Let's Refinish Your Sinks and Bathtubs with Proper Resurfacing in Sacramento!


Sink Refinishing Sacramento CA

If your sink surface is getting rough, you require sink refinishing. Although sinks are not that expensive to replace, it’s better to get kitchen sink refinishing to get away from the mess of new sink installation. We have all the products and tools to offer kitchen sink resurfacing. Our experts will help you with proper kitchen sink resurfacing. Meanwhile, we provide sink refinishing for both residential and commercial areas. Further, we help our customers with sink resurfacing for all types of sinks. Our team has all the products to provide pure finishing to your sinks. 

Bathtub Resurfacing Sacramento CA

The life of bathtubs is shorter compared to sinks. However, bathtub resurfacing is quite technical due to its larger area. It requires a lot of product and effort. The bathtub reglazing varies according to the different types. Meanwhile, we can resurface all types of fiberglass tubs to provide you with a surface with pure finishing. If your shower stalls are getting faded, you can also have refinishing service for them. A soaking tub is quite shallow as compared to a regular bathtub. Further, we can also help you with the refinishing of these types of tubs. Our team will ensure proper refinishing of your bathtubs. 

Refinishing Services Sacramento CA

We facilitate our clients with different refinishing services. If your shower is getting rough and faded, we can help you with shower resurfacing. Further, we offer shower reglazing to remove shallow cracks, scratches or any kind of surface imperfections. Usually, the countertops in kitchens get cracky, or the surface becomes rough over time. In such cases, we offer countertop refinishing to give an elegant look to your kitchen. Meanwhile, we provide proper bathtub refinishing to restore its actual condition. Our professional team will use their techniques and tools to provide you with a quality experience.

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New Surface offers different types of refinishing services to its customers. We save our customers from all the mess of replacing a bathtub or a sink. Our professional and experienced plumbers will completely reglaze your sinks, and you will have a new look in front of your eyes. Whether it’s a sink or shower stall, we provide high-quality refinishing to give texture to a newly installed sink or stall. When it comes to countertops, we apply the appropriate tools and utilize our skills for proper refinishing. We’ll remove all the cracks and surface imperfections from your countertops and bathtubs. So, contact us today and experience our premium quality service at a pocket-friendly cost.


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