Let Us Build Your House with the Best Material through Our Residential Construction in Lilburn GA!


Residential Construction Lilburn GA

We construct your home by designing a strong structure. Our concrete masonry construction can create tough boundary walls within your house. Meanwhile, we build plain walls with proper finishing through our block wall construction. More so, with our patio construction, you can have a stylish patio around your poolside. However, our team will also build stairs of different styles through our stairs construction service. Besides this, we ensure to use the best quality material. We do so to construct fences through our fencing services.

Commercial Construction Lilburn GA

Commercial construction usually requires heavy machinery. To deal with this, we have all the tools and skills to ensure high-quality construction service. Meanwhile, our professional builders use heavy rocks to provide you with hardscape construction. In addition, we can also help you with sidewalk construction around your commercial property. Furthermore, you can also have our driveway construction service outside of your building. However, stone masonry construction requires proper techniques. So, you can also contact us for our porch construction service. 

Concrete Services Lilburn GA

There are several services we provide through concrete materials as they are vital for construction. In addition, we can cover your ground through concrete paving. Meanwhile, you can contact us to stabilize your previous construction. We will do this for you through our concrete repair services. Furthermore, we have all the tools and machines to provide you with our concrete cutting services. More so, our team can also facilitate you with concrete replacement after the identification of the issue. However, we ensure to provide the best quality stamped concrete installation service. 

Landscaping Service Lilburn GA

Landscaping services require attention to detail. In this service, you can have our best landscape design services. They can brighten your space and enhance the outlook of your house. In addition, you can also contact us to have our landscape installation services. It will modify your outdoor or backyard and increase your house value. More so, a sod lawn requires less irrigation and prevents soil erosion. For this reason, we have introduced our sod service for our customers. In this, we provide the most reliable sod installation service. Besides this, we also got our outdoor led lighting systems for you to improve the vibe of your space.

Drainage Solutions Lilburn GA

We got the most efficient drainage solutions for you. To bring them into use, you can contact us while setting up the outdoor drainage of your space. It will keep the water flow constant and prevent wastage. You can also have some of the most effective outdoor drainage solutions from us. More to this, it is also necessary to keep the land clean and healthy. For this, we can provide you with the best water drainage solutions to keep the land safe from soil erosion. Moreover, we got the best landscape drainage contractor on our team to provide and set up the best drainage solutions.

Outdoor Construction Lilburn GA

Outdoor construction always catches the attention of passers-by. This task must be done with accuracy and care. To put forth, we can provide you with the best outdoor kitchen installations. It would be the best option for you if you often have gatherings and meetups at your house. You will have a great time with your friends and family. In addition, you can also contact us for outdoor fireplace construction. It will be fun in the winter as you can spend your time outdoors. You can also reach out to us for fire pit construction. More so, we can provide you with the best and most efficient outdoor drainage issues.

About Us

Sod Sales Direct facilitates its clients with multiple construction services. We aim to build our customer’s property using the best material and techniques. Whether you want to build your residential or commercial property, we can help you. In addition, you can experience top-notch quality construction based on a solid structure. Meanwhile, we ensure to use high-quality material for the construction of your house. However, our team is highly skilled and professional in dealing with all types of construction. However, you can share your ideas and requirements in the initial phase. After that, our builders will follow the instructions to provide you with a quality experience. So contact us for any further queries regarding our service.  


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