Removal & Inspection of Harmful Organisms Professionally From Your Home in West Harrison IN


Wildlife Removal West Harrison IN

Wild animals, such as raccoons can carry dangerous and fatal diseases. That’s why if you spot one on your property or in the vicinity, call The Pest King immediately. Our raccoon removal services will be very beneficial for you. Similarly, bats can carry life-threatening viruses. That’s why you should choose our bat removal service to make sure that your property is not surrounded by these harmful creatures. Moreover, we also provide rodent removal services to get you rid of stubborn and dirty rodents invading your home’s interior. Not just that, but we also offer squirrel removal services to the people of West Harrison.

Termite Inspection West Harrison IN

Amongst the many kinds of pest infestations that your home is prone to, a termite infestation can be the most lethal one. But, not anymore! The Pest King is here with its professional termite management services. We deal with almost every kind of termite. Drywood termites can damage the interior of your property by jamming your windows and much more. Similarly, dampwood termites can become a real pain to deal with. They wreak havoc on your health. Although frass termites are hard to detect, we use our special methods to ensure a property live termite inspection. Hence, we plan a strategical approach to termite management in properties.

Pest Control West Harrison IN

Pests can lead to severe airborne diseases. To get rid of that, you can find many synthetic pests control chemicals. However, these chemicals are hazardous to human health. That’s why we suggest you choose our organic pest control to get rid of the pests in a healthy way. If you want to eliminate pests from your home, we have a service exclusive for residential pest control. Whereas, if the place is related to your business industry, we proudly offer our commercial pest control as well as industrial pest control services to you. Call us and make the most of our affordable pest control packages.

Extermination Service West Harrison IN

There are many newly emerging extermination service providers, but The Pest King remains the best with its reliable and the most professional services. You can now say goodbye to the unwanted flies and the diseases that they carry. That’s what our flies extermination services are for! However, if other organisms such as earwigs are your problem, we have a special plan for you; earwigs extermination. Whereas, if you have creepy crawlies bothering the hygiene of your home, make sure to book us for our cockroach extermination or spider extermination services. Let’s keep your West Harrison property clean. Contact us right now before we are fully booked.

About Us

We are the king of the pest and wildlife removal industry for a reason. Our family-owned business is completely based on integrity and honesty to our clients. The services that we offer are affordable for everyone in West Harrison. Moreover, our special team of customer care will take care of your queries and concerns. Furthermore, our special services that are specially planned for our clients include wildlife removal such as raccoons, pest removal, termite inspection as well as management, etc. As a result, we are a complete package for you. Contact us to get more information about how we can help your property stay clean in West Harrison. 


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