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Insurance Claims Addison TX

Insurance claims save a lot of your money as they come with the benefit of reimbursement. In case your property got damaged due to extreme weather conditions, we got you. You can have our water and storm damage restoration service revive the originality of your home. More so, we have a team of professionals to cater to your queries regarding our insurance claims service. They are skilled enough to provide you with restoration services to renew the house by reducing the impact of the damage. Meanwhile, we offer insurance claims for our potential clients and customers to let them have the most out of this service.

Windows Service Addison TX

Windows bring value to the house as it creates a way for daylight exposure. Our professionals can facilitate you with amazing windows service. To put forth, you can choose windows of modern designs to bring diversity to your home space. It will make your house stand out among others. More so, our windows service can increase the lifespan of the windows of your house which will help the window sustain for longer than usual. In addition, we have a team to perform windows service that can cater to your requirements in case you want the repair and maintenance of your windows. However, you may get in touch with our team to have windows service.

Solar Services Addison TX

Getting solar services of high standard saves a good share of your expenses. That is why we got our solar installation service for you to ensure energy efficiency. Also, it will save you time and money in the long run. Moreover, getting the most reliable solar installation service means you are good to save money with reduced utility bills. More so, you can feel free to get in contact with our experts to know more about our solar roofing service. Our team can facilitate you with the best quality roofing service that can keep your solar panel safe and in a good state. Meanwhile, you are always just a call away from getting a credible solar roofing service.

General Contractor Services Addison TX

We offer services on different levels and provide different types of construction services. So, you can have our roofing service offer sustainability to your home. It will also keep your home safe and healthy with maintained air quality. In addition, you can reach out to our professional workers to get restoration services. That’s how you can revive the vibe of your house space. Moreover, we can also facilitate you with our trusted home remodeling service. It can increase your property value in the long run. However, you may also drop us a call to get our premium quality flooring services.

Fix Hold & Flip | FAQs
What Services does Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC offer in Addison TX?

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a business that offers reliable windows service to enhance the interior and exterior of your house. More so, you can also have trusted solar services from our team to ensure energy efficiency. That may result in the form of reduced utility bills. Meanwhile, you can also do insurance claims in case of damage to your property. However, you may also get the best general contractor services from our experts in Addison TX.

How Can You Get Our General Contractor Services in Addison TX?

You can get our general contractor services just by dropping us a call at 214-892-1910 or with your queries at Gabriel@Fixholdflip.com

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About Us

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a trusted construction business that offers its services in different areas and on different levels. To put forth, we have been serving our clients and customers with satisfying restoration services. It results in the form of increased property value. More so, we can also serve you right with our solar roofing service by providing you with a safe space to keep the solar. In addition, we also got our house remodeling services for which you can hire our professionals to get your hands on our flooring services and roofing services. Meanwhile, we have got the best contractors on our team to provide you with these services.

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