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Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC performs damage restoration at your place. We also take notice of your insurance claims and repair all the damages that a thunderstorm or excessive water can cause at your place. It is a common problem during the rainy seasons. So, we are here to solve this major issue. Besides that, we also perform windows service with complete efficiency. To ease the issue of high energy bills, we provide our most beneficial solar services. After a certain period of time, every house can use our general contractor services. It is a great way to give your house a new and refreshing look.

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We Serve from Repairing House Damages to Giving it a New Appearance

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a company that provides restoration services to its clients. We have dedicatedly served for years, and have gained the trust of our customers. You can also use our solar installation service to lower your energy bills. Besides that, our roofing Service is here to repair your damaged roofs. Our restoration services can restore all kinds of faults in a place. We have multiple resources that prove to be helpful and beneficial for our customers. In addition, we render flooring services to fix all types of wreckage on your floors. So, connect with us to get our most reliable services.

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All our workers are valued and have relevant experience in their field.

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We always keep the quality of work and provide high-functioning equipment.

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Our working style is based on the modern ways and latest techniques.

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Insurance Claims Dallas TX

We provide water and storm damage to help people restore the damages that are caused by the dampness in a place. It is a common problem during heavy rains and thunderstorms, as water mostly comes into the basement and rooms through leaky roofs or pipes. To get rid of our clients of this difficulty, we provide our most effective services. First, we take complete notice of your insurance claims and then start our process of damage repair. The process includes the complete dryness of any moisture in your walls and floors followed by their complete cleaning with our top-quality cleaning agents. However, we always provide the best assistance with your insurance claims.

Windows Service Dallas TX

Windows are more prone to get destroyed over time than any other part of the house. The reason is that they are made up of wood, and thus can easily absorb moisture. Therefore, after a certain period of time, every window requires our windows service. Our skilled workers reduce the dampness in your windows that can be the result of their early rotting. The wood we use in our windows service is natural and of high quality. Applying varnishing on the windows can also save them from getting moisture for a long time. So, we work hard to serve our customers with the most authentic windows service. We make sure that your windows are durable and stylish.

Solar Services Dallas TX

Our solar installation service is beneficial to those individuals who want to generate their own electricity. Therefore, we install solar panels on your roof. These panels will capture the sunlight and a solar energy system will convert this natural light into electricity. By using our solar installation service, you can put a stop to your rising electrical bills. We provide the most effective and highly functioning solar roofing service at a much more reasonable price. Meanwhile, we have highly talented staff with years of experience in this field. Our solar roofing service is available for all kinds of buildings whether residential or commercial.

General Contractor Services Dallas TX

To repair each and every fault in your roof and make it as good as new, we render our extremely useful roofing service. Leaky roofs can be a cause of your discomfort in the rain. So, we are here to ease all your roofing issues. There are certain factors like mold and water that can cause major impairments at a place. To restore every fault at your house, we provide our restoration services. If your house needs a refreshing and elegant look, you can get benefitted from our home remodeling service. Your floors also need attention and thorough work every once in a while. For this purpose, our flooring services are here to serve you.

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The Value We Provide

We render top-notch damage restoration services such as water and storm damage to our client’s places. Besides that, all our staff workers are skilled and professional individuals in their respective fields. Therefore, we feel satisfaction in providing people with our top-quality services. Our solar roofing service is a blessing in disguise to save money on everyday increasing electrical bills. Furthermore, our home remodeling service always proves helpful to people who want to renovate their houses.

Top Quality of Product & Service

We always utilize the standard quality of products and items in our services. Furthermore, we never compromise on providing the right service.

On-time Service with Efficiency

We always deliver our reliable services at the exact time that we have discussed with our clients to ensure a quality experience.

On Time Service

We make certain that our services are delivered on the dot.

Skillful Workers

All our workers are trusted and skilled individuals, they provide top-notch service based on their expertise. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Kinds of Services Does Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC Offer in Dallas TX?

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC provides damage restoration services in Dallas TX. Below mentioned are our most beneficial services:

  • Insurance Claims
  • Water and Storm Damage
  • Windows Service
  • Solar Services
  • Solar Installation Service 
  • Solar Roofing Service 
  • General Contractor Services
  • Roofing Service
  • Restoration Services
  • Home Remodeling Service
  • Flooring Services

How Can You Get Our Windows Service in Dallas TX?

You can get our windows service by contacting us at 214-892-1910, or you can also send us an email at

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What Benefits Does Solar Roofing Service Provide?

It incorporates solar panels on your rooftop, which helps to generate electricity. Solar energy makes you self-sufficient in power and decreases your electricity bills. It also has a positive impact on your environment.  

What Comes in a Home Remodeling Service?

Remodeling or renovation involves the process of repairing damaged and broken structures at a place. It also includes fixing or changing the floors. The main purpose of remodeling is to give your place an updated look.

  • Insurance Claims Dallas TX
  • Windows Service Dallas TX
  • Solar Services Dallas TX
  • General Contractor Services Dallas TX
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