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Keeping the exterior structure of your house well-maintained is as necessary as taking good care of the interior structure. Few spaces make the outside of your house look great and provide security. They are the deck and fence, respectively. One should provide a home with an excellent deck & fence treatment from time to time. It ensures that they are in good shape. If the condition comes where you need, deck & board replacements, then take it at once. Furthermore, siding re-stain & refinish needs to be done when the old stain starts to fade or come out. However, the cleaning of any place is the most important step towards its maintenance. Though it is tiring, reliable washing & cleaning services can perform it easily. If you think that house can do good with a new coat of paint, then it's time for siding wall, and interior painting. Go further and find all these services under one roof.

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About Us

Keep the Enchanting Beauty of Your Home Alive

Clean Your Deck is a business that looks after the deck and all other exterior parts of your place, like the fences. So, to make the deck and fence look refreshed and great, we offer to perform their deck and fence treatment. These structures consist of wood, and one needs to ensure the health of the wooden boards. Our wood deck and fence treatment is an excellent choice for them. Wooden boards can get damaged by moisture or many other environmental factors over time. Though the deck and board replacements can bring back the finest look of your deck again. Furthermore, we have a team of experts to do deep deck and fence cleaning. So, connect with us and find out more about our services which also include fence pressure washing.

Fence Care

Your fence makes the boundary of your place and creates a secure area. Our fence treatment services needed to be performed to let it in a stable condition.

Deck Treatment

You can keep the deck in a beautiful shape with our deck treatment services. Meanwhile, to clean it, we offer a deck cleaning service.

Nice Looking Fence

With our fence cleaning, you can rest assured that your fence will get a pristine look. We use the latest techniques while performing the cleaning process.

Our Services

Deck & Fence Treatment Stow OH

A deck is a place where you can have a nice tea while enjoying pleasant weather. We perform deck treatment so that you can have that great time without any problem. Our deck treatment services are the best thing you can give to your deck for its durability. For taking care of your fence, you can check our service of fence treatment. It ensures that there is no damage to your fence and its structure is intact. Structures that are made of wood, like decks and others will face wooden damage if not taken care of properly. Giving a complete wood deck treatment after some time can guarantee its safety from faults that otherwise may come. Fences can be made from wood as well, and to make them durable, one can use our wood fence treatment. Our fence treatment services are worth every effort from our side and the reason is the security they provide to your house by creating a boundary.

Deck & Board Replacements Stow OH

For any wooden structure, there is an expiry date. After which it needs changing, it includes the deck at your home. When it’s showing signs of severe damage, then deck replacement becomes necessary. We send our deck replacement contractor on our client’s request to guide them best regarding the changes they need to make in the deck. Sometimes you do not need to change the whole structure as only a few boards are damaged. So, we can do board replacements of only those boards. Meanwhile, you can get the same service for your wooden floors as well. If you see that the floorboards are broken and a squeaky voice is coming every time you walk on the floor. Then, floor board replacement is what you should consider. You will find them among a wide range of our services. The area around your pool can be a spot where you spend the summers under a nice shade. However, the damage to its structure can be a hindrance. In case of it, let us do the pool deck replacement.

Siding Re-stain & Refinish Stow OH

The sidings are necessary to protect the exterior walls. There is a stain applied on the sidings to make them look good and also resist moisture absorption. Though with time, things get old, and paint fades. So, when the sidings stain starts to look bad, it means they require a siding refinish. If they are made up of wood, then the stains specifically designed for wood should be applied to them. We provide wood siding restain of top-notch quality to give them a refreshing look again. Wood siding refinishing should not be delayed as wooden structures are more prone to water damage. Now, siding restain can be of various types, and when you tell us about the makeup of your sidings, then we can advise you regarding our stains in the best way. However, your cedar sidings will look great again by getting our cedar siding refinishing.

Washing & Cleaning Services Stow OH

Sometimes not giving much focus to cleaning can also be a cause of damage as it gives an easy way for insects and microbes to grow. Therefore, to secure the wooden structure of your deck and keep it spotless, we offer a deck cleaning service. The people we have for this service are experts in taking care of the decks. The technique they use to perform this service is deck pressure washing. It is a process where pressurized water is used to clean any surface. The water at high pressure can remove dirt particles and spores. In addition, we offer this service for fence cleaning as well. By getting fence pressure washing, you will find no clutter stuck in the beautiful structure of your fence. When taking care of the exterior of your place, we always remember your windows. We perform a deep cleaning of your windows and make them look crystal clear. The cleaning of these structures can be tricky to do by yourself, thus window cleaning service can be a beneficial service for you.

