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Pool Construction Chapel Hill NC

We build quality pools with the latest designs. You can consult with our staff to mention your requirements. Our best pool builders will utilize their expertise to construct a stylish pool. Meanwhile, there are different types of pool construction services we provide. We provide gunite pool installation at a wide space. Our experts will take the measurements and start the building process. However, you can also use our service for concrete pool construction. There are several commercial pool contractors associated with us. They will supervise your project while ensuring to build a fine pool. 

Pool Remodeling Chapel Hill NC

If your pool is quite old and requires maintenance, we can help you with pool remodeling. We ensure to provide you the best pool remodeling experience. Meanwhile, our expert constructors will redesign your pool. We will utilize the new trends for structuring your pool accordingly. You can also use our remodeling pool coping to give it a smooth boundary. However, our swimming pool remodeling service will be based on a unique design. There are several designs that you can choose for swimming pool renovations. We use quality material to ensure proper finishing of your pool. 

Pool Resurfacing Chapel Hill NC

After a long time of usage, pool resurfacing is necessary for a fine experience. Therefore, we offer pool refinishing service to provide you a smooth surface. Among different types, we provide fiberglass pool refinishing. If there is any crack in your pool, we’ll resurface it to remove any disbalance. However, you can also use our concrete pool refinishing. Our expert staff will do the concrete filling to avoid any irregular surface. When we resurface swimming pool, we do a thorough inspection to check any irregularity in the surface. After that we start the refinishing process to ensure a quality swimming experience. 

Pool Tile Cleaning Chapel Hill NC

It is essential to have pool tile cleaning service by the time. That’s how you can maintain the hygiene of your pool while swimming. Therefore, we facilitate our clients with cheap pool tiles cleaning. You can rely on the quality of our service. We utilize the best quality of products to clean the swimming pool tiles. As a result, your tiles will become spotless. If there is any broken tile, we can help you with pool tile replacement. Our dedicated staff will clean the whole pool professionally. They will remove each stain or spot of your pool tiles. However, we can also install new tiles in case you want a replacement. 

About Us

New Generation Pools is a well known company for different types of pool construction and renovation services. We use the premium quality material to build a perfect pool. Meanwhile, our expert will develop a stylish structure for your pool. We utilize the latest designs to construct swimming pools. You can set an appointment and our professional staff will guide you accordingly. Our professionals will give you an idea for a suitable pool structure according to your area. However, you can also discuss your preference, so we can build a perfect pool for you. So, contact us today to get your pool remodel in the right way. 


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