Control the Brightness of Your Room with Our Shallow Mount Window Treatments in Columbus OH!

Blinds are the easiest way to transform the look of your house interior. You can order our thin blinds for windows which is an ideal option for bedrooms, home theaters, and home offices. Meanwhile, to block the glare that comes through the window, we supply a blind for shallow windows. We offer shades for tilt and turn windows that will give a filtered light effect to your rooms and living areas. Further, our windows treatment for bay windows will add personality to your windows. 



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The Perfect Choice to Cover Your Living Space!

Fenstermann LLC is a company that supplies quality window treatments to its clients. Meanwhile, the team strives to provide clients with quality and custom window treatments with a personal touch. We offer window treatment for French doors that work best to control the amount of light that flows through the windows. Moreover, the team supplies blinds for tilt and turn windows that are simple to install and operate. They are also available in a wide range of colors, designs, and materials. Our blinds for skylight are best to retain the cold and keep the heat out. Further, you can leave your shallow windows on us. The team of experts offers window treatments for shallow windows that have the least depth to fix properly. 

Easy Fixation

The blinds and shades for folding doors we supply are designed in a manner that takes less time to get installed.

Budget Friendly

We never charge above the expectation of clients. Therefore, we offer shallow mount window treatments at an affordable cost.

Diverse Designs

The team has put together diverse window blind ideas to inspire clients. From shallow mount blinds to narrow window blinds, leave the covering on us.

Window Fashion Made in Germany

Our Services

Thin Blinds For Windows

Thin Blinds For Windows
Columbus OH

To give your windows a cleaner and satisfying look inside mount window blinds are the perfect option. Meanwhile, they are easily fixed inside the windows and can mount as deep and as shallow as you like. For a wide inside mount blinds depth, our supplier will supply window treatment that will allow plants and other items to be placed in front of windows. If you have narrow windows in your hallways or bathrooms, our narrow window blinds can provide a range of benefits that will enhance the overall look and ventilation of your space. So, hire our professionals today to cover your windows beautifully and expertly. 

Blinds For Shallow Windows

Blinds For Shallow Windows
Columbus OH

The team supplies blinds for shallow depth windows that are perfect for high-traffic areas like living rooms and offices. Meanwhile, we offer shallow mount blinds that are best for blocking the lights and are available in many designs and hues. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for the makeover of your shallow window, look no further. We provide shallow mount window treatments that will enhance the look while maintaining privacy. Also, we offer blinds for windows with no depth that has the equal measurement as your windows and will fully complement it. The outside blinds will also help you create a larger appearance for your windows.

Shades For Tilt And Turn Windows

Shades For Tilt And Turn Windows
Columbus OH

If you’re looking for blinds for tilt and turn windows, we are the right choice. We offer an adaptable layout that allows for simple access to the outside air. Meanwhile, these blinds can be quickly and simply fixed, making the installation process simple. The team provides shades for folding doors, which can spare you from having to drill into four walls and the sides of windows. Moreover, we offer blinds for folding doors that are customized according to each customer’s demands. Our shades for tilt and turn windows are effortlessly movable which makes them the best of all. Therefore, get some extra level of coverage with our services. 

Window Treatment For Bay Windows

Window Treatment For Bay Windows Columbus OH

The window treatment for French doors we offer is attention-grabbing and will turn your French doors into the focal point. The unique shape will allow it to trap air and create a barrier between the doors’ surface and the room. Meanwhile, our blinds for skylight will block harsh UV rays from entering your room, while still providing natural sunlight. Also, they will help you keep your interior cold during summer days. The team of suppliers will offer window treatment for shallow windows that are perfect for with little depth. More so, they are versatile and available in a variety of materials, widths, and colors. 

why choose us

We Keep Your Privacy Intact!

Fenstermann LLC is a credible supplier of blinds and shades in the entire town. Meanwhile, the blinds we offer are custom-made according to the preference of our clients. Our customers can trust our company for providing shades and blinds of unique design and shades. More so, the inside mount window blinds are made from the finest quality material to fulfill the requirement of the clients. The team makes sure the inside mount blinds depth to provide you with the accurate size for covering.

We Innovate for Our Clients

Our team of creative thinkers supplies elegant yet affordable blinds to clients that add value to your property by making your space appealing.

The Team Prioritizes Clients’ Needs

We prioritize the needs of clients as we know that the homes are the center of attention for them and many expectations are attached to it.

Offers Variety of Designs and Colors

The team offers a variety of designs and shades for windows that are suitable for your window type and protect your interior from fading by stopping UV rays.

Shades & Blinds Are Easily Adjustable

We are always careful about the measurements of the shades and blinds which results in a stress-free installation without taking extra time.

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Fenstermann LLC
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Fenstermann LLC Offer in Columbus OH?

Fenstermann LLC is the windows covering solution that you can rely on. Moreover, we offer quality window and doors treatments to our clients which include: 

Thin Blinds for Windows

  • Inside Mount Blinds Depth
  • Narrow Window Blinds
  • Inside Mount Window Blinds 

Blinds for Shallow Windows

  • Blinds for Shallow Depth Windows
  • Shallow Mount Blinds
  • Shallow Mount Window Treatments
  • Blinds for Windows with no Depth

Shades For Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Blinds for Folding Doors
  • Shades for Folding Doors
  • Blinds for Tilt and Turn Windows

Window Treatment for Bay Windows

  • Window Treatment for French Doors
  • Blinds for Skylights
  • Window Treatments for Shallow Windows

How Can You Get Shallow Mount Window Treatments in Columbus OH?

You can get in touch with us at 619-665-9446 to avail of our shallow mount window treatments. Also, if you have any queries related to our services, you can send your queries to us through our email address  

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Are Your Blinds Suitable for Inside Mount Window?

The inside mount window blinds we offer are properly measured and perfectly sized. Therefore, you will achieve the cleanest look for your windows without any hassle.

Do the Blinds Affect the Function of the French Windows?

The window treatment for French doors we offer increases the functionality of your French doors. Moreover, they will enhance their beauty without interrupting their function.

Blinds For Shallow Windows
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  • Thin Blinds For Windows
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  • Blinds For Shallow Windows
    Columbus OH
  • Shades For Tilt And Turn Windows
    Columbus OH
  • Window Treatment For Bay Windows Columbus OH
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