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Water Heater Services Newport RI

A water heater is an essential appliance for any place. It can be of great use in cold weather to make the water easily usable. Therefore, we offer different types of water heater installation services. Our expert plumbers can help you with the complete installation of a heat pump water heater. Meanwhile, you can also try our water heater boiler for a more effective experience. We facilitate our customers with tankless water heater installation. If you are planning to buy a new heater, we can assist you with heater replacement. You can get the best quality of heaters from us with efficient performance.

Plumbing Service Newport RI

Our plumbing services vary according to the different plumbing requirements of our customers. If you are facing sewer line blockage, we are here to fix it right away. Meanwhile, our expert team also handles broken water pipes. We provide our plumbing service in both commercial and residential places. By that time, water drains get filthy and affect the flow. So, you can also experience our drain cleaning services. We have efficient tools for unblocking drains to ensure a proper flow within the pipes. Therefore, we have trained our team accordingly to handle all these types of issues in plumbing.

Air Conditioner Service Newport RI

An air conditioner is nothing less than a blessing in warm weather. Meanwhile, the performance and features vary according to the types of air conditioner installation. Usually, a smart air conditioner is a popular choice due to its energy-saving ability. Meanwhile, you can also try a geothermal air conditioner based on different types of working but a great cooling effect. However, we also offer a commercial air conditioner to install in your office or any type of organization. You can also use our condenser unit AC for cooling your residential space. We offer complete installation of all these air conditioners. 

Shower Valve Repair Newport RI

A shower valve is an important component of your whole shower system. Therefore, its working should be proper to ensure a comfortable shower in daily routine. We can help you in any case of shower faucet leaking. Meanwhile, our expert plumbers can assist you with shower mixer valve repair. That’s how you can get the right balance for water temperature. However, we also repair shower tap leaking by utilizing our efficient tools and techniques. We can provide any of these services right away to avoid any inconvenience. Our team is well suited to serve you regarding any type of shower valve service. 

About Us

Wagner Plumbing Services is a credible company with 25 years of experience. In this tenure, we have served our customers in the sector. Further, we offer system and appliance installation and maintenance. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we ensure it with each project passed. However, we provide a wide range of plumbing services while ensuring the highest level of quality. We have serviced our consumers with total attention over the years. Our professional team will handle your problem and utilize their energy and skills for a better result. As a result, we treated the concerns appropriately. Aside from that, the services we provide are reasonably priced. So, you can try us right away by direct contact.


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