Let us inspect, control & extermination pests living in or around your property in Covington KY!


Wildlife Removal Covington KY

If you are looking for a wildlife removal service that will help you get rid of any wildlife animals existing on or around your property, we are the one for you! However, there are different types of wild animals that can usually be found in Convington such as raccoons. Hence, we specialize in raccoon removal services. Similarly, there is a high chance to come across more animals such as bats and rodents. For bats, we offer the best bat removal service; whereas, for annoying rodents, we have a special rodent removal service available for you. Not just these animals, but we also remove squirrels with our expert squirrel removal team. Hire us now!

Termite Inspection Covington KY

Trust us when we tell you that you don’t want termites as your housemates! Termites are extremely dangerous to health. If you come in contact with termites, you might end up getting respiratory tract diseases. As a result, you need The Pest King to inspect all kinds of termites in your homes such as drywood termites that can harm your house interiors like windows and doors. Not just that, but dampwood termites can also spread in your home and demolish the hygiene of your home. Nevertheless, The Pest King will inspect every live termite as well as frass termites to remove them completely from your space. Choosing us will be one of the best decisions of your life!

Pest Control Covington KY

One of the biggest downsides of using a pesticide is the chemical exposure that can badly affect your health. Henceforth, we have come up with the best organic pest control that is environmentally and health-friendly. Be it our residential pest control used as a pesticide or any from our collection of commercial pest control, our organic pest control solutions are the best of all! If you are worried about how to control the ever-growing pests in your industrial space, we suggest you choose our industrial pest control solutions. Moreover, we are offering these services at a pocket-friendly rate! So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now!

Extermination Service Covington KY

Are you looking for a service that is going to help you out with the flies extermination from your property and surrounding? Fortunately, you are exactly where you need to be! We provide the best extermination services in Covington. Not just the flies extermination but we also perform excellent cockroach extermination to eliminate any sort of creepy crawlies from your place. However, if you are bothered by the spiders who are living in the corners of your home like an uninvited guest, then leave it on us! We will eradicate their presence with our extreme spider extermination. Similarly, for the earwigs, we have a special earwigs extermination service planned for you!

About Us

When you move to a new place, especially in Covington, you need to make sure that your new place is free of any harmful pests, dangerous wild animals, or other microorganisms such as termites. To do this professionally, The Pest King is here! We will give you the finest termite inspection, wildlife removal, and other pest ridding services for your new residence. Moreover, our team of experts will carefully examine your property to make out how much work it needs to become good enough for you to live in. Additionally, we offer all of these services at the best rates! You can now get a thorough termite as well as wildlife cleanup while being on a budget. We are the king of this industry! Give us a chance, and you will know!


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