We Help You Out With Your Insurance Claims that Lead to Restore Damage at Your Place in Plano TX!

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a damage restoration company. We also heed your insurance claims and repair the defects at your place after any water and storm damage. Moreover, we provide roofing service for your place. In today’s world paying electrical bills can cost you a fortune. Meanwhile, you can use natural light as an excellent alternative to electricity. We are here to provide solar services. In addition, every place from time to time requires roofing and flooring services. These along with many others come in our general contractor services. Further, you can enhance your place with our home remodeling service.

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We are Everything that Can Repair Your House Damages

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is known for providing best construction services at your place. We have been serving people for years. Our services are always appreciated and valued by our clients. Either it's repairing the damage in your basement caused by storms or performing house remodeling service, we are here to do it for you. However, our resources always prove useful and beneficial for our customers. In addition, we also repair all kinds of impairments in your roofs. Skilled professionals perform the roofing service with much dedication. So, contact us to restore any defects at your place.

Certified Experts

All our workers are trusted and have authentic experience in their field.

Quality Service

We always maintain the quality of work. Besides that, our equipment and products are of standard conditions.

Modern Ways

Our working style is based on the latest techniques.

Our Services

Insurance Claims Plano TX

We are here to help you to get rid of water stored in your house as a result of thunderstorms or frequent rains. If water gets accumulated in your basement or any other part of the place for too long can lead to the molding of wooden items and damaging of floors. We heed your insurance claims and provide you with the best assistance. After taking care of your insurance claims, working at your place takes place at once. Firstly, we pull the water out of your space by using our modernized machines. Then, completely cleanse it with our cleaning agents of standard quality. Hence, you can trust our experts for repairing your water and storm damage.

Windows Service Plano TX

Our company provides top quality windows service. They are made up of wood and hence prone to get rotten. In a moist environment, they can easily get mold. Furthermore, termites can cause irreversible damage to your woods. We are here to install new woods at your place. In addition, skilled workers at our company are taken care of all the process quite attentively. Besides that, The wood we use in our windows service is of good quality. Further, varnishing of your windows can make it moist resistant. Windows are the barriers that save your place from the outside environment. Our windows service makes sure that the barrier is strong and fixed.

Solar Services Plano TX

Our solar installation service can be extremely useful for you to make your house run on solar energy. From the designs to installation of solar panels, everything is reliable. Furthermore, at a much reasonable cost, we provide our standard solar installation service. Besides that, with rates on electricity keeps increasing everyday, it is time to use our solar roofing service. Firstly, we fix all our latest solar panels at your rooftop. They are the core elements in converting solar energy into electricity. Then, we check for its effective working. Moreover, our solar roofing service can be effective in all kinds of buildings whether residential or commercial.

General Contractor Services Plano TX

To repair the defects in your roof and give it a new look, we provide our most beneficial roofing service. A defected roof can cause leakage problems at your place in rainy seasons, so repair it at once. Many things like fire, water and mold can cause damage at your place. Our skilled workers perform restoration services at your place to repair any fault. Besides that, home remodeling is a great option for giving your place a new and refreshing look. Our home remodeling service is here to assist you in this task. Meanwhile, every floor needs a touch of a professional hand after any kind of damage. Hence, we are here to help you with our flooring services.

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The Value We Provide

We provide standard services to our potential customers. Besides that, all our staff members are professionals and talented in performing their respective tasks. Therefore, we feel pride in rendering our clients with the best of our services. Our home remodeling service can really be a blessing to those who want to rebuild their place. Furthermore, our pricing is reasonable and services are quite easy to book.

Guaranteed product quality

Products and items used in our services are of standard quality.

Work on latest techniques

Our company utilizes state of the art instruments and techniques in our services.

On Time Service

We make certain that our services are delivered on the dot.

Potential Workers

Our workers can be trusted for providing excellent performance at your place.

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Fix Hold & Flip
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC Offer in Plano TX?

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC provides different services in Plano TX. Below mention are our services:

● Insurance Claims
● Water and Storm Damage
● Windows Service
● Solar Services
● Solar Installation Service
● Solar Roofing Service
● General Contractor Services
● Roofing Service
● Restoration Services
● Home Remodeling Service
● Flooring Services

How Can You Get Your Insurance Claims in Plano TX?

You can get your insurance claims in Plano TX by calling us at 214-892-1910. Furthermore, you can also email us at Gabriel@Fixholdflip.com.

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What is included in your Solar Service?

It includes installing a proper setup of solar panels on a rooftop to generate electricity by using solar energy. Moreover, It is a good technique for saving money on the electrical bills. It is also a good way of making your place nature friendly.

How Many Varieties of Flooring Service Do You Provide?

There are many kinds of floors like carpet flooring, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring and marble flooring. We utilize our different resources to facilitate our clients with all types of flooring services.

  • Insurance Claims Plano TX
  • Windows Service Plano TX
  • Solar Services Plano TX
  • General Contractor Services Plano TX
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