We are Here to Save Your Floors by Providing Subfloor Repair in La Vergne TN!

Parker floors is a company famous for providing the most efficient flooring services. Whether you need waterproof flooring or hardwood flooring, we are here to help you. If you are looking for someone to install tiles at your place, you can rely on our tiling services. We install tiles both in commercial and residential buildings. You can get varieties of tiles like glass tile or natural stone glass tile. Furthermore, if your hardwood looks a bit stained then we can also aid you by providing hardwood refinishing. Sometimes subjection to water for too long can damage your subfloors. By using our subfloor repair, you can restore their damage and give them a new look. So, connect with us to know more about our services.

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We are the Savior of Your Floors and Experts in Enhancing their Beauty

Our company provides the most efficient flooring services. Floors make the foundation of your place. Therefore, we make certain that the foundation is strong and can last for a long period. Those who have chosen our services have appreciated our efforts in making their floors stylish and durable. Our subfloor repair can restore all the damages that a subfloor can have. Furthermore, by using our carpet flooring, you can give your place a touch of softness and a look of elegance. So, connect with us to explore many of our premium quality services.

Certified Experts

All our workers have trusted professionals with complete expertise in their field..

Service Quality

We always keep the quality of work based on excellent material and equipment conditions.

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Our working style is based on modern techniques to ensure the best outcome for each service.

Our Services

Tiling Services La Vergne TN

We provide different kinds of tiling services. Our natural stone glass tile has a mix of both stone and glass. It is durable and makes your floors less slippery if compared to ceramic tiles. This tile is designed to give your place a comfortable and stylish look. We also install glass tile to give your place a decorative and exclusive appearance. Furthermore, our residential installation is top in class. Our clients have appreciated our work in their apartments and homes. However, our work is not limited to it. We also perform commercial installation in multi-floor buildings and offices. We have skilled workers in our company, they always give on time and reliable service.

Subfloor Repair La Vergne TN

Subfloors are normally long-lasting. However, certain conditions can cause defects in them. Like, if your subfloors have been exposed to water because of a sudden outburst of pipes. Then, they need immediate subfloor repair. If you hear a squeaky noise when walking on your floor, it's also a sign of damaged subflooring. We can fix all kinds of subfloors, whether made up of plywood, fir, or OSB. Moreover, we also perform underlayment. It is essential to protect your hardwood floors from getting moisture and mold. Underlayment can be made of different types of materials like foam, rubber, and fiber. You can choose the material that goes in your underlayment.

Flooring Services La Vergne TN

Flooring is one of the most important steps when building a house. We provide top-notch flooring services. Those places that have chances of frequent exposure to moisture should get our waterproof flooring. It saves the floors and subfloors from getting soaked. Our hardwood flooring uses standard quality natural wood and gives your floor an attractive look. Meanwhile, you can also use our laminate flooring. It is easy to install and gives your floors a real wood appearance. Furthermore, we also offer carpet flooring to our customers. We have carpets of premium design and excellent material. All our services come within an affordable pricing range.

Hardwood Refinishing La Vergne TN

No matter how good your flooring is. Everything is prone to damage, but some damages are quite safe to restore. We take care of your flooring repairs. Moisture or mold can cause different defects to your floors. However, if you have seen the signs earlier, then they are easy to service. If you have had carpet flooring for some time now, then it is important to perform carpet restretch. It is necessary for your safety and your carpet’s look. We also provide areas rugs for your place. Placing an area rug in the room can enhance its beauty. In addition, you can also get custom area rugs. It is a great option for choosing the design, size, and style of an area rug.

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The Value We Provide

We provide services that are worthy of our client’s trust. Besides that, all our workers are skilled and talented in performing all their tasks. Therefore, we take pride in giving our clients excellent services. Our skilled workers perform tiling services at our customer’s places with perfection. We provide a wide variety of tiles, and our products are grade-A quality. In addition, we render services at a much more reasonable rate.

Promised Product Quality

Products used in our services are of premium standards to provide the best experience to our clients.

Use Modernize Techniques

Our company utilizes the latest machines and techniques in our services to ensure optimal service.

Timely Service Completion

We make sure that our services are provided at the exact time before the deadline.

Skilled Team Workers

Our workers are appreciated for giving outstanding performance based on their pure dedication


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Parker Floors
Frequently Asked Questions

Parker Floors provides different services in La Vergne TN. Our services are mentioned below:

Tiling Services

  • Natural Stone Glass Tile
  • Commercial Installation
  • Residential Installation
  • Glass Tile

Subfloor Repair 

  • Underlayment 

Flooring Services

  • Waterproof Flooring
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Carpet Flooring

Hardwood Refinishing

  • Flooring Repairs
  • Carpet Restretch
  • Custom Area Rugs
  • Areas Rugs

You can get our subfloor repair by calling us at 615-437-2724 or emailing parkerfloorsandmore@yahoo.com.


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It has many layered flooring, and it can give your floor a natural wooden look. Meanwhile, the installation is easy, and pricing is also reasonable. There are different types of laminate flooring like metallic finish laminate, glossy finish laminate and various others.

It gives your room a brightening appearance as light reflects on it. So, it is an excellent option for a crowded room, a small kitchen or an entryway. Furthermore, glass tile is easy to clean and gives your place an exclusive look.

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