We Offer Fine Quality Commercial Construction to Our Clients for Solid Building in Tucker GA!


Residential Construction Tucker GA

Every person desires to build a strong home to live with their loved ones. Therefore, we make sure to build your home on a stable foundation. Within your home, our experts will build strong boundary walls through concrete masonry construction. However, we’ll use our block wall construction to make solid walls with fine finishing. With our patio construction, you may have a gorgeous patio near your pool or in your yard. As part of our stairs construction, our team will create steps in a variety of styles according to your preference. We’ll use the highest quality materials for fencing services to ensure the correct building.

Commercial Construction Tucker GA

Heavy machinery is generally required in commercial buildings. So, we possess the necessary equipment to ensure a quality construction experience. However, our skillful landscapers will facilitate you with hardscape construction. As per our commercial construction, our team will assist you with sidewalk construction. We can do it for any commercial site if you need driveway construction. Meanwhile, stone masonry construction needs the use of massive rocks and relevant skills. Our team is skilled enough to utilize these heavy materials properly. More so, we can facilitate you with porch construction services.

Concrete Services Tucker GA

Any construction services are based on concrete services. We lay down excellent concrete paving to cover your land. Our team uses high-quality concrete materials to deliver a variety of functions. Furthermore, we can use concrete repair services to help you stabilize your existing structure. We also possess all of the necessary equipment and machinery to conduct concrete cutting services. Moreover, our staff will assist you with stamped concrete installation service. Our professional team of builders is facilitating different types of construction projects. Therefore, we offer the best concrete replacement services to our customers.

Landscaping Service Tucker GA

Our team offers landscape design services for you. For this, you can transform your front and backyard with unique looks. However, you can have reliable landscape installation services. We can provide you with various designs and ideas for your outdoor spaces. You can have instant lawns with Sod service. Our experts will nurture your lawns and gardens for you. In this way, you can have healthier gardens. More so, we can offer you a sod installation service. Therefore, you can hire our professionals to have peace of mind. On the other hand, we also offer you outdoor led lighting systems.

Drainage Solutions Tucker GA

Our team offers a productive solution for your troubles. Likewise, we provide you with water drainage solutions. So, your lawns and gardens will be saved from floods and rains. We can provide you with effective solutions. You can be stress free. However, outdoor drainage is essential for homes. These are excellent solutions to drain large amounts of water. The water goes down to the other channels with the help of these drainages. For this, we provide outdoor drainage solutions. So, you can contact our landscape drainage contractor. Other than this, our contractors facilitate you with drainage pipes to remove water.

Outdoor Construction Tucker GA

We offer a variety of outdoor construction services. So, you can spend less time sweating the details. However, our experts can help you with outdoor kitchen installations. We will give you unique design ideas. For this, you can give a mesmerizing look to your outdoor space. Our professionals will navigate you with the planning of outdoor fireplace construction. This feature will give a new look to your yard. More so, it will keep you warm. Therefore, we will use fireproof materials for fire pit construction. For this, you can have a glorified campfire. Moreover, we can provide you with an outdoor drainage system. 

About Us

Sod Sales Direct offers a variety of building services to its customers. We strive to construct our customers’ homes using the highest quality materials and processes. We can assist you with the construction of your home or business property. You can expect a high-quality structure built on a firm base. However, we ensure to build your home using high-quality materials. In dealing with all sorts of buildings, our crew is properly trained and professional. Although, in the early phase, you can discuss your thoughts and requests. Our builders will next follow the directions to ensure that you have a positive experience. So, please contact us right away if you have any questions about our services.


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