Secure the Durability of Your Place with Our Basement Waterproofing in Greenwood IN!

Tide Waterproofing company has been created to resolve the issues caused by water. Areas prone to thunderstorms and heavy rains might face water damage quite often. For this purpose, we provide our services. To ensure the stability of your home, its

basement, and crawl space waterproofing is required. Your house is standing on a foundation of bricks, and surely you don't want them to get in touch with moisture. So, foundation waterproofing is a necessary step. Then comes our drainage system installation, you can get an effective functioning drainage system. Some locations that contain soil unable to support any structure might need our concrete and helical pier installation.

Basement Foundation Repair
Basement & Retaining Wall Repair
Moisture Barrier Installation
Waterproofing Inspection

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Make Your Home Resistant to Water Damage

Tide Waterproofing is a company that came into view to relieve people from the defects that moisture can cause at their place. This includes foundation leak repair, which is extremely essential to get a firm foundation. To secure the crawl space, we provide crawl space encapsulation. This helps to make it water-repelling. These are the parts that are most sensitive to moisture, thus any fault in them needs to be restored at once. Hence, our crawl space & beam foundation repair is here to help our customers. Moreover, places near coastal regions or where the ground is not supportive enough need a steel pier installation. So, connect with us and explore our various waterproofing services.

Stabilizing the Foundations

To make your ground sturdy and to support the weight of your location. Under-pinning and foundation stabilization are required.

Restore Your Damage Walls

Whatever issues you are facing in your retaining wall, we are competent to resolve it With our retaining wall repair service.

Stabilizing the Floors

Sagged floors either caused by moisture or insects growing on wood can be restored with our sagging floor repair.

Our Services

Basement Foundation Repair Greenwood IN

We offer numerous services to make your place free of all the damage that water can cause. Our company offers foundation stabilization to provide additional support to the foundation of your place. Meanwhile, any leakage damage in it can be repaired by our service of foundation leak repair. We also provide foundation replacement service to change it with a new and firm one. People perform a lot of plumbing and electrical work in their crawl space, and to keep it free of moisture effects, we offer crawl space encapsulation. The stability of any place comes from its strong base, and to remove any damage, our crawl space & beam foundation repair is here. Houses built on loosened soil are prone to instability because of the lack of strong support. Hence, pier & beam foundation repair is a required option. One can trust our slope stabilization service to check the stress-bearing capacity of a slope. Now to strengthen the support of your existing building, our skilled workers perform under-pinning stabilization, often used when the purpose of the existing building has changed.

Basement & Retaining Wall Repair Greenwood IN

Our company offers repairing services, we restore faults that are caused by the impacts of moisture. Many factors cause saggy floors but moisture plays an important role. However, we provide sagging floor repair to bring back the original look of your floors. Commercial buildings and construction sites where chances of accidents are dominant needs an egress window. To repair any damage in them, egress windows repair is mandatory. In case of seeing chipped-off paint or stains, you might need our wall leak repair service. Your basement is a part of your place that can take up the water from the ground if there is any wreck in its structure, thus basement wall repair becomes important. The base of your foundation needs to be sturdy and bears no defects, thus brick foundation repair should start right away. It needs to prevent water accumulation and the lessening of its stability. Leaks in your drainage system can be a worse thing to your place, hence drainage leak repair is mandatory. Moisture is the cause of the early rotting of wood as well, though getting our rotted wood repair in the early stage of damage can prevent it. Lastly, we provide retaining wall repair to keep your site safe from any effects of soil erosion.

Moisture Barrier Installation Greenwood IN

Piers are designed to render effective support to the ground that otherwise won’t be able to hold any structure. There are many forms of piers, and each varies in its installation process. We have experts appointed for these tasks. Firstly, there is a concrete pier installation, concrete holes provide firm support to the foundation of your place. Helical pier installation is often used for providing firmness and stability to your existing or even new buildings. They are most commonly in use because of their easy installation process. Meanwhile, steel columns in steel pier installation provide solid support and are also utilized in the construction of many floors of buildings and the making of bridges. We provide drainage system installation as well in both commercial and residential buildings. There are various types of gutters, our workers are competent enough to install any one of them. Our drainage installation has always been valued for its effective working even after years. Sump pump installation can prevent your place from getting excess water during floods and storms. People who want to build a retaining wall on their property can take our retaining wall construction.

