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I Roofing TX is a company that provides services for your roof. If it is showing signs of certain problems such as leaking or any other form of roof damage, it needs proper roof maintenance. Our workers can sort out any problem on your roof quite easily. The roofing services need to be given to your roof after a certain period especially after heavy rains to ensure its stability. Meanwhile, our roofing contractor first performs a thorough analysis of your place and then suggests to you the best ways to repair your roof. We also render metal soffit installation service to help you make your roof and ultimately your place safe and sound.

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Get an Effective Roofing Treatment by Using Our Services

I Roofing TX is known for rendering the best quality roofing solutions to your old and damaged roof. We want to be the reason behind your roof's durability and amazing look. Firstly, we check for roof damage repair that can be repaired and then perform services. Some defects like roof leaking repair can easily be mended hence making your roofs effective again. Though, some roof repair & maintenance is beyond restoration and needs a different form of action. This includes roof replacement and can be efficiently done by our people. So, connect with us to know more about our new roof installation services. 

Credible Team of Workers

All our workers are highly skilled professionals and have profound experience in providing roofing inspection services.

All Kinds of Roof Services

We can work on all kinds of roofs whether residential or commercial considering materials like TPO roof services.

Reasonable Service Charges

Our top-quality services always justify the amount we charge for our services and that is even affordable.

Our Services

Roofing Services Dallas TX

Our company knows the value a stable and secured roof can give to your place. Thus, we render all kinds of roof installation services. If you want to have some more space at your place to use then flat roofs installation is a sensible choice. Our tile roof installation is a fine example of such roofing. Although if you want a long-lasting, and cost-effective roof, then a shingle roof installation is the best option. To make your place look appealing and also make it water resistant, one should go for a tile roof. Lastly, to get a roof that is resistant to all extreme weather conditions such as heavy winds and even fire caused by lightning in rains, metal roof installation is a smart choice. After getting a nice roof, you would like to keep it in a good condition. For this purpose, we install seamless gutters installation as well.

Roofing Contractor Dallas TX

Our roofing contractors are people who have years of experience in providing roofing inspection services at our client’s places. This process involves the complete examination of your roof, to look out for any damages like leaks or broken tiles. Though, one can get this service any time of the year but must be recommended after heavy rains and harsh windstorms. If your roof is showing signs of severe damage, then our people will tell you how you can restore it. However, roof replacement is most suggested in case of irreparable damage. We also provide seamless gutters installation installed on your roof. This makes your roof more durable even in rainy seasons, as they prevent the water from getting absorbed in the roof’s foundation.

Roof Maintenance Dallas TX

Our workers are experts in roof damage repair quite effectively. The most common type of fault in a roof is leaking, and we resolve it efficiently with our roof leaking repair. Thus, immediate roof repair & maintenance is required, and you can rest assured of this worry after taking our services. In case of severe damages, such as quite a lot of broken shingles or molded wooden boards, roof replacement becomes necessary. It requires attentive and more precise working. Our workers have years of experience in performing this task. Furthermore, every newly constructed building or apartment requires a new roof installation. One can use our services, as the quality of our products and our working style are both effective.

Metal Soffit Installation Service Dallas TX

There are many services that one needs to take to make their place secure and weather friendly. soffit panels are essential to make it withstand different weathers, or provide your place with good ventilation. They come in different types and metal ones are great for a place. To provide you with this comfort, we render our metal soffit installation service. Meanwhile, we provide services to all kinds of roofs whether they are commercial buildings or residential. For a commercial building, TPO roof services are the right choice because they have flat roofs. They stand up well against exposure to UV radiations coming from the sun. TPO roof services also prevent any damage caused by water and they can live up to a very long time.

Why Choose Us

Our Reliable Working Style

I Roofing TX performs all kinds of roofs. The roof structure is based on the location of the place and also the weather condition of that area. Therefore, after a proper study of everything, you can tell us what type of roof you would prefer. A metal roof installation is extremely resilient against harsh weather conditions, which also includes protection against fire by natural lightning. Then, comes our shingle roof installation service, it is the most cost-effective and provides a beautiful look to your place. If you want less effort and can easily use the extra space on your roof, then flat roof installation is the best option. Our clients always value our services for their efficient results.

Complete Maintenance

To make your roof damage free, it should not absorb water. This can be possible with seamless gutters installation.

All Forms of Roofs

Our company can install any kind of roof at your place such as our tile roof installation. Nails are used to fasten the tiles. Tile roofs always provide a nice look to your place.

On-Time Roofing Service

All our roof maintenance and replacement services are always complete at the time we have discussed earlier.

Use of Latest Technology

All the techniques and methods that we utilize in our services are based on the most updated technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Kind of Services I Roofing TX Provide in Dallas TX?

I Roofing TX provides all kinds of roof maintenance and installation in Dallas TX. Below mention all our services.

Roofing Service

  • Metal Roof
  • Shingle Roof
  • Flat Roofs
  • Tile Roof
  • Seamless Gutters

Roofing Contractor

  • Roofing Inspections
  • Seamless Gutters

Roof Maintenance

  • Leaking
  • Damage
  • New Roof
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement

Metal Soffit Service 

  • TPO Roofs 
How Can You Get Our Metal Soffit Installation Service in Dallas TX?

You can get our metal soffit installation service by contacting us at 214-892-1910 or you can also email us at

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What is the Purpose of Seamless Gutters Installation?

They build on your roofs and let the water flow directly toward the disposal system. This way prevents water absorption on your roof. Such gutters possess no sealing joints, as they have no sections.

What Does it Mean by Roofing Inspection Services?

It means that our contractors thoroughly examine every inch of your roof, then according to its condition will start their repairing process. If the repairs are too much to repair then the roof installment is also a reliable option.

  • Roofing Services Dallas TX
  • Roofing Contractor Dallas TX
  • Roof Maintenance Dallas TX
  • Metal Soffit Installation Service Dallas TX
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