Get the Complete Care of Your Home’s Exterior with Our Deck & Fence Treatment in Cuyahoga County!

Clean Your Deck is a company that wants our people to have a clean deck and other exterior structures like fences. For this purpose, deck & fence treatment is what we provide. In case of broken wooden boards, you can get deck & board replacements and make your deck solid again. Meanwhile, to give a refreshing look to the sidings of your house, our siding re-stain & refinish is here to make it happen. Never feel worried about performing the restless work of cleaning, as our washing & cleaning services can help you with it. However, to give a new look to your house, interior painting is what you need, and it is what we provide.

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Siding Re-stain & Refinish
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About Us

Keep the Enchanting Beauty of Your Home Alive

Clean Your Deck offers to take care of your house and keep it safe from environmental factors. The structures built outside your home like fences and decks can use our deck and fence treatment. This way, you can keep your house in a nice condition. These structures are made up of wood and are prone to many damages, wood deck treatment can save it from getting any further defects. The deck and board replacements are required when the woods are completely damaged or eaten by molds. Then comes our cleaning services, we assure you that you can trust us for your deck and fence cleaning. We perform methods like fence pressure washing for fence cleaning. So, connect with us to get our variety of services.

Wood Fence Treatment

Our fence treatment services are essential to keep the fence in a clear and fault-free condition.

Deck Treatment Services

You can have a deck that has an amazing look and a crystal clear surface by taking our deck cleaning service.

Fence Cleaning

Get a fence that is free of any clutter. You can also use our siding wall painting to give them a better look.

Our Services

Deck & Fence Treatment Cuyahoga County

Imagine a beautiful stroll that you can take on your deck. We make it possible by keeping your deck in amazing condition via our deck treatment. Then we come towards your fence, and to clear any garbage stuck in it and to ensure that the wooden boards are solid, we perform fence treatment. Furthermore, the deck contains wood and our experts offer wood deck treatment to ensure that there will be no fault in your existing deck. The same service goes for your fence as they also contain wood, so wood fence treatment is required there. Fences should be solid enough to give strong security to your home from intruders, and fence treatment services provide you with the exact thing. You will experience a nice time on your deck once we complete our deck treatment services.

Deck & Board Replacements Cuyahoga County

If the damage seems irreparable and replacement becomes necessary, then you can use our services. We are a company that wants to increase the quality of your house. One can let us perform deck replacement to get a new deck. Then, comes our board replacements. It is required when you observe severe damage in the wooden boards and need floor board replacement to change them to secure the structure of your place. Meanwhile, to get the area around your pool in an authentic condition, we provide pool deck replacement. This way, you will get a new and firm deck around your pool that will stay stable for a long time. Our deck replacement contractor will walk you through the complete process of our services and help you choose the best option for your deck. 

Siding Re-stain & Refinish Cuyahoga County

Refinish Sidings protect your place from the outside environment, and they need to be in good shape to perform their function. One can do this by performing siding refinish from time to time. By using our top-quality siding restain, you can hide all the water and dirt marks and keep its original look intact. Wooden sidings protect the wood from getting damaged by moisture and other outside factors, we offer our wood siding restain in different types. You can choose one that will have a good impact on the wood. From cleaning the siding to removing the old one and applying the new stain, everything in wood siding refinishing is done by expert hands. With little maintenance and doing cedar siding refinishing after a few years, one can keep the elegant look of their cedar sidings.

Washing & Cleaning Services Cuyahoga County

The decks of our houses face a lot of wear and tear that results in dull and damaged outer space. However, you can avail of our deck cleaning services that will remove the dust and grime from the deck's surface. Our team employs advanced deck pressure washing techniques that refresh the surface and prevent permanent damage. Additionally, we offer fence cleaning that protects the fence from getting rotted. The fence pressure washing we offer will remove the dust that is penetrating your fence. Moreover, it will help to increase the life of your fence. You can utilize our window cleaning service which will make your windows trim dust-free. Further, the team will clean the glass of your windows using quality glass cleaning that will make your window shine.

Interior Painting Cuyahoga County

Your siding is an added layer of protection that saves your house from disastrous weather. Due to the constant exposure, it loses its shine and gets faded. However, we offer siding wall painting that will help you reduce the blemishes, dents, and scratches from your siding. We will treat your house interior with a fresh layer of pigment with our home interior painting service. Moreover, our deck painting services are the solution for your dull and faded decks. The pigments we use are heat and water-resistant which will save your decks from long-term damage. Also, we offer fence painting services which will add beauty to the entire property. Further, your faded windows will get a new life with our window painting services which will be done using a unique color combination.

why choose us

To Get a Clean House

You will find our deck services useful for other areas of your house as well. It includes the wooden area around your pool that needs changing because of its instability, then get our pool deck replacement. Now to do something good for keeping your floors firm, we offer to do floor board replacement. We also help our clients get the right step as our deck replacement contractor will tell you every detail that is a part of our deck servicing. Meanwhile, to paint the deck and fence, we offer deck and fence painting services and give it an attractive look. To paint a whole house, you will find our home interior painting a complete solution.

Siding Refinish
Siding restain can give your old and dusty sidings a new look and keep them safe from harsh weather effects.
Wood Siding Restain
Our wood siding refinishing provides a coat to the wooden structures so that they can be in good condition.
Cleaning Services
The effective methods that we use in our services including window cleaning and painting services get you the right results.
Pressure Washing
We use modern cleaning methods like the use of pressurized water to remove any dirt particles even on the surfaces.

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Clean Your Deck
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Clean Your Deck Offer in Cuyahoga County?

Clean Your Deck takes the responsibility of giving your house a nice and clean look,
thus providing a variety of cleaning and painting services. Below have mentioned the
names of our complete services:


Deck & Fence Treatment

● Deck Treatment
● Fence Treatment
● Wood Deck Treatment
● Wood Fence Treatment
● Deck Treatment Services
● Fence Treatment Services

Deck & Board Replacements


● Deck Replacement
● Board Replacements
● Pool Deck Replacement
● Floor Board Replacement
● Deck Replacement Contractor

Siding Re-stain Refinish


● Siding Refinish
● Siding Restain
● Wood Siding Restain
● Wood Siding Refinishing
● Cedar Siding Refinishing

Washing Cleaning Services


● Deck Cleaning
● Fence Cleaning
● Pressure Washing
● Deck Pressure Washing
● Fence Pressure Washing
● Window Cleaning Service

Interior Painting


● Siding Wall Painting
● Home Interior Painting
● Deck Painting Services
● Fence Painting Services
● Window Painting Services

How Can You Get Deck & Fence Treatment in Cuyahoga County?

If you are looking for reliable deck & fence treatment, you can connect with us at (330) 278-4300. However, you can send your queries to email:


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How Can You Perform Cedar Siding Refinishing?

One can easily do this by first cleaning the cedar sidings and then removing the old one that is on the surface. Later the step comes to apply the new finish and then seal it with polyurethane.

What is Deck Pressure Washing?

To clean your deck, we use high-pressure water that is coming from the machine or pressure washer. The technique is also beneficial in removing the biological growths of algae and fungi from the floor’s surface.

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  • Deck & Fence Treatment Cuyahoga County
  • Deck & Board Replacements Cuyahoga County
  • Siding Re-stain & Refinish Cuyahoga County
  • Washing & Cleaning Services Cuyahoga County
  • Interior Painting Cuyahoga County
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