Interior Painting Stow OH

For giving a new look to your house or hiding the marks of any repairing process, what one goes after is home interior painting. The beautiful colors and the top-quality paints are essential to give your place an attractive look that lasts long. Our painters know how to perform precise work with efficiency. The inside of the house is in great shape, and now you want to give the same look to the outside. Here, we come to help you. Renovate the sidings by getting our siding wall painting service. This way, you will enhance the appearance of the exterior of your house, it is also a beneficial step to take before selling a house. For making your deck look as good as new, you can check our deck painting services. However, you can upgrade the look of your fence by giving it a new coat. Our fence painting services can easily do this task. Meanwhile, to paint your old windows and make them look new again, window painting services are here.

why choose us

To Keep Your Deck Solid

Our company is here to provide the best services for your deck, fence, and various other structures of your house. We do this by restoring any damage that is present in the structure. If the damage is severe and the replacement becomes essential, only then do we suggest you replace it. The deck around the pool is where you spend your quality time, and to keep the deck looking intact, we perform accurate pool deck replacement. You will get the complete assistance of our deck replacement contractor regarding the replacement process. For the floorboards damaged, the option of changing it with new and strong ones is an excellent one. Get our floor board replacement and enjoy the hard floors for years. Meanwhile, to paint the exterior spaces of your house, one can get the best out of our deck and fence painting services. A coating of a top-quality material lasts long. You can extend the process to the whole house as we also provide home interior painting.

Excellent Siding Restain

After a few years siding refinish needs to be performed, especially when the sidings look old, and require a new coat of color.

Top-Wood Appearance

Our wood siding refinishing provides a protective coat to the whole siding structure, and our wood siding restain lasts a good time.

Deep Cleaning

We use the latest methods in our cleaning and painting processes, it increases the credibility of our window cleaning and painting services.

Effective Cleaning

We use the method of pressure washing to clean your place. This is an efficient way to perform a thorough cleaning that gives satisfactory results.

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Clean Your Deck
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Clean Your Deck Offer in Stow OH?

Clean Your Deck takes full responsibility for enhancing the beauty of your place by providing services like painting. Meanwhile, we offer cleaning services as well to keep the house clean. Below have mentioned the names of the services that we provide to our clients:

Deck & Fence Treatment

  • Deck Treatment
  • Fence Treatment
  • Wood Deck Treatment
  • Wood Fence Treatment
  • Deck Treatment Services
  • Fence Treatment Services

Deck & Board Replacements

  • Deck Replacement
  • Board Replacements
  • Pool Deck Replacement
  • Floor Board Replacement
  • Deck Replacement Contractor

Siding Re-stain & Refinish

  • Siding Refinish
  • Siding Restain
  • Wood Siding Restain
  • Wood Siding Refinishing
  • Cedar Siding Refinishing

Washing & Cleaning Services

  • Deck Cleaning
  • Fence Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Deck Pressure Washing
  • Fence Pressure Washing
  • Window Cleaning Service

Interior Painting

  • Siding Wall Painting
  • Home Interior Painting
  • Deck Painting Services
  • Fence Painting Services
  • Window Painting Services
How Can You Get Interior Painting in Stow OH?

You can get our interior painting service in Stow OH by contacting us at (330) 278-4300. One can also send us an email at

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How Can I Maintain the Cedar Siding?

People love to have these sidings to protect the exterior walls. They look beautiful but after some years, the stain starts to fade. It is a normal process, and one can bring back the original look via cedar siding refinishing.

Can I Use Pressure Washing for Deck Cleaning?

Yes, one can use it for deck cleaning. Deck pressure washing is an effective way to clean dirt particles removed from the wooden boards. It is also beneficial to remove mold and mud stains from the deck surface.

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  • Deck & Fence Treatment Stow OH
  • Deck & Board Replacements Stow OH
  • Siding Re-stain & Refinish Stow OH
  • Washing & Cleaning Services Stow OH
  • Interior Painting Stow OH
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