Waterproofing Inspection Greenwood IN

To make your place safe from the effects of moisture, we provide our most trusted waterproofing services. Many areas of your house need to get resistance against water absorption. It includes basement waterproofing to strengthen its stability and keep it in good condition. Now to keep the foundation of your place well protected, you can get our foundation waterproofing. An effective and easiest way to have a durable foundation. The crawl space at any residence is a gap between the ground and your house, sure you would like it to not come in contact with water from rains and storms. Therefore, crawl space waterproofing needs to be performed right away. Mold remediation service is an ideal choice for every place once in a while because certain areas of a house, like your kitchen, bathroom, and outside walls are in contact with water most of the time and overtime can get molds. To disinfect your surfaces and make your place clean and suitable for living, we provide our most beneficial service. Lastly, we want everyone to get access to our services, and for people living at a far location, we offer waterproofing virtual consultations.

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Our Work Reflects Our Values

Tide Waterproofing has a reputation for serving our clients with the best of our resources. We always work hard to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our service of foundation replacement is extremely important when the damage is beyond any repair and needs a change of material. Then, we also perform wall leak repair to make your walls durable. Meanwhile, to efficiently mend the walls in your basement, we offer basement wall repair. We want the base of your house to be firm and have un-shattering support, and if you experience any rise in water then sump pump installation becomes an essential task to perform. To keep the egress windows updated, our egress windows repair service is here to help you. Lastly, to ensure the support-bearing capacity of a slope, we perform slope stabilization as well.

Reinforcement of Foundation

Any damage to the foundation of your house is dangerous for its durability of it, so brick foundation repair.

Damage Leakage Issues

Nothing feels worse than water leaking through pipes. It makes our drainage leak repair necessary to take.

Water Damage Repair

Long exposure to water on wood can damage them severely, thus we offer our most reliable rotted wood repair service.

Waterproofing Virtual Consultations

We provide virtual assistance to help our distant clients and offer them complete guidance on their major damage issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Tide Waterproofing Offer in Greenwood IN?

Tide Waterproofing provides water damage restoration and waterproofing services in Greenwood IN. We also perform piers installation. Below have mentioned all our services.

Basement Foundation Repair

  • Foundation Leak Repair
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space & Beam Foundation Repair
  • Pier & Beam Foundation Repair
  • Under-Pinning Stabilization
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Foundation Stabilization
  • Foundation Replacement

Basement & Retaining Wall Repair

  • Retaining Wall Repair
  • Sagging Floor Repair
  • Egress Windows Repair
  • Wall Leak Repair
  • Basement Wall Repair
  • Brick Foundation Repair
  • Drainage Leak Repair
  • Rotted Wood Repair

Moisture Barrier Installation

  • Concrete Pier Installation
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Drainage Installation
  • Drainage System Installation
  • Steel Pier Installation
  • Helical Pier Installation
  • Sump Pump Installation

Waterproofing Inspection

  • Waterproofing Virtual Consultations
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Waterproofing
  • Waterproofing Services
  • Mold Remediation Service

How Can You Get Basement Waterproofing in Greenwood IN?

You can get our basement waterproofing by contacting us at (317) 241-3099, or you can also get the assistance of your team via email at

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Is There Any Service For Eliminating Molds from My Place?

The areas at your place in contact with water and sunlight are prone to get molds. However, our Mold Remediation Service is here to help you get rid of the fungi and their spores with our antifungal agents.

What is the Function of a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall construction is necessary at places where soil erosion happens quite often. It supports the soil from coming down on the surface in case of landslides. It retained the earth’s soil that otherwise can be the cause of severe accidents.

  • Basement Foundation Repair Greenwood IN
  • Basement & Retaining Wall Repair Greenwood IN
  • Moisture Barrier Installation Greenwood IN
  • Waterproofing Inspection Greenwood IN
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