Modernly Designed and a Top Quality Vinyl Material is What You Will Get in Our LVT Flooring in Bayport MN!

Pristine Group LLC performs floor installation services. One can see the quality of our flooring material for themselves and then choose whether we are the right choice. There are many types of flooring out there, and you can have any as per the structure of your house. Most people go for vinyl flooring for their durability and stability. It is also an excellent option for institutes and companies. Meanwhile, homeowners who are looking for tile flooring services can reach us as we have a wide collection of premium quality tiles. If your tile floor is showing any sign of damage, our tile floor repair service is here to serve you.

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Tile Installation Services
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Mark the Elegance of Your House with Our Flooring!

Pristine Group LLC offers the most efficient flooring services. When it comes to putting a floor in your place, one would always go first for hardwood flooring. If the conditions seem supportive, this flooring is a great way to give your house an exquisite look. However, some people because of the environment of their area might want to prevent wood and thus go for laminate floor installation. In this flooring, you will get the magnificent look of wood in another material. This way, your floors can be saved from any water-damaging issues. So, connect with us and explore our many flooring types including tile floor installation.

Wooden Floor

Get the hardwood floor installation that makes your home attractive and save it from maintenance for a long time.

Authentic Material

The material we use in all our floorings which includes VCT Flooring as well keeps your floors intact for years.

Easy to Get Flooring

One always appreciates the fact that how convenient it is to consult with us regarding their floors and get the best advice.

Our Services

Floor Installation Services Bayport MN

Thinking about installing a wooden floor inside your place, we are here to perform the hardwood floor installation. The benefits of getting our services are many but the main one is that we never suggest to you anything that might look good for now but may not last long. If we see that hardwood flooring goes well with your house, only then do we advise you to get it. Otherwise, we have options for many other floorings as well. Such as our laminate floor installation. It is hard to differentiate whether your floor contains real wood or is a multi-layer synthetic floor that has melamine to make it solid. Furthermore, to get the lavish style of tiles and get the easiest way to clean your place, our experts perform tile floor installation.

Vinyl Flooring Bayport MN

Why is vinyl sheet flooring so much in discussion these days? The reason is they can bear heavy foot traffic and our water resistance. Thus a reliable option for those houses or places that primarily need damage resistance floors. Next in line is our VCT flooring, the same thing you will get in tiles, while the resistance quality remains the same and is available in beautiful patterns. LVT flooring gets rid of the maintenance that comes with other flooring. It is a good choice with a vast variety of tiles that are worked on to their last detail. Furthermore, needing to get the look of real wood or stone put on it via the use of 3D technology is what you get in LVP vinyl flooring along with the benefits of vinyl.

Tile Flooring Services Bayport MN

Our company provides meticulous and sustainable tiles for installation in the homes and business places of our potential clients. Tiles are present in many materials, yet those that are made up of vinyl have their advantages. Places that experience heavy footwork and safety against strong impact need vinyl tile flooring. Meanwhile, vinyl composite tile flooring is a reliable choice for the busiest places like homes, and commercial sites. One would find our luxury vinyl plank flooring affordable and stable. Furthermore, they are waterproof and thus can be installed even in kitchens and bathrooms. You can get the look of real wood in vinyl tiles as well, thus we offer luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Tile Installation Services Bayport MN

One will find tile flooring in most households because of the dozen of benefits tiles provide to any place. To make floor tiles installation service accessible to people, we have professionals in our company who install tiles precisely. We let the customer enjoy the satisfaction that comes after taking our services. If you have built a new kitchen or are going to remodel an existing one, construct a kitchen backsplash. The kitchen backsplash installation is essential to prevent the material of your walls from getting damaged before time. The materials used in the backsplash are authentic to provide a barrier from water droplets coming from sink and stove areas. Moreover, one can get our tile and showers installation for efficient working of bathrooms.

Tile Floor Repair Bayport MN

To ensure that your tiles are in good condition, check for breaks or holes in the tiles. We provide tile repair services to bring your tiles back into their original condition. You can trust our floor tile repair as the products we use in our services are of standard quality. So, the effects last for a long time and give your place an aesthetic look. In addition, we provide tile and showers repair so that one never faces any issues with their shower working and floor firmness. However, for such places that have broken ceramic floors or uneven flooring surfaces, one should get our self leveling service. In floor self leveling, we give one shape to the floor’s surface. This way, you can have a new floor installed over it as well.

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For Our Reliable Services

Our company takes complete responsibility for your floors and assures you that they will last as long as your place will. You can have our LVT flooring to enhance the look of the interior structure of your home. The use of modern technology to create beautiful designs on LVP vinyl flooring is what your beautiful place needs. Meanwhile, one can get in vinyl sheet flooring and get the complete look of the natural woods and stones. You can also get that in tile forms because we also offer the service of vinyl tile flooring. The safety against damage and provide support for heavy foot working, vinyl composite tile flooring is what you need. See our collection of luxury vinyl tiles and choose one that you will find great for your home.

Complete Tile Repair

Get the most reliable floor tiles installation, and in case of any damage to your already existing flooring, we offer damage repair as well.

Kitchen Backsplash

You can get our kitchen backsplash installation if a backsplash is missing or needs to be changed with a new one.

Bathroom Repairing

To solve any problem in your bathroom, like the damaged tiles or the shower, we offer our effective service of tile and showers repair to restore it.

Assistance of Experts

We always offer our clients reliable services so that they can feel delighted in the form of their pristine floors after installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Pristine Group LLC Offer in Bayport MN?

Pristine Group LLC provides floor installation and repair services in Bayport MN. Below have mentioned the names of all our flooring options and other services that we provide to our customers:

Floor Installation Services

  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Laminate Floor Installation
  • Tile Floor Installation
  • Hardwood Floor Installation

Vinyl Flooring

  • VCT Flooring
  • LVT Flooring
  • LVP Vinyl Flooring
  • Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Tile Flooring Services

  • Vinyl Tile Flooring
  • Vinyl Composite Tile Flooring
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring

Tile Installation Services

  • Floor Tiles Installation
  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Kitchen Backsplash Installation
  • Tile and Showers Installation

Tile Floor Repair

  • Tile Repair
  • Floor Tile Repair
  • Self Leveling
  • Floor Self Leveling
  • Tile and Showers Repair
How Can You Get Our LVT Flooring in Bayport MN?

One can get our LVT Flooring by contacting us at 952-495-5511. You can also ask any query related to our services at

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What Makes LVT Flooring So Special?

Such flooring prevents water absorption on the surface and lets you have a dry and damage-free floor. They are available in a variety of designs and colors, one can also get them in wood or stone pattern. More solid and less porous than other kinds of vinyl flooring.

Do You Provide Floor Self Leveling and When It Should be Taken?

Yes, we provide self leveling service, and it is necessary to remove the unevenness of the floors and get solid and even floors that contain no fractures or any damage. One must take it when floors look unable to maintain their stability or when you are thinking about getting new flooring in the house.

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  • Floor Installation Services Bayport MN
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