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Sink Refinishing Roseville CA

When you are using a sink for an extended period, it may require sink refinishing. Whether your bathroom or kitchen sink, we provide proper refinishing service. Instead of installing a new sink, you can experience our kitchen sink refinishing. Meanwhile, we also provide kitchen sink resurfacing. Although the installation of a new sink isn’t that expensive, the mess it can create is quite big. Our sink resurfacing service includes the best tools and products to give your sink a new look. Now, you don’t have to go through handling a new sink. You can simply have our sink refinishing service right after contacting us. 

Bathtub Resurfacing Roseville CA

If you want to experience quality bathtub reglazing, you are right. We have the most efficient tools to help you with the complete restoration of your old bathtub. However, we deal with different types of bathtubs, including fiberglass tubs and soaking tub. Your shower stalls may also require maintenance. For that purpose, we can help you with complete refinishing. We have an experienced team of plumbers that help you with their quality service. They’ll also ensure the bathtub resurfacing in your bathroom. Further, we can assist you with other refinishing services at your place. 

Refinishing Services Roseville CA

When it comes to refinishing services, we cover almost every area in a place that requires a new surface. We’ll help you with shower resurfacing to improve your shower experience. However, our experts will also provide you with a shower reglazing service. The surface of your kitchen’s countertop must be smooth. If your countertop is getting rough by then, you can have our countertop refinishing. Further, we also resurface your bathtub to provide a classic bathtub refinishing. We have all the latest tools and products to ensure high-quality refinishing. Meanwhile, our experts will utilize their skills to provide you with a quality experience. 

New Surface | FAQs
What Services Does New Surface Offer in Roseville CA?

We have reliable bathtub resurfacing for our clients in Roseville CA. You can update your bathtub with this service. Moreover, you can also get our beneficial refinishing services at an affordable rate. Also, we facilitate you with our exceptional sink refinishing service. 

How Can You Get Bathtub Resurfacing Services in Roseville CA?

You have to call us at 916-486-4253 to avail of bathtub resurfacing services. Also, you can resolve your issues by sending an email to Info@newsurface.net.

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About Us

New surface aims to provide a premium quality experience to its customer through efficient refinishing services. We cover all areas of refinishing and resurfacing, considering major bathing and kitchen components. Whether it is your bathtub, shower stall or kitchen countertop, you can avail of our refinishing service for every item. However, we possess the best tools and quality products to ensure quality results. Further, our expert teams have considerable experience and efficient skills to offer you the best quality of service. Our refinishing services allow you to save both time and cost. Instead of installing a new bathtub or countertop, you can simply resurface it through our service. So, contact us today and let us help you with our quality services.

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