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Residential Construction Brookhaven GA

We use the best quality material for residential construction to ensure durability. So, you can contact us to have our concrete masonry construction for your project development. More so, our builders can also design a classic patio at your space through our patio construction service. Also, we use high-quality materials to provide block wall construction. That is how we build a strong structure for your house. However, you can avail our stairs construction service to choose the best style from the latest ones. Moreover, you can call us to share your queries about our fencing services.

Commercial Construction Brookhaven GA

Commercial construction requires heavy tools and materials in bulk. So, we facilitate our clients with our hardscape construction services. More so, people like sidewalks and want it for their space. If you are also one, we can provide you with our best sidewalk construction. To put forth, commercial places require a proper driveway to manage the vehicles. So, we ensure to use quality material in our driveway construction. However, our stone masonry construction can offer your place a traditional vibe with the most spacious design. Moreover, you can also reach out to us for our porch construction service.

Concrete Services Brookhaven GA

We can facilitate you with all types of construction projects. In this, we use premium quality material to provide our customers with a quality experience. In addition, our concrete paving service can provide you with the most perfect flooring. More so, you can use our concrete repair services to get through your concrete issues. Furthermore, our staff is quite professional to ensure the best concrete replacement service. Also, we have heavy machinery and tools to provide concrete cutting services. Besides this, you can also avail our stamped concrete installation service.

Landscaping Service Brookhaven GA

Our quality landscape services have always amazed our customers throughout the years. It is because we provided them with the best landscape design services. That happened because all that matters is the landscape design in the end. If it is good, it will provide you with many benefits. So, you can approach us for our landscape installation service. More so, we can also provide you with our sod service for setting up the sod lawns for you. In this, we ensure to provide the most reliable sod installation. Besides this, you can also contact us to have the most appealing outdoor led lighting systems.

Drainage Solutions Brookhaven GA

We understand how important it is to have efficient drainage solutions installed in your house. For this, we provide our customers with effective outdoor drainage systems. This saves the land from getting dirty and unhealthy. In addition, we can also provide you with the best water drainage solutions. They help prevent water pollution and water from getting any dirt and debris. So, we also provide the most efficient outdoor drainage solutions for that. They are effective as they keep the vibe of a place healthy. Moreover, we got the best landscape drainage contractor on our team to ensure quality results.

Outdoor Construction Brookhaven GA

In this, we can install top-quality outdoor kitchen installations for you. They will help you a lot if you most often have gatherings or meetups at your place. This will let you spend your time outdoors with your family and guests. Also, you can call us and share your queries if you want an outdoor fireplace. We can provide you with the best service through our outdoor fireplace construction. More so, we can help you light up your backyard and enhance the appearance of your outdoors. We can do this for you through our fire pit construction. Besides this, you can also reach out to have the best outdoor drainage systems. 

About Us

We provide a complete package of construction services to our clients. Sod Sales Direct facilitates its clients with multiple types of construction. We manage both residential and commercial levels of projects. Our staff is highly skilled in their job and provides a quality experience in building commercial projects. Meanwhile, we have the best quality of material to ensure a strong base for your project. From stone masonry construction to concrete services, we cover all areas of construction. Our company possesses all tools and machinery to operate any level of a construction project. So, connect with us to utilize our service for the efficient construction of your house or building.


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