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Residential Construction Dunwoody GA

We aim to provide strong and reliable residential construction to our customers. That’s how you can build your dream house in the right way. For that purpose, we facilitate different areas of construction, including concrete masonry construction. Further, we can enhance the overall formation of your place through beautiful patio construction. Patios are quite a trend of fencing services to have a great impression in gardens or poolside. We use block wall construction for the strong development of any project. However, you can avail of our services for stairs construction of different structures based on your choice. 

Commercial Construction Dunwoody GA

We extend our services to facilitate commercial projects on a large scale. Therefore, we cover all the areas in commercial construction to provide a full experience to our clients. So, you can utilize our hardscape construction for heavy buildings. We will build a strong structure for your project using quality material. Meanwhile, we provide stone masonry construction if you need classic and strong development experience. Our team will cover the boundaries of your building with sidewalk construction. However, our professional builders will provide porch construction  through our driveway construction. 

Concrete Services Dunwoody GA

There are multiple concrete services that we offer to our clients. These services lead to the stable development of their projects. We will ensure high-quality concrete paving covers your ground. Our professional team will suggest different options including stamped concrete installation. If there is any weak construction area at your place, we can help you with our concrete repair services. That’s how we can ensure the strong development of any building. Meanwhile, our staff will provide efficient concrete replacement service. Furthermore, we have heavy tools and machinery to provide concrete cutting services.

Landscaping Service Dunwoody GA

If you need landscape service, you are at the right place to enhance your garden area. We provide different landscape design services to our customers. Therefore, you can experience our service for any type of landscape installation. Our sod service will provide you with a complete pattern of grass throughout the lawn. We have a professional team that will ensure the balance of growth after sod installation. Meanwhile, you can use our service to upgrade the look of your garden. There are different outdoor led lighting systems that you can avail from us. They can play a vital role to provide you with a theme according to your preference. 

Drainage Solutions Dunwoody GA

A drainage system is a primary requirement of any place to facilitate the waterflow. There are several drainage solutions that we offer to our customers. Meanwhile, our team will do a complete setup of outdoor drainage at your place. You can be trouble-free after using our water drainage solutions. These systems will help you to manage the water throughout the fields. Therefore, we are experts in providing outdoor drainage solutions. We’ll assign a credible landscape drainage contractor for your project. So there won’t be any issue during the complete procedure and you directly consult with the core team. 

Outdoor Construction Dunwoody GA

We provide outdoor construction, so you can have a new experience of nature while working. You can utilize our outdoor kitchen installations for live cooking in your lawn. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your time in cold weather after outdoor fireplace construction. Our expert team can facilitate you with fire pit construction. There are different styles of fire pits that you can consider according to your choice. However, we’ll settle an outdoor drainage system for your area. That’s how you can live in a healthy environment while enjoying all the basic requirements. We have all the resources to provide these services.

About Us

Sod Sales Direct is a reputable construction company that offers various building services. We have received many honors for our high-quality building service. However, our clients’ feedback shows the credibility of our service. We facilitate our customers with both residential and commercial buildings. Furthermore, we provide a variety of concrete services for a quality construction experience. As a result, you can get a proper package for building your home or workplace. Our team of professional builders use their best abilities to ensure high-quality construction service. To minimize problems throughout the construction process, we employ high-quality materials. If you wish to try our service, contact us now for any queries.


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