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Lifetime Exterior Solutions is known for rendering the best roofing services in town. During the development of a place, the installation of the right roof plays an important part. Our services provide you with the most durable and long-lasting roof. Besides that, our gutter installation saves your roofs from getting submerged in rainwater. It allows the easy flow of water from your roofs to the disposal system. To protect and save the exterior of your roof, our siding installation is a great option. It also gives a nice view of your place. A place is incomplete without proper window systems for good ventilation. Hence, our skilled professionals perform the most productive window installation service.

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We Provide the Latest and In Demand Roofing Services!

Lifetime Exterior Solutions live by the motto of providing the most authentic services to our clients. For this purpose, all our workers are trained in giving their best while helping our potential customers. Our roof replacement service is an excellent choice for getting the old and damaged roof replaced with a new kind. With our siding repair, you can take care of the sides of your roof from getting ruined. Besides that, we perform exterior painting of your roof, to give it a nice look. You can choose among various options of paints, the one that looks good for your exterior painting. Now, decks are one of the many important parts of your place and we make sure that they are strong and give a nice look to your place. Thus, we use top-quality wood in the making of decks. So, reach out to us to get our most reliable roof installation service.

Credible Team

All of the workers have years of experience in the field. Thus, they perform their duties with much authenticity and precision.

On-Time Service

We know the importance of our client’s time and hence deliver all our services on the dot with complete efficiency.

Useful Services

We design all our roof services in a way that they can resolve all your roofing issues and make your place look great.

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Orange painted roof with repaired siding by Lifetime Exterior Solutions roofing services in WA

Roofing Services Auburn WA

We know the value of a strong and durable roof for any place. Thus, we have planned our roof installation service to help people get a well-structured roof. Therefore, any place in its construction process can take advantage of our roof installation service. Our professional staff makes sure to utilize all the top-quality products and latest tools while performing roofing services at your place. If your roof is showing signs of damages that are beyond repair, then it’s time to benefit from our roof replacement service. In the rainy seasons and snow storms, one can not bear up with cracked roofs. For this purpose, we provide our most effective roof replacement service. 

A man is installing gutters in a roof with siding by Lifetime Exterior Solutions gutters installation services in WA

Gutter Installation Auburn WA

We know the base of roofs consists of wood and frequent exposure to water can make it prone to early damage. So, the absence of a proper gutter system on your roofs can be a problem. With our gutter installation service, you can assure the safety of your roof. As it creates a proper system for water disposal from your roofs towards the rainwater disposal system. Our gutter installation creates hollow devices like gutters that are fixed to the sides of your roof and lead the water away from its foundation. Meanwhile, there are different types of gutters like K style gutter, half round gutter, and box style gutter. You can choose any of them according to your preference and can start the process of gutter installation right away.

A man is installing siding with perfectly painted in light brown color by Lifetime Exterior Solutions siding installation service in WA

Siding Installation Auburn WA

Siding is the most important aspect of a roof, as it provides a covering to the sides of the roof. We provide different styles of sides in our siding installation based on the exterior of your roof. However, with time your sides get worn off and need a thorough siding repair. So, our experts are here to help you with this task. We ensure the strength of your foundation by performing excellent quality siding repair. Meanwhile, to paint the exterior of your roofs and give them a beautiful appearance that matches your place, we provide exterior painting services. To keep the beautiful amazing look of your place, and make them withstand any weather, we render top-quality decks. Our services utilize standard quality products including good quality wood in the decks.

Man is installing windows in a house by Lifetime Exterior Solutions windows installation services in WA

Window Installation Auburn WA

Our company provides standard quality windows installation. We always use high-quality natural wood in our windows. As there are different types of windows such as slider, casement, and fixed windows. So, our skilled workers first perform the complete inspection of your place. Then, they suggest based on their analysis the right kind of window for your windows installation. In rainy seasons, windows get much exposure to moisture and that leads to their damage. Thus, it is important to replace the old and defective windows with new ones. Our customers always appreciate the performance of our windows installation service and the timely completion of tasks.

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The Value We Live By

Our company provides the most reliable and sound roofing services. Whether it's roof replacement or installation, our professionals perform every task with much heed. Besides that, all our services utilize top-notch items that can last long. We walk our potential clients through every aspect of our work and after that give them proper consultancy over their roofing problems. Our experts always follow the proper guidance of our customers. Solving all kinds of roofing issues and giving your house a beautiful look is what we work for.

Utilization of Effective Techniques

All our methods and ways of working rely on the use of the latest tools and techniques that can enhance the quality of our service.

To Guarantee Your Satisfaction

We work hard to make sure that the services are provided with much precision and be the reason for our client’s comfort.

All Kinds of Roofing Services

We render all types of roofing services, whether it’s damage repair or installing a new roof.

Trusted Team Members

All our workers are certified and highly qualified in performing their tasks. Our customers always value their productive work.

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What Services Does Lifetime Exterior Solutions Offers in Auburn WA?

Lifetime Exterior Solutions provides excellent roofing and window installation services in Auburn WA. Below mentioned are various kinds of services.

  • Roofing Services 
  • Roof Replacement Service 
  • Roof Installation Service 
  • Gutter Installation 
  • Siding Installation 
  • Siding Repair 
  • Exterior Painting
  • Decks Repair
  • Window Installation

How Can You Get Our Siding Installation in Auburn WA?

You can easily get our siding installation by contacting us at (425)-948-8394, or you can also send us an email at


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What Value Decks Add to Your House?

A deck provides an amazing view to a place. It gives you a wide outdoor space and an ideal place to enjoy reading and or have a nice lunch in fine weather. Most importantly, it increases your house’s value in the market.

What is the Use of Gutter Installation in your Roof?

Installing gutters on your roof is a great way to save the wooden base of your roof from getting damaged by water. It prevents rainwater from accumulating on the roof by providing a proper water disposal system.

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  • Roofing Services Auburn WA
  • Gutter Installation Auburn WA
  • Siding Installation Auburn WA
  • Window Installation Auburn WA
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