We Offer Boiler Inspection Services to Ensure Safe Water Heating at Your Home n Edgewood NM!


Boiler Service Edgewood NM

Our team uses simple and effective methods for boiler services. We offer tankless boiler repair service to your homes. You can call our professionals and get a boiler inspection at reliable costs. If your boiler causes catastrophic boiler failures, it can cause a fuel explosion. So, you can immediately call our emergency boiler repair expert. In this way, you can assure that you are in safe hands. However, our boiler repair service includes all types of inspections and tests. Our experts will check and clean every component. Meanwhile, we also ensure that your boiler is working efficiently after repair.

Radiant Hydronic Heating System Edgewood NM

We offer the facility of a radiant hydronic heating system at your home. Therefore, we install a hydronic underfloor heating system to provide heat to your entire place. You can get rid of the list of long energy bills by using a heat pump water heater. They use less energy than the other heaters. Therefore, we offer the installation of a hot water baseboard system. It is the primary source of heat for your homes when needed. Meanwhile, we can give an energy efficient solution to your homes by installing wall mounted hydronic radiant heaters. It will keep your home warm and comfortable.

Boiler Replacement Services Edgewood NM

Boilers are appliances that last forever. After a particular time, they also need some maintenance or replacement. We offer tankless boiler replacement service to provide you with a proper supply of hot water. Our skillful team provides gas boiler replacements on one call. We have affordable oil fired boiler replacement and installation for every budget. Most boilers come up with warranties, whether they are residential or commercial. Therefore, we can help you out by offering residential boiler replacement. These boilers provide the most advanced features. They help you to save energy with complete reliability.

Tankless Water Heater Repair Edgewood NM

Besides our replacement services, we also provide tankless water heater maintenance and repairs. We offer heat pump replacement services to keep your home all year safe. For this, we offer a wide range of repairs and maintenance services. It includes gas tankless water heater maintenance to prolong the life expectancy of the heater. You can call our efficient and skillful tankless water heater plumber for guaranteed work. That’s how you can avoid the repair cost by regular maintenance of the heater. Moreover, we can fix all the problems facing tankless water heaters.

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Amity Plumbing & Heating offers multiple plumbing and heating solutions to its customers. We provide integrated delivery to our solutions and services. Our team has decades of experience in providing boiler inspection and repair services. We are determined to provide superior and affordable solutions for all plumbing and heating problems. Our skillful heating experts can get your heating system working efficiently once again. Our services include the repair of leaks, blocked pipes, kitchen plumbing, overflows, and other household plumbing repairs. You can call our consultant to get the best suggestions for your household services. 


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