provides customized options to our valuable customers for craftsman style interior doors. We install glass panels and make beautiful patterns on wooden doors. Furthermore, you can avail of craftsman style exterior doors services from us. We design classical doors that will grab the attention of everyone. Our team builds doors according to your requirements. We know you want to use the door for a long period and do not want to replace it. We provide craftsman wood refinishing to preserve the wood. Craftsman style door trim uses thick wooden trim to get extra space for details. Our team is experienced in hands crafting. 

Wood Polish Alhambra CA

We use the best wood polish to give a clean and nice finish to doors, furniture, and windows at home. Moreover, we provide wood floor polishing to remove scratches and make the floor strong. It also provides a layer of protection to your floor. We offer hardwood floor polishing to give the floor a mirror reflection shine. Furthermore, french polishing enhances the look of wooden items. It makes the surface of wooden items shiny and attractive. Along with this, it almost makes the furniture look new. Our team gives a uniform look and maintains the original condition of wooden items from wood conditioners staining.

Wood Refinishing Services Alhambra CA

You can contact us for refinishing wood deck services. We provide full servicing of a wooden deck and regular deck. Additionally, our services also improve the life cycle of wooden doors and windows. Rather than using old ways, our team pursues modern ways. We use sandless refinishing for better finish and protection. We will improve the value of your home and fix every problem related to doors and windows through a wooden floor repair service. To remove the dust from the floors and air we use dustless floor sanding. To make the floors scratch resistant and give a nice touch, we refinish with oil based polyurethane.

About Us

Romani Restoration is a leading home renovation company providing a better living experience for over a decade. We fix and restore wooden doors, windows, and furniture. Our experts use the best methods to draw detailing on the door to make it beautiful. Furthermore, our team is capable of building doors and windows according to our clients’ demands. We have a design team that draws beautiful designs on doors and windows. Our goals are to make your wooden items strong and durable. We only use quality material to restore and increase the lifespan of wooden items. Our team adds multiple layers of protection to the deck to make it strong and durable. Contact us today to book your appointment. 


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