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Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is known as the best property fixation company offering quality refurbishing services. Our team will help you get insurance claims for your damaged property. Meanwhile, we offer general contractor services in which the customer will have the confidence that the project will be finished to their standard. We always fulfill clients safety requirements. Moreover, our windows service covers a variety of window installation and restoration projects efficiently. Further, we will help you to make your home environment energy efficient with our solar services.

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Let’s Turn Your Dream Home into a Reality with Our Quality Services!

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a home renovation and maintenance company. The company provides top-notch restoration services using durable products for long-lasting effects. Moreover, we offer solar installation service in which our clients can get ideal solutions associated with solar energy. We aid our clients with home remodeling services in which we update the old structure into a new one. However, you can have the best solar roofing services for their home and business properties. Our competent staff delivers the greatest facilities, advice, and customer service. Therefore, feel free to approach us.

Team Ethics

Our strong team ethics makes us stand apart from others. To get things done correctly, we discuss our tasks beforehand.

Eco-friendly Products

We deeply care about the people we serve. Therefore, we use eco-friendly products and materials to satisfy clients.

Experienced Staff

Our team of experts has years of experience in general construction services and solar services.

Our Services

Insurance Claims Addison TX

You can avail of our insurance claims service, if your property is damaged due to uncertain mishaps such as storm, or any other disaster. Meanwhile, we will get in touch with your home insurance provider to compensate you for rebuilding your property. Moreover, the insurance provider will sort and analyze the claim in a short period. The team will provide insurance claims to cover all the water and storm damage. Our insurance claims will help you in reducing the risk of financial loss. Further, the expert insurance specialist will offer credible suggestions to the clients to make the claim successful.

Windows Service Addison TX

If you want to have an improved view and security you can avail of our windows service. However, you can enhance the aesthetic of your place with our windows service. Our team will install new windows in your space, so that you can get rid of the needless hassle. Moreover, you can utilize our windows service to repair and restore your home’s window. In a full-frame window installation, our team pays full attention while caulking around the windows. Our windows service does a complete makeover of the old windows. Further, our team takes notes of flaws in the wood finish to make it energy efficient.

Solar Services Addison TX

Adding solar to your home can lead to energy saving. With our solar installation services, we ensure the top quality solar panels are planted in your home. Solar systems are a great option that lights up your homes and supports you economically by decreasing electricity bills. Meanwhile, our solar installation services crew has experience in properly installing solar panels. If you are interested in solar roofing, you can choose our solar roofing service. Further, the team will perform audits to analyze the electricity bills and give you the best solar roofing service options.

General Contractor Services Addison TX

In our general contractor services, we will pair with your team to create an efficient plan to bring life to your project. It is essential to have a well-built roof on your home or business. Therefore, we offer roofing service in which we make sure that you receive the best possible roof and affordable rates. If your property is facing any damage, our team will help you to restore it with our restoration services. Moreover, we will renovate your old structured property with our home remodeling service. We offer flooring services experts who are experienced in installing and repairing different types of floors.

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Improve the Look of Your Place with Us

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a team of renovation experts that is offering the highest quality services using strong materials. We can restore and renovate homes of all sizes. Meanwhile, our solar installation services are well known. Moreover, our team will appropriately install solar plates to make your house energy efficient.

We Evolve Our Techniques

The team modified their working techniques as per the needs of the service. Our working methods are constantly changing.

We Have Satisfied Clients

Client satisfaction is our key concern. However, our experts make sure that the clients receive quality services at an economical price.

We Meet Deadlines

Our team always fulfills the commitment. We give our best to complete the job in the given time and by the agreed date.

We Are Always Available

Our clients can contact us anytime if they need our services. We are always available at your disposal

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Fix Hold & Flip Offers in Addison TX?

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a remodeling company that provides the highest quality services to its clients. The services we provide include: 

  • Insurance Claims 
  • Water and Storm Damage
  • Windows Service 
  • Solar Services
  • Solar Installation Service 
  • Solar Roofing Service 
  • General Contractor Services
  • Roofing Service
  • Restoration Services
  • Home Remodeling Service
  • Flooring Services

How Can You Get General Contractor Services in Addison TX?

You can contact us at 214-892-1910 for lavish transportation services. Also, if you have any queries related to our services, you can send your queries to the company's email Gabriel@Fixholdflip.com.

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Which Material is Best for Roofing?

The roofing material depends upon the shape and style of your roof. However, we pick the best quality material in our roofing services. Our experts guarantee a reliable roof according to the kind of home you have and within budget.

Can Flooring Make a Room Appear larger?

Yes! By installing tiles diagonally you can make the room appear larger. Moreover, lighter colors on the floor that have a consistent texture visually increase the size of the space.

  • Insurance Claims Addison TX
  • Windows Service Addison TX
  • Solar Services Addison TX
  • General Contractor Services Addison TX
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