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Radiator Covers Baltimore MD

We have some remarkable radiator covers which make your house’s atmosphere slightly comfortable and charming. The best thing about radiator covers is they can easily adjust with your household. Our expert team installed the custom radiator covers with full efficiency. Our motive is to serve our clients by providing them our incredible radiators installation services. We will fulfill your order requirements within two to three weeks after placing an order. You will keep your house temperature moderate. We ensure to get the best quality radiators at reasonable rates. You have to contact us to avail this product.  

Radiator Enclosure Baltimore MD

We are also offering a high quality radiator enclosure to make their radiator safe and secure. Moreover, we use the best quality wood to build the radiator enclosure. Our exceptional team will install the good quality radiator enclosure in a limited time. The purpose of providing you a high quality radiator enclosure is to save your family from the steam of radiators. Some radiators make a lot of noise. So, you can make it silent after installing the radiator enclosure. We have been serving our customers efficiently with our services. If you want to install a radiator enclosure, you can contact us now. We are always ready to facilitate you. 

Radiator Cabinets Baltimore MD

We are known as one of the leading companies by providing customized radiator cabinets. Our mission is to make our client’s life more comfortable. Our professional skill workers have many years of experience in making radiator cabinets. We guarantee you to give the best quality of radiator cabinets. Moreover it gives the best outlook of your radiators. Furthermore, it will provide direct heat into your room. If you want to make your radiator disappear and look better with your home furniture, you should have to avail radiator covers installation services. Our team tries their best to complete the client’s project on time with efficiency. So, you can avail this benefit by getting in touch with us. We are available round the clock to serve you properly. 

Shutters Services Baltimore MD

Our interior plantation shutters services make your house look more beautiful. Moreover, it will increase the market value of your homes. We are also offering some amazing shoji screen services. Shoji screen is used to build a separation between two rooms. In our shutters services you can also avail window treatment services to keep your window secure. Moreover, we also have some exceptional services like indoor blind and shades installation instead of shutters services. Our customers can avail custom cabinetry setup according to their chosen design. Moreover, When we install cabinets in our clients house, we will suggest to them our latest design. You can avail these services except shutters services when you contact us.

About Us

Lloyd Pitts Home Furnishings is one of the best companies that have been serving their customers over forty years ago. First we introduced our window treatment services. After that, we offer our clients some more useful services like  custom cabinets, radiator cover, radiator enclosure and many more. So, you can contact us now and get more information about services. We fulfill our promises to serve our clients properly. We are proud to serve our customers with our incredible service to make their living better and comfortable. Moreover, we are available 24/7 to serve you with our radiator services.


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