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Wildlife Removal Newport KY

Wildlife animals can be dangerous for you. That is why they are the best suited in their designated area of residence, not yours. Consequently, when you come across wildlife growing around your property, you will eventually look for a professional wildlife removal service. Fortunately, The Pest King is here to serve you with the best relative services. These services are mostly utilized for raccoon removal. However, the people of Newport also find themselves struggling with the presence of bats, and for that reason, we offer bat removal services. Moreover, our team of experts has also mastered rodent removal services since it needs much more effort than other wildlife removals like squirrel removal, etc. 

Termite Inspection Newport KY

If not inspected timely, termites can demolish your house interior slowly and gradually. Not just that, but it will also cause dangerous diseases to you and your family. To cope with that, we have come across the most effective strategy to inspect dampwood termites as detailed as we can. By using this latest technology, we are able to look for any hidden drywood termites as well as others. Moreover, our team of experts will not only inspect your property for any trace of live termites but also the frass termites. So, hire us today and get your property fully inspected for any termite living in your home. 

Pest Control Newport KY

Pests not only spread diseases, but if left to grow in your house, they can cause severe destruction to the hygienic aura of your place. However, there are many ways to get rid of these pests such as by using pesticides. As much as these pesticides are effective, they are also harmful to human health. Keeping that in mind, we have produced organic pest control solutions. These organic pesticides work wonderfully in residential pest control. Whereas, if you are seeking a pest controller for a bigger space, or business purposes, we suggest you try our range of industrial pest control as well as commercial pest control solutions. 

Extermination Service Newport KY

You need professional assistance to exterminate creepy crawlies and other insects from your home. The Pest King is here to be your ultimate partner at such exterminations. We have specialized in flies extermination services exclusively in Newport. Whereas, for insects such as spiders, you can also select our spider extermination service. Not just that, but The Pest King also offers the most effective cockroach extermination and earwigs extermination services. Nevertheless, all of these services are pocket-friendly. So, contact us right now to make the most of our services in town! The Pest King is here to rescue your home and business from pests, termites, etc.

About Us

If you are a resident of Newport, there are high chances of coming across uninvited wildlife animals living around your property. Similarly, if not inspected timely, your house can become home to harmful pests and other bacteria like termites, etc. Dealing with all of this by yourself can be very stressful and unprofessional. Hence, The Pest King is here with the finest removal services of wild animals, infectious agents like bugs, creepy crawlies, and much more. We also understand the importance of being on a budget, that’s why all of our services start at a very pocket-friendly rate. So, if you are living anywhere in Newport, seeking such services, we are the best for you!


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